Monday, 11 April 2011


Well i now had five girls but only one boy. On Shelly's site was a very handsome Gregor with red hair wearing a green corderoy suit, in fact there were two almost identical but as i have said there is that sasha moment/look the one that says "Hi Mum, where have you been? I have been waiting here for you, can I come home now?" I resisted for all of about a week , i even mentioned him to my husband, who said " Duncan" "Duncan?" " yes , you should call him Duncan" well you am i too argue! I contact Shelly and  she held him for me. However Duncan was not to be number seven he became number eight.

Number Seven turned out to be living in America. I had wanted a Kiltie, real red hair tartan dress. I have seen and bid on a few on ebay but was always out bid.
I was scanning the sasha's on when i found a kiltie with a starting price but also a bin price but did not say they would send to uk.So i send seller a message asking would she send to uk?
when i when back on computer several hours later, she had replied that yes she would send to uk...hurrah!! but when i went to buy her someone had already bid!!!!! I knew she would now go for more than i would pay ,what with costs of import and postage, so i sent the seller a message to that effect and resigned myself to looking out for another.

Then i received a few days later a message from the seller saying than she had another kiltie that she was going to be selling for a friend the next month but if i was interested she would sell her to me now, her friend had been a toyshop owner and this doll had been on display in shop. Well the price was great so i agreed and that is now Grace arrived from america to join the family while poor Duncan was still waiting.

Duncan arrived home from Shellys a few weeks later and when i gave him his wash and new clothing, i found a perfect round hole in his foot, which Shelly said meant he'd been a display doll ! So two exdisplay dolls came home to the village, to join the growing family.....NOW THERE WERE EIGHT....


  1. I just purchased my first Gregor doll, and he has a perfect round hole in his shoe and foot...I reckon he was a display doll...he's in perfect condition, and I love him!

    1. What colour hair does he have? The Gregors are very lovable :)