Sunday, 17 June 2018


Yes it's all catching up with me! To say I'm tired is an understatement , it's more the standing and walking that's doing for me. I should be fit as a fiddle by the time next Sunday comes ! or asleep on a garden bench unable to move even for an earthquake!

I meant to take a couple of nice Sasha photos but alas if I was to bend down to place them I might never managed to get up again, so it's just more garden photos. Sasha only fans look away now!

Clara had her second lot of injections the other week and had a temperature and was upset for a day as can happen , so what was Grandee to do  ! But have to buy her this sweet dragon Drake who she just happened to come across after talking to Clara's mum about her little unwell baby.

How could I resist him! So he'll be off to live with Clara after the open garden day.

Meanwhile it's been work work work on the garden !

I finally sorted out the path to the back right hand side of the garden , with the little stone circle at the end with table and chairs on.

The Sasha potting shed is just awaiting for the twins to come and do some gardening.

a new view now when looking back down the path from the stone circle !

My next job tomorrow after work is clearing this section.

If I have time i'll sort out the area between the arch, putting in some cobble stones but not until everything else as been cleaned up.

The old wooden edging is rotting away, it's lasted over ten years ,so I replaced this section with these stones to tidy it up.

Last week Paul added a small broken looking piece of wall to this column and planted the rose against it and it's already looking like it's been there years!

Paul's added more bricks to the long wall at the side of the folly and also some either side of the large window. He will add more to join the window to the arch but these will need to be cut to fit , so for now it will have to wait to see if he as time to do it before the open day but it's nice to finally see the window surrounded by brickwork.

The box square is too big to stay in the new area of the folly, so it had to go!

Now it's gone, unfortunately there's nowhere else big enough to place it, so it's off to the recycling.

So no more work on folly unless we've finished everything else, until after the open gardens.

Well that's what I've been up to this weekend , I hope you've all had a lovely one and all those Dad's have been spoilt.  And yes Paul did get a lie in and a lovely full English breakfast cooked for him by Lindsey. Before he was back outside getting on with the folly!

So have a great week .


Saturday, 16 June 2018


So after all my hard work yesterday making the iris bed I left Paul to Plant it up for me while I went off to work this morning.

So Paul had moved some of our other irises from around the garden and into the new bed. We could have filled it to overflowing but just put in a selection of our others and the four we'd bought earlier this year.

Then four bags of gravel later it's finished. Only one iris will flower which is the large yellow one on the left of photo because the buds are already there. The rest have been trimmed back so that their rhizones will bake in the summer sun and store up energy to product lovely bearded iris blooms for next year.

So now it's back to the everyday garden jobs ...


Friday, 15 June 2018


Well I know I should have spent the day walking back and forth with things that need getting rid of from the garden plus doing some tidying but instead I decided to make an iris bed!

We'd planned on making it last year but never got round to it then the weather was awful so everything as been delayed and in truth maybe today with everything else was not the best time but well I needed a rest from 'cleaning' and needed to do something I could see a result from.

We decided that we'd make it by digging out the ground between the circle and the paving stones in the flower garden, see above but it appeared that the grass had grown over the circle so the area was not very wide once I started to remove the grass.

Not wide enough, so Paul had said about moving the paving stones that ran round the circle when we'd first discussed it last year, so that's what I did next.

Now I do love adapting a design as you do it , it's never a good idea to have a rigid plan and stick to it come what may.

So I formed the design as I worked.

I decided to leave two of the paving stones in place and increase the centre size by adding some grey bricks round the circle, which will mean we can easily get to the sundial and also walk round it if we wish to.

So several hours later after a stop for a cuppa and lunch it's finished and ready to have the irises planted.

I've given it the same edging as the rest of this area and also placed the grey bricks round the edge of the two paving stones I left in place

I'm going to , after the open day carry the grey bricks along the rest of the paving stones making a clearer path rather than the stones that get hidden by the grass.

from the other side of flower garden.

Some pots of bearded irises that have been waiting ages to be put in.

It looks sparse at the moment but there are so many irises scattered about the garden being shaded that are crying out to bask in the sun.
So Paul's going to plant the irises for me tomorrow morning as I'm working, then we'll cover the earth with gravel and it's done.

View from the gate into flower garden. I have to say I'm very pleased with how it's turned out, so tomorrow , after work, it's back to cleaning and tidying the garden !


Thursday, 14 June 2018


Remind me, not to say yes, to opening the garden for the Church should they ask again.....They always ask a year in advance but we always seem to be in the middle of some garden change which lands up running right up to the wire!

Mind you it would not  be such hard work , if we got rid of all the garden rubbish every month instead of leaving it in some corner or where ever ( Paul ) . Each time we've opened the garden and it's looking all nice and tidy and rubbish free we vow to keep it in that state .... and by the end of the year all the bad habits have crept back !

So one of the jobs I've been doing in the evening, after a hard day at work , is sorting out the pots and re-potting some of the plants and adding in a few new ones.

At present I'm keeping them all in one place until the gardens been cleared and I can place them around.

Paul is very 'green fingered' so is forever taking cuttings and then we have a dozen or so plants happily growing in pots with no home to go to! So this will be a good time to give a big group of them to the committee to sell on their plant stall on the day.

I'm thinking of having this evening off from garden duties ! I'll be home tomorrow , so will have a whole day to get some work done. Paul's out at a bowls match, so it would be fair if I didn't work but then I keep thinking of all the jobs needing doing... so I may just potter.. you know bring an item or two down to the 'get rid of' pile or make a list of jobs to do.

I am a list maker , I love a list.. lol.. and I especially love looking at a list that's having things ticked off as they are completed , so satisfying. Mmm and if I make a list I can sit down while I do it which will be a bonus after being on my feet all week , day and evening ,which has made my arthritis in my left leg flare up.. so I think list making and a couple of trips moving items into the get rid of pile.

Well that's what I'll be doing tonight ! I hope you'll all be having a lovely work free evening.



Sunday, 10 June 2018


Well it's work work work here at the moment ! Trying to get the garden ready for the open day plus sorting out the studio and the house!

I finally got the part of the wall between the two sets of doors painted black and then the planter which had waited patiently in against the seating in the flower garden could go up.

We also got the final piece of wall painted between us, the dog's playpen/holding pen has come in very handy for stopping him getting in the way while we paint .

A shelf has gone up on the wall under Neptune unfortunately we could not get black brackets but we'll paint them later.

Today's been a day for planting some of the containers, like this window box on the workshop.

Yesterday we finally made good the area in front of the folly wall and so today I could plant up the old lion head trough that's been patiently waiting to be used since we got it last year. Plus we've replanted the Gertrude Jekyll rose on the right hand corner , to grow up the folly wall.

Plus yesterday Paul put in the arch to the doorway ! He was annoyed that the pieces do not fit together as well as he had hoped , due to how they are made, not how he fitted them but he made the best of it. Roy came over to lend some muscle because they are incredible heavy and had to be put in dry , then taken out , then put in again then a couple of parts moved about, then adjusted trying to get a good a fit as possible.

So finally we have a doorway! still lots to do, more brickwork between arch and window and also window and corner and also long back wall!
Sorting out the inside floor will be the very last thing we do and will probably not happen until after the open day .

Well I've had a little sit down while I did this post , so it's back out into the garden because it's still daylight and there's still loads to do. Sorry no dolls in this post today.

Have a lovely week and enjoy this lovely warm and sunny weather.



Saturday, 9 June 2018


Today is World Doll Day, it is on the second Saturday in June and was established in 1986 by a lady called Mildred Seeley  as a day to not only celebrate dolls but also caring and nurturing love.

It is a day when people can give a doll to a child or person to celebrate the importance of dolls in early childhood to both girls and boys.

You can, of course , celebrate it however you wish. I thought I'd share these photos from last years Chat n Snap, which display was a toy shops Christmas window of all types of dolls, you can see many Sasha's but also lots of other dolls.











I'm hoping to add a photo here before the end of the day of a selection of my different dolls hopefully I'll remember to take it!


Tuesday, 5 June 2018


I know I know June already! But at least we are now getting some nice weather , so again it's doll shelf day.

From Ursula we have her lovely kitchen which has finally found a shelf all it's own. I love this kitchen.

The dogs are wanting to make sure they get any tip bits that make drop on the floor! Patrick is trying to decide what to cook for dinner!

The other two dogs are sticking with Giselle , she will always drop them a doggy biscuit if they are good!

Meanwhile over in Gregoropolis the boys are rocking their summer gear.

looking cool in many ways!

The girls meanwhile are off out to walk the dog and be seen in their new dresses.

Karin's girl Darcy is up on the neighbour's wall blending in with the white roses in her beautiful white dress.

Viv's girl is looking for the house martins but they are late arriving this year !

In the village our boy scout is wondering if he's undercharged for mowing this lawn! Bob a job indeed!

and another bob to move these bricks!

And cut the box! That's the last time he's asking Mum if she wants a few jobs done for Bob a job week !

Many thanks to everyone whose taken part by sending in their photos this month.