Sunday, 19 August 2018


What a bad blogger I am turning into! The week's gone past without a word or photo from me! I'd love to say it was because I was off enjoying myself but alas I was working most of the time ! Including another Saturday!

I did have one lovely day out to visit my youngest and my granddaughter. I've always gone with Paul so he could drive, but this time I did the journey alone ,around the motorways, it takes about two hours and I was pleased I'd finally done it as it means I'll visit them more often in the week when Paul's working and I'm not.

With the lovely cooler weather I've gone into .. It all needs sorting and getting rid of and things need to happen mode! This is a wonderful mode to be in but it would help if your other half was in same mode ! I think maybe it's a female thing , this sudden urge to see things cleared and beautiful things arrive to make the place look lovely!
I'm sure Paul just thinks.. oh no more work for me to do ! and she'll want it done yesterday!... which is almost true.. I'm happy if it's done tomorrow but not next week! And I do help wherever I can !

Things like getting these tiles laid set me off on wanting everything else done!

Paul finished grouting them on Thursday and the furniture was put back. Of course now I want the rest of the hall done!

So my mind's been on flooring ! Painting and wallpaper ! Unfortunately it's not been able to make a decision about any of it!

Poor Sophia is back on ebay looking for a new home, she's a very sweet doll but I have too many dolls, so some must go ! At present I am struggling with not listing loads of clothes and dolls, just to free up some space. I have so many really lovely clothes and shoes and dolls that I just don't use or get the time to use.

My mind is saying you have too many different collections , maybe it's time to get rid of a few, but then I see my dolls and think, so she/ he is so sweet , I'll keep them ! But I do need to downsize and make some space so I will have to list some at some stage !

Ebay is being Ebay at present and changing my listings by adding make an offer to things I want to leave to auction! Then they tell me they have done so but I can change it if I want ! LIARS! every time I have gone straight in to change offer option it's not worked!
So I land up receiving offers ! which I find hard to turn down, so annoying! It makes selling stressful !

Well hopefully I'll find the power to list a load of lovely things and free up some space some time really soon! Now it's cooler but still nice and warm with bright days and the odd spot of rain at times ,everyone is so much happier, all the customers are back to being happy and not stressed and grumpy because it's unnaturally hot and enjoying what are nice warm days , cool evenings and beautiful skies.

So I hope you all have a lovely week ahead, in the UK next weekend is a bank holiday so no work on Monday! Wonderful ! I am not supposed to be working that Saturday but the powers that be have thrown a spanner in the works , so I'll need to see if this spanner can do the job! If so I get the three day weekend, if not just two !
Only time and fate will tell.

So have a lovely restful week and weekend ahead and I'll try to do better as a blogger !


Sunday, 12 August 2018


Well last week just shot by! The weather is now more like an English summer cool mornings and evenings with sunny days and a spot of rain!
So much easier to get things done or feel like doing things.

On Thursday it was Paul and my 43 rd wedding anniversary! Time truly does fly when you are having fun. We had to work but enjoyed a nice meal that evening.

Friday as I said I finally emptied the under stair cupboard , which now has two hoovers in and Paul work bag and now the coal scuttle! Why I can hear you all ask.. because Rufus and Casper both have decided that there is nothing quite like stealing a bit of coal and chomping on it! So for now it's in the cupboard out the way!

Saturday I worked , which means that the day disappears by the time I get back, have some lunch read the paper etc , so not a lot was achieved then.

But today things were much better. I went into my Studio and sorted through and emptied a few more boxes.

My dolls shoes are now all in the drawers of the multi unit

I did try to organise them.

We appear to have quite a few pairs of trainers and short boots.

I still have a box for the long boots at present which I'll put into the cupboard , but was very pleased to have emptied three plastic boxes.

I also sorted out some shoes to sell on ebay, ones I've not used in quite a while,which will hopefully bring in some funds. Above is one of the pairs I am selling.

I also sorted out this little batch of fabric on peter rabbit to sell , because I cannot see myself getting round to using it with all the other fabric I have, so decided this could go. I'll be listing it on the Sasha bazaar soon.

I put this little Schoenhut girl on as well because she's the same face sculpt as a couple of others I  have but I then decided to dress her in this outfit and now I'm thinking I may keep her.

I said that I was in a sort it out mood and so I've also listed a few other dolls and my mind is wondering about a few others! I'll be adding them to my sales page and they will be on ebay.

I have received a doll or two recently, above is one that I finally got round to dressing. This is Lindy, she is a bit of a Tom boy at heart , she wanted to wear some boy boy style shoes but I insisted she at least wear these nice green ones, I then found her trying to cut the bows off!
We came to an agreement, if she wore these today tomorrow she could wear the brown lace ups! Sigh!

She's waiting for some nice brown glass eyes!

On the house front, we went out to look at some flooring for the dinning area because the carpet in that section needs replacing and now it's part of the kitchen breakfast room we need something to tie the two together.
We saw a couple of possibilities but my mind was making plans my budget cannot reach.. at present however like everything we do , we did see some very nice traditional floor tiles. We both said how nice they'd look in the new entrance part of our hallway.
I then asked Paul but if we got them would it be months before they were laid ? He gave me the husband stare , then we went off to the pet shop for cat food and dog toys!  But on the way back we went and bought the tiles.

Once home I went off to the studio to continue tidying and Paul did this.......

he laid the tiles!! I did know he was laying them as he came to ask me what I thought of the placement but I did not think he'd have them finished and waiting for the tile cement to go off so they can be grouted in a couple of days!!

Maybe I'll have to ask how long it's going to take next time we decide to buy something for the house renovations ...... or maybe not if I want to stay married for a few more years... lol

Well I hope you all have a great week ahead and you get to enjoy some doll time.

Dee x