Sunday, 18 February 2018


Well I am away from home out in the wilds of West Sussex! A dangerous place due to it having been the last known place of the Ice Queen palace.she may appear to be gone....but can an ice cream.. I mean ice queen change her hundreds and thorands,, I mean spots?😉

Despite the hidden danger I am down here in wildest Sussex facing this time not a Queen but a Princess!

Princess Clara Elizabeth! Yes the beautiful grand daughter. I have come to help out the worn out King and Queen of said Princess, who decided a spot of Jaundice followed by constant all night feeding was the way to bring joy to her parents.

So Grandee/ Nanna is giving a helping hand by pandering to the Princess while the King and Queen recover from the shock of just what having a baby arrive can mean!

Which is why before I left I managed to set up a few mini blog posts that I can slip on while I go three or even four rounds with the Princess Clara! So far she's won one, we've drawn one and there are still a couple to go! I'm hoping for a tie it would appear victory may be to much even for this hardened old soldier mum!

I would share a photo but at present.  The embattled King and Queen don't want the media envolved! Princess Clara Elizabeth bound to win points just for being a cutie and she's already got too much power as it is without getting the people on her side.

So I'll be back at the end of the week in the village recovering... Will I have been victorious ? Or wil I be licking my wounds and planning my next encounter? Only time and a good nights sleep for all involved will tell!!


Saturday, 17 February 2018


Gone  tomorrow ....

I thought I'd spend this week looking back at some of the dolls who we have loved and.... well not lost ...... just allowed to move on to fill someone else's home with love.

This sweet girl came to us for a while but then decided Switzerland was an interesting place to go.

Her eyes were repainted for me by Shelly.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Then next morning after Granny's look into the future, the village was carrying on as normal.......well maybe not quite normal.....

Ollie is shocked at seeing a strange man behind the counter in Granny Fortuna's shop !

" Hello.... " says a young voice....  cough cough " I mean ...Hello young lad What can I do for you? " the much deeper voice continues " My names Uncle Alfonso , I'm looking after the shop"

A loud thud sounds on the ceiling as Ollie looks at this newcomer with suspicion !
" Uncle Alfonso? why have you got the same birth mark on your head as Bruno? "
A small silence lasts before 'Alfonso says " I'm his Uncle! It's a family birth mark all the males have it !" he ends on what sounds like a relieved sigh.

Still not quite believing this person Ollie says " If you are uncle Alfonso's wheres Bruno? "
" He is with his aunt.... aunt... Delphinium !"
"That's a flower !"
" Is It ?.. I mean my darling wife is named for the most wonderful very tall flower, for she is just the same !"
" What a wonderful tall flower ? "
Alfonso's decides this conversation is getting out of hand so comes round from behind the counter

Ollie looks amazed, wasn't he taller a moment ago? He seems to have shrunk !
" Well " mutters Ollie " Bruno does not have any long trousers .... maybe you are Alfonso "

" Should you not be getting home? " asks Alfonso " It will be very very dark soon "
"It's only half past three!"

Suddenly a door opens and a voice shreaks ....

" What ! Is! Going ! On! " says Granny " And who are you? "
" That's Uncle Alfonso " supplies Ollie helpfully
" That is NOT Alfonso " states Granny " Not unless he's sudden lost a foot  and a half in height and had a hair transplant! "
Uncle Alfonso seems glued to the spot!

" Impostor! Call the police !" says Granny

Alfonso retreats behind the counter suddenly growing in height!
" lets not be hasty " he stutters "  I'm his son Alfonso junior !"

" Liar " says Granny getting angry " What have you done with my grandson? "

Suddenly she dashed forward and pulls on the strange mans beard which drops down!
" Brun...o..." says Granny
" Hello Granny " says Bruno in a whisper

" Bruno " says Granny her voice breaking as she pulls him into her arms " Bruno "

" Bruno thank goodness you are safe " Granny says tearfully " I was so worried you were in the clink!"
" Clink? "
" Jail.. of correction... " sniffing Granny gives Bruno another hug

"What an earth were you doing and why are you dressed like an old man? "
Sighing Bruno says guiltily " I didn't want to call Uncle Alfonso to come look after the shop.. I don't trust him " he finishes.
" You are such a wise boy " Granny mutters then raising her voice " Ollie look after the shop a moment!"

Ollie cannot believe Granny's asked him .. him to mind the shop! he's round at the counter before Granny and Bruno have barely moved out the way.. " That will be three pounds ten pence " says Ollie practicing.

" Ollie " says granny without turning " just call if a customer wants serving  "
"Yes granny " sighs Ollie .. slightly down , then brightens.. he'll just call when they want to pay .

" Granny walks with Bruno towards the door to their flat above the shop " I promise I will always let you look after the shop in future If I'm unwell "
 Bruno stays silent convinced granny's still recovering and she'll forget once she's fully on the mend
Bruno nearly trips over when Granny carries on " You can open the shop tomorrow while I have a lie in to help finish this cold and I'll get up at 10 and make you a lovely big breakfast "

Christmas Eve

Bruno is so happy, Granny's borrowed some trousers , to check the fit , and promised Bruno he'll have a pair of long trousers in the new year as a treat for working so hard up till Christmas.

Granny is very happy " Look how well we have done Bruno ! and after such a late start, what with my cold !"

" The shelves are nearly empty! I think it was our best lead up to Christmas since we opened !"

"I've been thinking just having a shop at Christmas does not give us a lot of money to last the year and you are a growing boy! "
" I am? "
" You are !"
" So I was thinking..... "

"What! " exclaims Bruno

" I can see it now" Granny continues  " Easter Bunnies, ducks, hen's and of course cards  and not forgetting Easter eggs!

Granny can see it her head...

"Good Luck with that " Bruno sighs " You do know they are moving the sofa etc back in here tomorrow? "
" Of course... but I have heard on the village grapevine .. "
" Don't you mean old biddy line? " scoffs Bruno
" Don't be rude Bruno.. my friends and I are not old Biddy's .. Biddy's yes but old no! Anyway where was I?.    Oh yes we have heard talk of a big and I do mean big new studio for all the village houses etc and I think there should be a shop.... all year round.... after all a shop is not just for Christmas... "

The End.

I hope you have enjoyed Granny and Bruno's tale. I am planning to give Granny and Bruno a space for their shop, all being well, so the village children can have somewhere to go to get presents and food etc.

Sunday, 11 February 2018


And I was going to be writing the last post for Granny's Christmas/winter tale however a little someone decided they wanted my attention!

Yesterday , 13 days early , I became a Grandmother! To a beautiful little girl. my daughters labour was very quick  and she was born  early in the morning ,so this little princess does not do waiting about !
I so pleased it all went well and I don't have to worry about them heading to hospital in the midst of a snow storm or on icy roads!

In other news it's been a very good week. I managed to sell my blonde Ochre eyed Gotz , so with three dolls sold I have placed my order for the Log Cabin !!

Cannot quite believe it's on order, just hope they can get their lorry down our road. There is a tight turn at the top, on a small length of road and then a single track country lane at the bottom! Their lorry comes complete with a forklift, so hopefully that can be used to deliver it the final few yards ! It will arrive late March to give us time, once the weather improves to clear the site.

It's bigger than what it's replacing, so will also need to rearrange the shrubs in the bed near it. and see what sort of base we need to put in. So come March we'll be out in the garden as long as its dry trying to get it all done.

Although I'd put Mary on to sell I found I just could not do it, I know I know I should have put another doll on but it's hard to part with the Sasha's and Gregors I now have, so swapped her for another of my No Navel's. I have a few non Sasha dolls on and if I can sell a couple of those I'll probably pull off the no navel too. I also sold a few clothes and a couple of props.

When I put Mary on I realised she could do with a hair wash, so I'll be doing that in the coming weeks.
One of the things I'm hoping for once my Studio is ready, is being able to put everything away in drawers cupboards etc , all labelled so I can find things! Every so often I remember something I own ,prop wise, but have not seen for ages!

I have to confess that even though I have sold some dolls another did manage to snare me!

I came across this Zwergnase girl by chance and I just loved her . So even though I'm selling a Zwergnase doll, I put in an offer which was accepted .

She's a limited edition called Augustine, a name I just love. Now I really must resist adding any more!

The weather here is turning colder again! but then it is still Winter which I keep forgetting ! Today we have had glorious sunshine followed by this afternoon a burst of heavy rain in which was hail! We were at the garden centre at the time and after it stopped and we walked back to the car , if was so much colder than this morning.

Paul repotted the bay trees in two of the bigger terracotta pots we owned which we are hoping will help stop the one on the right from getting blown over again! While he was at it, he re-potted the small Acer on the right also into a bigger pot and finally the leftover primroses have been planted out in the front centre flower bed along with a few pots of tulips we got in the garden centre.

This week we also went to the cinema twice! First to see Darkest hour, a brilliant film in which Gary Oldman is wonderful and deserving of an Oscar
Then on Thursday I went along with my middle daughter to see Three Billboards outside Ebbings Missouri,  it was a fanatic film , Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell , I have to say both deserve to win the Oscar for their performances, this film does have it's violent moments but the film is well worth watching.

Well I'm juts off to write the final chapter in Granny Fortuna's Christmas tale!

Have a lovely week, stay warm


Thursday, 8 February 2018


After a restless day, mainly spent sleeping and worrying Granny waits for night to fall and that idiot wolf to return! She'll be able to see just how much she's going to make with Alfonso in the shop.

"Who is that ? " demands Granny looking at the stranger behind the counter

" and what are all these signs ? "
" that's the lad Alfonso's put in to run the shop for him "



" What does that mean ! " demands Granny " Uncle Alfonso's shop ! He cannot even spell his own name!"
"Shush " says the wolf.. listen if you want to know whats happening..

" Ollie I told you children are not allowed in the shop!" says the lad at the counter

" I know but I waited until I saw Alfonso leave "

" Do you know how Bruno's doing ? " Ollie asks
" I think he comes up for trial next week " says the lad

" T Trial ! " gasps Granny in shock " My Bruno !"

"What is going on!" demands Granny in her you will tell me now voice!
The wolf just grins and says " you'd best pay attention or you'll not find out !"

Granny hurriedly moves closer so as not to miss anything
" I heard " says the lad confidingly " That old Alfonso's going to say that Bruno stole the taking from last week and gambled them at Shifty Fred's betting shop ! "
" But he didn't " gasps Ollie
" Well we know that but that Alfonso's got the judge in his pocket.. it's his brother!"
" No" No" gasps both Ollie and Granny
" But what ...what.. about Granny Fortuna? why's she not helping Bruno " says Ollie sounding almost in tears
" Because she's in the nut house " " Nut house? " questions Ollie
The lad sighs " The mental home for people who have lost their marbles !"
Ollie's totally confused now, he never knew Granny had any marbles to lose and why would she need to go to a house if she did? "
" any road " the boy continues " that Bruno could be looking at 5 years maybe more in a young offenders unit "

Granny looks grief stricken , her Bruno locked up.. her sweet innocent lad .. her lip trembles..

Crying Ollie leaves the shop " I  I I'm going to get Mum to get him a good lawyer !"
" it won't help " says the lad.

Granny returns to the wolf.. " Take me back " she whispers, her voice sounding old and trembling " take me back .. what have I done... "

to be continued....


Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Finally the wolf has found Granny awake and before she can ignore him , he whisks her off to see whats happening in the present...she finds herself in her shop!
Granny calls to Bruno telling him to get the dog out of her shop!
" He cannot hear you" says the wolf  grinning " or see you "

Saffron and Lucas are talking at the counter with Ollie and Bruno

Lucas leaves his sister and walks further into the shop along with his dog socks! Socks starts to stare into space and growling
" Whats wrong ? " ask Lucas confused " Stop growling!"

But Socks keeps growling looking at granny but Lucas sees nothing and continues to tell Socks to hush!

Saffron looks over but she also cannot see why Socks is growling , so goes back to her conversation with the boys.

Lucas gives up on telling Socks to hush and starts playing with a little yellow car on the table.
Socks who cannot see granny but feels odd , keeps growling ready to defend his beloved master Lucas to his death.. well at least until he knows what he's dealing with!

" Come on Lucas " Saffron calls having placed the order of items that Mum asked her to.

Saffron heads out the shop with Lucas following behind.
Lucas waves his hand at Bruno saying " Account account!" and follows Saffron outside.
The boys look at each other and shrug
While over in the corner Granny growls !

" Should I come and help you tomorrow ? " ask Ollie, who quite likes helping best friend Bruno in the shop.
" Oh no " says Bruno hurriedly " No tomorrow Uncle Alfonso's will be here to take over "

Ollie looks confused " I didn't know you had an uncle? "

Bruno sighs " He's not my real uncle , just a friend of Grannies "

Still confused Ollie leaves as Bruno watches, then locks the door.. Granny meanwhile is muttering about Lucas and having young boys in charge of her shop and her going to the poor house! Fortunately Bruno can hear none of this!

Bruno walks sadly towards the back of the shop straight pass Granny .
" What's wrong Bruno ? " asks granny seeing his sad face

Bruno pauses .. and looks back.. he thought he heard something?  he shivers , sighs and then carries on , turning the lights off as he leaves.

to be continued...