Sunday, 10 September 2023


 " Send supplies Stop we may not make it! Stop this could be the end Stop Make it stop! Stop" and so says the telegram from the Sasha village after one week of 30 degree plus temperatures which are continuing as I type! 

So I've pretty much spent the week inside during the hours of 10 am till 6 pm with the curtains semi pulled across the French doors and windows to help reduce the temperature on the back room of the house. It's too warm to even potter about, it's more like pot  ten minutes later ter!  

Luckily I had found a new author I liked and so was able to read everyday, but that's my book buying allowance for the month gone already!

I did remind everyone about the chat n snap and so that is on track and must decide exactly what I'm doing for the display backdrop, the theme being 1940's evacuee's. It will be a station of some sort but leaving? or arriving? that is the question! In my mind it looks like brief encounter but what will be cobbled together by the day is entirely less wonderful lol.

I have to say I love the fashions of the 1920's through to the 1950's , everyone looked so smart even the children. In this day of throw away fashion, it's all stretchy fabrics and cheap cottons. 



I especially love the jackets they used to wear, so stylish. And no it wasn't just the wealthy who looked good everyone wore smart clothing. I have a photo of my mum aged fourteen in her smart jacket with a lovely brooch and bright lipstick and another of my granddad with two of his brothers walking along the sea front and all wearing smart trousers and shirts. Back then they didn't need fitted wardrobes because they didn't have so many clothes. Maybe a lesson the world could take on board for the future of the planet.

The headliners today were Bea, Magda and Arabella when they were out in the garden before the weather got too hot.

On the doll front, nothing's happened because it's just too hot. But sooner or later this weather will change, after all this is England, and then things can start to happen.

So stay cool and have a healthy fun filled week ahead


Tuesday, 5 September 2023


 Oh yes It's time already for September's doll photo day! To think there are now only three more till the end of the year.

So lets get this party started ...

First up is Steve's lad wearing a lovely colourful T shirt his other dad John brought back from the festival for him. He is off to cruise up and down the street showing it off to his mates.

And before he goes look at those eyes and even more those eye lashes! He'll be batting them at all the girls in the family I bet! 

Over at RoRoPo, Beverley and Clara are chillin, with a drink and a good book, enjoying the late warm weather while it lasts. Plenty of chatting going on too.

Here in the village Bea, Magda and Arabella are looking around the raised garden where it's nice and cool.

They stop to rest on the new bench, taking a leaf out of their friends at RoRoPo book, although they forgot to bring a book or anything to drink but since they have done nothing but gossip since they sat down, it will only be the drink they will miss!!

Chris T's little ochre eyed button girl has come along to join in doll photo day and what a sweetheart she is.

Three of Michelle's girls are nice and cool in this heat wave with their summer outfits.

Some of her boys have managed to escape from the shelving and are planning on watching a movie , once mum's gone back downstairs... don't tell !

There is still time to join in with the day, just send in those doll photos

Thank you to all who have taken the time to join in