Friday, 18 August 2017


I decided to take my camera with me on my walk round the village , I meant to take a Gregor and Zak was all ready to come with me and then I forgot to put him in the bag! I thought it was a little light!

So since the morning was beautiful I continued on my way and took the photos anyway.

This dragon ? or is it Nessie? swims through the grass of a house in my road.

This is  one of the field's across the road from my house , we used to walk the dogs here when we first moved in and before they started using it a few years back when it changed hands.

 At the bottom of the hill we live on , is this single track lane, the junction on the right is my road. The way ahead leads to the main road.

This way leads back round the village.

The house that stood here, on the corner, once was about a third of the size but they have spent a good eighteen months or more building this enormous extension . I wish I'd taken a photo of the before! you'd not recognise the place!

 One of the older village houses.

Another old property.

The village common.

facing the common, you can just see one of the signs for the two pub's that are along this part of the village street.

 One of the two pub's both of which serve great food and are very popular.

Some more old village houses.

Then we turn down this lane which is taking us back round towards the main road but it's a long walk..

more of the 1920's houses.

Because I was stopping to take photos and not just walking and noting what people had done or were doing to their homes, I actually realised just how much common ground and green space and fields surround the village.
Of course it's a village so it would have green fields and space but I didn't realise just how small the village was.

This is what I call the main road, it's a B road but well traveled during  'rush' hour , I'm showing you these cross roads to explain that to the right is my part of the Village and across on the left, is the other part of the village.

It's split in two by the road.

On the other side is the Church and the primary school , high on the hill, with  a couple more lanes  with houses.

More of the 1920's houses, these lead back to my road , so I walk in from the top of the hill having started this tour by walking down the hill.

Well I hope you enjoyed the trip round the village even if I forgot Zak! No doubt I'll have to make up for leaving him behind!

Also ...

Today I received a lovely gift in the post !

A beautiful summer dress with long socks for my Kaye Wiggs girl Elfine. My friend is a very talented seamstress and can turn her hand to making clothes for any doll. So when I suggested she consider making for the Kaye Wigg's dolls, she made this gorgeous dress and sent it to me.

I think Elfine needs to find some nicer footwear to go with this lovely dress but she insisted on trying these ones on for size!


Sunday, 13 August 2017


Yes after the day by day  week of building rain, with Wednesday being wet all day, the end of the week as slowly dried up day by day until today's glorious weather.

Last night I got up to see the meteor shower that were travelling across the night sky, I saw a couple of slight ones, my daughter who spent much longer outside than me saw quite a few!

There is something magic about watching the night sky. We are lucky being in a village we did not have the problem of street or road lighting that people have in towns around London and the M25.

I keep intending to buy a telescope and really must get round to it  or until I do  I'll probably need a wooden lounger to lay on , makes it easier on the neck when looking up at the stars for long periods.

You have seen most of my haul of doll props I have acquired lately , the present sasha studio is looking quite full!

But there's still space to squeeze a few more things in! not in danger of getting buried under an avalanche yet ! So onwards and UPwards :)

My new No Navel girl should be with me by the end of the month and my yellow eyed miss should arrive not long after!

I'm still trying to be hard and sell on some things and am think seriously about if any of my many styles of dolls should be put up for adoption ! At present despite having two large doll display cupboards there are thirteen dolls laying or sitting about the downstairs rooms making the place untidy but pretty! ;) So once I finish this post , I'll be having a change around in the cupboards to try and get more in ! or just to also put some back!
The doll clothes cupboard is not much better ! it's under the stairs and I still have a few bags sitting around with no home!

I have to move so much just to get to find , hopefully , what I'm looking for!  Sometimes part of me wants to go ENOUGH! sell it ALL!
and then I look at whats in a box and think oh that's so nice or she's no longer making things/is now too expensive etc and so 99% gets put back !

I think I may need to reduce some of my non Sasha dolls, just settle on a couple of groups and cull the rest keeping maybe , three of each.... sounds so easy when you type it....... but I beginning to think that way!

Mind you I have done this on the odd occasion and then another different set of dolls move in and bring their friends!

Paul's worked really hard in the garden today laying the foundations for the folly.

Milo's found himself a spot in the late afternoon sunshine.

Looks like Paul as too!

I'll let him off since he's finished the foundation for the folly.

Now to give them a week to harden and then building can begin!!! Like all good design's it's being tweaked as we go. The arrow slit window in the shape of a cross is now going in a different place that first thought. But then we've not started building yet, so it could all change!!

a photo to show the sun streaming through the garden.

 and to finish we have a photo of Maude amongst the flowers.

She's standing in the chimney pot! But she does look sweet!

Well I hope everyone enjoys the week ahead and you all get some time to 'play' with your dolls.


Saturday, 12 August 2017


Today the Sasha Village was invaded by the Schoenhut dolls! They decided that the new table and chairs are just perfect for them!.

and so it was that I found Evelyn and Gertie sharing the new table and chairs in the flower garden!

While Ivy settled Edward who is still recovering from his fall at the table with the girls.

Cousin Ron was still playing on the carriage cycle.

Aunt Evelyn had treated everyone to an Ice cream Sundae but poor Edward could not get close enough to the table in his wheelchair.

Clara and Lillie were trying to decide just which part to eat first!

" I could lift you out of the chair and put you on the bench " suggests Ivy but Edward feels safe in the wheelchair and shakes his head.

" Lemon is my most favourite " sighs  Maudie

 all the children are so excited to be having such a treat!

ivy and Edward finally agree that he can hold the Sundae in his arm but instead of starting to eat it he just gazes happily at it !

Aunt Evelyn does not like ice cream! She says it's far to cold and she much prefers a nice cup of tea and a cake. But Ivy is torn.. should she have the lovely strawberry sundae or tea and cake / what to do!

Cousin Ron meanwhile is cycling madly towards the girls call for them to leave his sundae alone! Not that are interested in his sundae !

"Ron!" " Ugh!" " Gross!" says the girls as Ron leaps from the bike and buries his face in his sundae!

"You are such an piggy!" says Maudie watching Ron lick his sundae !

Clara cannot quite believe her eyes at Ron's antic's ! Boys!

Lucky for cousin Ron , his mum Ivy and her friend Evelyn are too busy talking to notice his behavour, so he gets away with it.. this time!

Soon's it's time to clear up and go back indoors before the Sasha's and Gregors come to claim back the garden. The Schoenhuts have had a lovely afternoon.

Oh dear! I think they've forgotten Edward ! Not that he's noticed , he's still admiring his now very melted ice cream sundae , hopefully he'll have eaten it by the time they come back to find him!


So why are these

Table and two white chairs and ironing board Top of the Props? Loved the guesses but no one was anywhere near!
They are Top of the Props ......because I won them for the maiden bid of  FIVE POUNDS! making each one having cost the princely sum of £1.25 p  a bargain!

Sorry to those who only love Sasha but the Schoenhuts needed some fresh air :)


Friday, 11 August 2017


Well I did say it was a wondrous time for Prop buying at present! The next props I'm about to show you, I decided to bid on as they were so sweet, and although I knew they would possibly be a little on the big side for Sasha's , the village is not just full of Sasha's , there are other dolls and bears living here!

There was an assorted bundle of furniture for dolls. This great wooden slatted table and the little white chair, that Toby's sitting on.

but there was more..

another white chair which Joe is now sitting on!

oh and there's more....

an ironing board! Which Violet is standing by! The only item that is probably too big!

and even better they all.....

Fold up for storing !


The Table

One Chair

The second chair

So a lovely table and two chairs for the dolls to use in the garden or indoors. Shall I tell you why i called them Top of the Props?...

No ... I'll let you have a guess ! Answer will be posted on Saturday once I'm home from work and can get another photo taken.

Let's make it interesting , I'll send a small prize to whoever gets to the nearest to the reason...

Only one guess each  :)