Wednesday 17 April 2024



Only we could have a force nine gale and hail stones appear in April just when the scaffoldings going up!!

Tuesday 16 April 2024



Obie and Otto have been getting bonding over the last few days, remembering back to their days side by side on the factory floor being passed from getting given a full head of hair to being strung and dressed.

Otto telling his brother he'd spent nearly all the time apart in his box, luckily with a window to watch the world pass him by. This made Obie feel sad for his bro , as he'd been here, there and almost everywhere over the years.

Gigi the baby giraffe leans against Otto , offering comfort and a back to scratch..

"Well you can put all that behind you and move forward " Says Obie " You have escaped that box and our new mum never leaves her children in boxes' so no fear of it happening again"

" That will be so good " replies Otto softly " It's so nice to be with family"

"Well what would you like to be when you grow up? " Obie asks " I want to be a race car driver "

Otto pauses then says " I'd like to be an actor or if not then a zoo keeper maybe with giraffes "

Did someone say Giraffe ? thinks Gigi appearing between the boys

" Mm a Zoo keeper? good to have a fall back plan" says Obie " I would not mind being a zoo keeper but tigers for me"

"Maybe I could have a race track in a zoo? " wonders Obie " or even a racing zoo with the animals competing!"

Otto looks at his brother amazed, while Gigi wonders what car she could fit in to drive, she'd quite like whizzing about!

Getting into the dream Otto adds " Maybe with a drive-in theatre, so I can be acting too !"

" Wow! What a great idea! Let's go tell the others, they may want to join us " says Obie excitedly

Meanwhile Gigi is still thinking ... maybe a motorbike their quite whizzy but my legs would be too long drat! Mmm maybe an ambulance! with the siren going so everyone would have to get out my way!! I'd win every time!! result!