Monday, 16 July 2018


Well No ! Although this doll is dressed like Alice in Wonderland, that will not be her name. Introducing my birthday present from Paul.

This is a Kaye Wiggs Girl named Missy. However she'll be called Elora here  because she is an Elf.

I just fell for her sweet face and the fact she's an elf is a bonus, I so love all things mystical
and magic and already my imagination is running with stories in which she and the Sasha's can

Funnily enough I have a story line that's been waiting to happen since last year which involves
Lucas and Alice in Wonderland..... maybe now is the time to take it out and start it...

Last a close up of her Elf ears. So I have three days of freedom from work coming up , Lucas is sleeping in the Studio.. he' quite high up... I hope he doesn't fall.......


Sunday, 15 July 2018


Another week's rushed by, still baking hot and no sign of rain here, although there was a down pour in a few other places in the country. I thought since this is a Sasha blog I'd actually start with some Sasha photos, even if they are not new!

On the facebook group they are doing favourite photo's this week, so I've been looking through my stash and putting on a few. Like the one above of  a very 60's look. The dress is by Frances Trickett , I cannot believe I actually sold this outfit on ! Like everything there always seems to be another item waiting or wanted!
If I don't use an outfit enough I do tend to sell them , so I can buy new and so it revolves around.

This photo of a group of the boys all wearing Dolly Doodle outfits back in 2012 or 2013 not sure which.

another of the Queen's jubilee party we held in the Village.

Paige meeting Edward,  back in 2012

Ginny on holiday in Shropshire looking out the castle window.

Toby who invited himself along to the Sasha UK Festival was left by the girls to bring in all their shopping when we got back home!

For the theme for the first Chat n Snap back in 2013 Paul made me three shop front's , one I gave to Gill, the second I put into the raffle and the third I kept for a short while but Kendal so loved them , That I had Paul repaint it in the colour  she liked ,which I think was grey, and I sent it to her as a gift.
With Paul saying he'd make me another and with an opening door!

some shops

Seeing the photos today Paul said he'd make me one once the weather cools down! I reminded him, we'd promised one to Michelle, so hopefully I'll have my shop front again, Granny Fortuna will be pleased!!

Well my birthday gift is in the country and just down the road! But I have to wait for them to deliver!!
Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest!

The studio due to working all week including Friday and Saturday is just as it was left last Sunday , but I am going to try and go in for at least an hour each evening once it's cooled down to get it moving along.

The props I bought arrived however and Saffy's agreed to show them to you.

First up is this little antique chest , I have bought it more for my other dolls than the Sasha's but it could be used in photos with them too.

It opens to reveal an old red velvet lined box

" I didn't touch it!" cries Saffron as it tilts over !
No she did not ! however it did get damaged in the post with two feet getting broken off. But I loved it, so reported the damage to the seller, who gave me a very generous partial refund, so I'll either get Paul to reattach the feet to keep the height or remove the other two and leave it smaller.

 Another item was this little bench. I want it for my Schoenhut dolls to sit on, since my Sasha's already have a lovely bench.

It's a little short in height between seat and floor, so I'd going to ask Paul to add some wood at the sides to lift it up a bit and I'll also make a small seat cushion to add another bit of height.

It started it's live as a book shelf and will now become a dolls bench but still be able to revert to a book shelf if needed.

On the home front, Rufus is settling in well and bonding with us all. He's grown even in a week he seems much bigger!

Casper was not impressed with him using the water trough to cool his feet in this heat!

And Rufus was not impressed when Casper got into the little box of water filled for him to cool down in!

We have rearranged the patio, so we could cover the sofa area and get some extra shade for the dogs, this is first thing this morning at 8.30 already getting hot!

We were going to put it up against the house but had not allowed for the opening doors which meant it would have finished at the edge of the start of the sofa's. so decided it would be much better covering the sofa area even if this meant moving all the pots and shelves against the black wall.

I have to say even with this it's just too hot outside most of the day at present, but the dog blanket seen by the sofa on the floor is at least when curtain pulled over half of the front, in some shade for Rufus who likes to play on it.

The poor garden is fighting for it's life! The grass is no longer green and some plants have just died due to the heat and others are showing signs of stress.

The grass will recover, hopefully and we'll have to hope that most of the plants survive this hot and dry spell. But we have just put up this nice gazebo so  it's bound to rain for a few days.....

Have a great week , I hope it cools down for those who would like it to, and that you all get to do something you love doing.


Sunday, 8 July 2018


Another week of very hot weather! The poor grass is now white ! never mind brown, the plants are desperate for a good drink! and still no sign of rain!

This is so not an English summer! An English summer consists of one or two decent warm days spread over several weeks, thereby keeping everyone on their toes waiting for their arrival, then they appear ...everyone goes mad and throws off their coats and cardies and the next day, there's grey cloud and a chill breeze! and people shivering in sleeveless tops, short dresses and shorts.. that is an English summer and I'd quite like it back please!

Lindsey pointed out that we'd gone to get Casper in the Winter , with snow falling and now we've gone and got Rufus in Summer during a heatwave!

Rufus has decided that a good safe place is between the large blue pot ,that the Olive tree is in, and the side of the sofa. So he is going here when he wants to rest It's shady and still near people, as we are making sure one of us is with him while he and Casper bond.
Casper is so happy he's got a little bro but being still a puppy himself , he can be heavy handed when playing, so like any toddlers/children, need adult supervision at present.

Rufus's kennel club name is Jalk I'm still standing, Jalk is the breeders kennel name and he names his litters after musician's songs, It just so happened that this littler is named after Elton John songs !
The first present I ever gave Paul, when we were going out, was Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album ! The breeder lives at Mill Bungalow, we live in Mill Road and the littler would normally have been reserved in 48 hours but there were still two boys available when we looked, so I think fate had a hand in Rufus's arrival.

He'll be much darker than Casper, by the time they reach two years old they should be their finally colour.

Well the weeks been a busy one, I've worked five days on the trot , with no air con at work! Because the closest branch was closed on 26 June , we now have a constant stream of customers, which in one way is nice but in another not so. It means it's hard to get things done and so we are leaving later each night. But hopefully it will settle down soon and get a lot easier, only time will tell.

On the studio front, it's pretty much stayed static all week with me just opening the window in the mornings to try and reduce it getting too hot inside during the day but with this heatwave , it's still baking in there even late in the evening.

On my birthday I received a card from Kendal

You can see that it is of the Carousel Paul and I made for one of the Chat n Snap displays.  It reminded me I had kept the horses to turn into display items for using with the Sasha's or other dolls. So I asked Paul to find them in the end shed they'd been put in years ago!

two of them

The other two. So I'll be cleaning them up and with Paul's help mounting them for display use. It won't be happening any time soon with this heat ! But I'll show them once they are done.

Thank you to all who took part in my mini survey re the kitchens. I have to say that I do prefer the old style kitchen because it looks so real compared to the plastic one. So I will be adding to that kitchen and for now putting the plastic one away but if I have not used it again by late autumn I will sell it on, probably take it to the CnS in late October.

I have been so good on not buying anything off ebay for the whole month of June, yes I know unheard of! Well I have fallen well off that wagon this weekend! I'll share once the items arrive.

Well I would have loved to have taken some photos of the Sasha's or the studio but it's now so hot that we, puppies especially, are all confined indoors out of the afternoon sun.

When it eventually rains , I will not make one word of moaning but will welcome it as the life saver it will be. Of course should the rain stay like this sun has, then I'm not making any promises about the moaning......

Enjoy the week ahead if you can...


Saturday, 7 July 2018


when Casper arrived in February and I realised his name was one of the three kings?

Remember how I said it would be great to have the other two then, Balthazar and Melchoir?

Well alas Paul won't let me call him Balthazar . so we're calling him Rufus !

He's had a long journey and it was quite hot half way home, so now he's having a rest in the shade.

Casper is so happy to have a little bro! How did we come to have this new golden retriever puppy?

Because I came home from work around seven weeks ago for Paul to hand me an Ipad showing some Golden R puppies available in Devon !

He said  " He needs a friend... he's been trying to play with the cats but they don't want to play rough and tumble ! So he sighs and puts his head on his paws!"

My reply was that I was not going to Devon, another journey of about four hours , like the one when we collected Casper.

So I checked the listings of the goldens and showed him one I'd shown him before, of a new litter of  dark goldens, the colour he'd wanted before we'd spotted Casper's photo. They were only just over a week old and around a 2 hour drive away.
So that's now come we have just been and collected Rufus.

Where's my little Westie I hear you ask..... well since we won't be getting the three kings....
I doubt i'll get my Westie,... Such a shame I can just hear us called the dogs back across the fields... Casper! Rufus! Bob! ;)


Thursday, 5 July 2018


Well it's the fifth and month seven of the doll shelf photos.

Over in GREGORopolis is another new face..and a girl ! Daphne a gorgeous red head as come along to join the boys. Daphne appears to have a love of the Art's and Crafts  and Pre-Raphaelite period.

Lots of cooking going on at Gregoropolis, looks yummy ! Loving this baker wear !

 and while everyone's quiet Anthony gets to have a break and read in peace.

Meanwhile over in Switzerland ...

Ursula's kids have acquired not one but three! shelves to share. So they are all gathered to chat and look about without having to ask someone to move their head or body!

There are also Sashas and other dolls hanging round the CD player hoping to have a chance to dance along with any music played.

and now there is more space the babies can play while being watched over by their girls and brother.

At the village Ashley and Wren were having a cool evening walk in the garden.

They found the covered bench up in the shade and sat for a while.

They are sitting quietly thinking , garden seats are good for that.

From Rosie in Ireland we  have some bathing beauties playing on their inflatables.

and a pair of "Pie-rats" who are off to do some Squash buckling !

Over at Cow Creek , Ausrey, baby Pixie and Faith have been enjoying the outdoors.

along with Gertie and Lizzie sweet sisters.

From Jane , her girls put on their Sunday best while some had choir duty so have to wait till later.

They even agreed to put on their mum's beautifully made cardies despite the heat !

Even the babies are dressed warmly, that must be a cool shelf they are sitting on.

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in a couple of photos, there is still time for yours to be added, just email them to me.


Sunday, 1 July 2018


Yet another glorious day of sunshine ! Too hot for the likes of me but I'm sure there are others out there trying to turn their skin golden brown.

So it's now July! So half the year's gone and we start on the second half. From my point of view the first half has been interesting and quite fulfilling.

We became grandparents to the beautiful Clara Elizabeth. So are enjoying watching her grow up.

We have cleared the garden, which is so nice and means we don't need to go out in this heat to do gardening. The folly is on track to be finished in this the second part of the year and my Sasha Village Studio is done and I'm moving in over the summer.

And we bought another dog, Casper, who has livened things up no end.

So studio news ! Before my visitors came Paul with Lindsey help, moved the oak bureau into the small old studio for now.

I salvaged a pine cupboard that didn't have a home and today Paul put up my shelves to continue the display/room settings.

I moved the our generation doll kitchen down from the old studio and place it on new area. Don't worry I've pulled the blind down to protect the cupboard items.

Valentine came along to inspect it.

Now I've decided to do a little survey with you all. Once I put the OGD kitchen in place I thought do I need two kitchens? The old style one and a new style one?

So I moved the dresser over to the old style kitchen. Where it sits quite well being that little bit bigger than the new style oven etc.

 So the old style butler sink will move to the side wall leaving the washing machine in the corner. I intend to have a more traditional kitchen table in here that will be a little longer.

Belle joined Valentine in the new style kitchen.

so my survey question's are.

1/ do I need two kitchens?
2/ which one do you prefer?

Feel free to give me your comments, I know what I've decided and you are very unlikely to sway me.
I will tell you my reasons in a later post once you've had a chance to comment.

Its' now too hot to continue moving about the garden, so I'll return to do some sorting this evening once the day starts to cool down. Which is also why I get time to write this post.

So we are back to work tomorrow , which means back to evenings and weekends for 'play' .

A reminder that the fifth is doll shelf day and we all look forward to seeing what the dolls are doing around the world.

To everyone with a birthday this month I hope you have a lovely day and get some lovely presents from your nearest and dearest.

Today is my birthday , almost twenty one for the third time!! Paul bought me the most amazing present ! more about that when it arrives.

So have a lovely week , try to see the positives and ignore the negatives, it will make your world brighter and embrace this new half of the year who knows what joys it could hold !

Dee xx