Sunday, 12 November 2017


Magda finally got changed into some lovely warm clothes yesterday, so insisted on inspecting the work being done in the garden!

The cheeky minx asked me when we'd be planting the grass between the paving! and she managed to keep a straight face!

But you can just see that twinkle in her eye!

"Are they coming back on Monday to finish? " Magda asks
" They are coming today to clear up more of the rubbish so I can get my car back on the drive and under cover " I tell her

" and then they'll be finished? "
" No" I reply " they still have to lay the paving round by the side gate and then fill in between all the paving so we don't get grass " she giggled so I gave her my mum look , she ignored it and grinned! I continued ignoring her " and then clear up the last of their tools and then they'll be finished "

"Being serious now mum " says Magda " it's really lovely of you and Dad to have this new playground laid right outside the house for us! It's going to be ace for riding our bikes , playing tag etc"
"it's not going to be left empty , it will have the patio table and some pots on it"
"that's okay " smiles Magda " our patio table and pots won't take up much room if you tuck them in the corner " before I could tell her it was our big patio table and Dad's pots , she was off to tell the others she'd checked out the new patio !
Maybe I'll leave telling them for a while , they'll still be lots of space for them to play !


A little catch up! This is a view from the garden back towards the house. I love that I can now see all of the back and not have part missing behind the old outhouse.

Like with anything new that you do, it shows up all the old weathered items so the back of the house will need repainting.

You can see where the trellis used to be for the rose we removed between the doors. The doors and framework have long needed repainting which we will do in the spring as it's now too cold and damp.
At some stage on our list of jobs needing doing in and around the house will be replacing them but for now a lick of paint will make all the difference.
The pond needs a new top edge and a coat of black stain to tidy it up as well.

I don't know about you but whenever we have work done it inspires us to get on with other things that need doing around the house, so plans are being made and lists drawn up as to want needs doing first etc.
The hallway needs to be finished but when we first moved in we got permission to make the window in the stairwell longer. So we'll be looking to get that done first, while we finish removing the old wall paper and settle on the new one and the paint colour.

We still have no internet but thankfully the dongle we bought can be used until it's back on. So I'll be back with more news of the goings on in the Sasha Village. There are still lots of Sasha's etc that need to be dressed for winter!


Friday, 10 November 2017


Well the new patio is but not the internet! Our new provider was going to set us up for the 17th but no, BT won't hand the line over until the 23rd!!
So even though they are not fixing our internet they'll not let us get it elsewhere until it's been a full MONTH!!!!  BAD service!

Anyway we have bought a dongle so have some access but I need to be careful not to use too much at once as it's now got to last until the 23rd!

So a quick report on the patio!

We are having a grey brick edge around the paving, the wall at the side runs out, so we've had the line set back to allow us to dig out for footings once we get the wall rebuilt but need to see when or if our neighbour is going to remove his outhouse. So this was on Tuesday.

and this was this morning , Friday. It was raining so you can see the various colours

Today he was on his own but he got a good few more stones laid and is even coming back tomorrow, Saturday to get more down.

he's even done the step up into the garden area.

Saturday he wants to get this area laid up to the brick edge.

I have to say it's looking so much better already!

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result , it's so nice to finally be having this done.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


That leads to nowhere!! if you are trying to get your internet fixed! I cannot believe the awful customer service that BT have. It is beyond a joke!
Finally we have given up and are now waiting to join another network! But hey BT are phoning us to ask why our internet is not working!! and sending us emails saying how we be charged for our internet use up to the change over!! That would be the internet we DON'T HAVE!!!!!

 a quick share , hoping not to be draining the internet we are buying through another provider .

The empty patio waiting to be removed!!

going going...


Hope to be back soon , even if with just a one photo post...


Sunday, 5 November 2017


Alas no I am not back online but away from home and using my daughters computer to put on this blog! We have given upon our current service provider because basically they have not given us any service!
All they have done is tell us that they will ring us on a certain day and then on that day despite us being home and near the phone then emailed us to say we were not in!!!!

So after this happened yet again and yet again to be told they'd ring us sometime up until 8pm in three days time !! we decided that they obviously did not want our business so we are going elsewhere !
Even though this will now take some time to change over , we believe going on our current providers help we'll still be back on time sooner than if we wait for them to get in touch and sort it out!

So here are this months doll shelf photos that I received in time for this post, I have to say that I did not get one sorted myself but once i'm back online I'll do a photo heavy post to make up for it!

Ursula's baby is wanting to get on the rocking horse.

Her sisters come along to give her a hand

Even more of her sisters arrive to watch her play with the rocking horse. Maybe they are hoping to get a chance to have a ride too!

Karin beautiful slate eyed lass is looking ready for the Winter weather in her Petrana outfit.

a closer look at her sweet face.

Steve's lads are getting into their winter woollies now the cold weather is starting to bite!

Emma's Sasha Ana is taking her dog for a walk.

many thanks to everyone for sending in a photo, if any others come in they will have to go on a later post once I'm back up and blogging.

I must also thank my daughter and her partner for allowing me the use of their computer to do this blog.

Hoping to be back very soon

enjoy the rest of this last of this Autumn month before Winter arrives along with the lead into  Christmas!!! 


Thursday, 2 November 2017

1St NOVEMBER and 2nd !

Well as a colleague said to me today it's nearly the end of the year! Which I have to say is I'd thought the same thing myself!
Now that the clocks have changed and it's darker in the evening with the colder days, Winter is here. I do love all the seasons even this one with its shorter days and cold weather. I'm not so keen when I have to leave home for work at 7.15 am and there's ice conditions but it can be beautiful when you are in the countryside on a crisp winter morning with the pale sun glowing on the frosty landscape.

So a new month and still no internet! We have been let down by our provider! And their customer service is leaving a lot to be desired!

So tomorrow I'm going to be taking my photos and getting posts written , so that whenever I'm back I'll be ready .

2nd November !

Well still 'offline' so using Paul's phone so cannot do anything like photos because it will use up too much of his allowance !

Still waiting on our provider but now looking at others as this one obviously does not care about it's customers.

Please still send in the doll shelf photos, hopefully I'll be back in time to put them up on the fifth but if not they'll go up as soon as they can after that.
I'll do a little catch up now as who knows when I'll be back again....

Exciting happenings for the garden! The Landscaper is coming on Monday to take down the outhouse remove the old patio and lay the lovely new one!!!! Cannot quite believe it's finally going to happen since I've wanted that outhouse and old patio gone almost since the day I walked through the door over twelve years ago !

I will of course take lots of before and during and after photos, to share with you once the jobs done and we're back online.

But this means we will be moving all the plants etc that stand around on the patio to other places in the garden until after the works done. Plus sorting out anything that can get thrown out. Luckily we moved almost everything out of the outhouse earlier in the year and there are not too many pots to move, so should hopefully only take a day to get the place ready for the wreaking crew!

I have to say I love getting people in to do the bigger jobs, having spent most of my married life having to help Paul or watching Paul doing all the jobs in order to save on costs, it's now lovely to be able to sit back and let someone else do all the heavy lifting and bending and dealing with any issues and then reap the rewards. And it takes a faction of the time, when it's their job as when you do it yourself you only have weekends and evenings,  so it takes three times as long and does not always get completely finished..

I will be out at work , so will be seeing things changing only once I'm back home , which will be nice in one sense but not in another as I do like to be around if any decisions need making. But with the wonders of technology Paul can always send me a photo and then call me and I can still be in on the job.
I don't know about you  but I always need to know whats happening in case I don't like the result! Paul once put some patterned glass in our front door and when I saw it I realised it was the opposite way up to the same glass in the living room door which was to the side of it. Paul said does it matter not one will know and they probably would not have as the pattern could be place either way and was not easy to see the difference but I knew and although I didn't make a fuss because he was right he could see I was not happy.
So when I returned the DH had removed all the beading and the putty and was turning them the right way to match the other glass.He figured it was easier than seeing me forever sigh or looking at it!

I think it's the same with everything, if you know somethings wrong or not what you were told etc, it can take away the pleasure in that item or doll and you'll always look straight to that fault or mistake or whatever.

Well I'll hopefully be back soon with photos, if not I'll try and pop in to do a catch up on Sunday !


Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Well hopefully tomorrow I can return to blogging properly! I was able to put Margaret on because I'd loaded the blog post ready to add before the internet went missing! But cannot add any photos due to the amount of space they use up!

Sadly it means I'll miss Halloween but there's always next year! in one way it's been good not having much access but in another ,I've immediately remembered all the things I need to do that needs the Internet! What was life like before we could travel round the world from our living room , talk on the phone while wandering down the street! ( this I have to say I don't do, my phone gets turned on very rarely when I'm not at work) we've said we'll have an Internet free day each week..... Only time will tell if that happens!

Friday, 27 October 2017


Well I said I'd share one of my two doll purchases which were made after the end of the Chat n Snap.
This girl I loved the minute I saw her photo on the FB group when she'd been found and purchased by a friend who is really just a Sasha doll lover.

But this girl had called out to her and although she'd dithered , she finally decided to buy her as a companion for her Sasha Studio doll.

Then she bought another Sasha Studio doll and a Studio baby! So this companion doll was really no longer needed for that role.

But she did love her.

 I'd ask her to bring her along to the Chat n Snap to go into the Christmas Toy shop doll display because I thought her perfect for the role.

When packing up I joking said, that if she'd please wrap her well and make sure there was a lovely red ribbon on the box and to make sure she arrived on the 24th and not the 27th of December or she'd miss Christmas. Her owner said " Well I'm open to offers!"

Well ! Not one to miss the chance I said that I'd love to buy her if she ever wanted to sell , she rightly decided that she'd have a think about it.
I said well if I was lucky enough to get her she'd have her forever home and so that's how we left it!

I was meeting friends from the CnS for dinner later that evening and when I  arrived her owner said . as she knew I loved her as much as she did , she felt comfortable in letting her come to live in the village!

So I was one very happy diner that evening , as the doll came home with me ! So here she is and I think , unless you don't care for these dolls, you'll agree she is well worth adopting.

A sweet Kathe Kruse doll in a gorgeous winter coat and hat. She's not an old doll probably 1990's , I need to check her foot where her year should be printed but she is , to me, a darling doll.

 I have called her Margaret , because she looks like a Margaret or Meg or Peggy , also Diane  her finders Mum's is called Peggy but not from the name Margaret but from a song her dad used to sing to her.

And then Paul said he'd buy her for me as part of my Christmas present! Making her even more special!

So that's now I came to adopt one of the two dolls I'd spoken about at the CnS. I'll tell you the tale of the second one when she's here.



I was so good even I don't believe it!
It does help that I'm having to keep an eye on things and meet people and tell them where things are etc!
But I did see a few things I would have loved to have purchased but since I was supposed to be being good and reducing the amount of dolls clothes etc I own, I resisted !

Well apart from these three items..

Two dresses by my sister Michelle, one because it's got Paddington bear in the print, that's the blue one and the other because it's a Christmas dress that I loved the colour and fabric of !

And I , after looking at it a few times and it still waiting for me , I finally caved in and bought  this....

yes a Triang dolls highchair ! from the fifties. Do I need a dolls highchair? No  Do I have doll to go in it? No...but what can I say , it's a colour I love .. blue made by a company I love.. Triang and it was a nice price and I didn't have to pay any postage so a nice result!

and that was it! I resisted Dolly Doodles and Marilyn's wonderful Smocked dresses, Noreen's gorgeous shoes, Jane's cashmere knits, and Linda Simpson's woolen wonders and all those other little bits and bobs on the other tables.

However I did land up with two dolls! Both from chatting to the owners about how much I loved their dolls and should they ever decided to part with them , that I was first in the queue !

I will share one , who is here now, with you tomorrow but the other will have to wait until she arrives! Neither are Sasha's but both are dolls I collect.

We still have no proper internet, i'm using Paul's phone connection, so will still be a little sparse on the photos.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017


We are having internet problems, so are being upgraded but not until next Wedesday! So only access is off Pauls phone!
So sorry no more chatting n snapping etc until Wednesday.... Well it will, give me time to prepare some photos and posts..... See you all soon.. I hope!


Monday, 23 October 2017


Linda Simpson's sales table.

The other side of her table.

The end of her table.

Judith Dolly Doodles table.


still doodling..

still doodling...

Diane Dukes and Granny Peggy's sales goodies..

another look... view

Noreen's shoes and a fabulous Np Blonde on offer...

plus these gorgeous red heads!

Jane Woodward's wonderful cashmere knits

and more..

Jane Denham's table...

a closer look..


Jane's knitting for Sasha pattern book, I have one , just need to use it!

Julian and Liz's table

Waiting to make them sales..

Chris Meatyard's goodies..

 and more..

Dawn's dolls sales table..

Marilyn Hopkiss's sales table 

More of Marilyn's beautiful dresses

Michelle's wonderful dresses and some cats that actually meowed!

 and Ginny's wonderful goodies .

There were so many Raffle prizes we had to use two tables.

The first ticket out belonged to Michelle who picked the Gregor in the lovely Doll Doodles outfit.

these are only some of the prizes and more an more were added.

I forgot to take any final photos of everything but these were the early donations. The raffle raised £600 exactly.