Sunday, 21 July 2019


This month is rattling along at a steady rate! Alas I cannot say the same about everything else!

I cannot believe just how much time it takes to sort through a few dolls clothes .. okay a lot of dolls clothes ! I'm getting to the stage where I may list almost everything and just save a few things I just cannot live without!
Mind you , since I've been working at it all day and still have to pack and add postage to a few things and it's 9.30 in the evening , it will take me more than a month of Sundays to list the lot!

I have been fortunate and sold a few things but I'm still struggling to empty any decent sized box! Whats that saying ... less is more !

I'd like to also be able to say that all the money I've made has been put away and is building nicely! But no I have even bought a couple of things...... I know .. I know .. there is truly no hope for me! However most of the things are props! and as visual story teller always needs props , so really it's just like buying tools for a job.......right?

I've been adding new clothing to my sales page and also some non Sasha dolls , like these Gotz/ Petticollin Sylvia Natterer dolls.

Love them all but if I've looked at them once in the last year it would have been to move them out the way, so they are off hopefully, to new homes where they will get some attention.

Another problem with selling dolls etc is packaging! I'm getting to the stage where I need to start finding boxes to fit the bigger dolls and the large envelopes are starting to look depleted! So I'm going to need to order in some more! I suppose I could buy some dolls and then I'd have some more boxes... No you are right that does defeat the object !

Well on another note I did make Clara's cane chair cushion.

I made the seat cushion then decided to make a small pillow/cushion for the back.

So these are now packed and ready to be posted off tomorrow so she can get them quickly.

I was going to make the cushions for the Arts and Crafts chair today but got waylaid by sorting out all the dolls clothes etc.
Although I did also have to set up an area for the next blog post due to not having enough room in the studio due to having left things all over the place while sorting out these boxes.

I also got Michael because I wanted to wash his clothes, his short were looking a little grubby.

I also thought it would be nice for him to have a change of clothes since I did manage to change a few of the other boys yesterday.

He also came in handy to show the size of some bunnies I'm selling on my sales page and ebay. and did not complain that he was dressed in his underwear! He is still awaiting some clean clothes !

So I'm off to finish up the postage and possibly take them round to post box to save me a trip in the morning.

Have a great and healthy week ahead


I'll leave you with a sneaky peek at the  scene I need to set for the blog post, who would work in a room like this......

Friday, 19 July 2019


"Percy ! Where's your shirt! It's cold outside and raining!"

"Mummmm ! Pirates don't need shirts!" complains Percy " and please be quiet I've got to make an announcement!"

" Ahoy! Ye Land Lubbers ! It be Percy the Pirate here ! Shiver me Turnips and butternut squash !
I be a tellin you all about the Parlay of all the Pi rat es in the Carrot Bean ! That will take place at
the chat n snap , where you may find a trove of treasures !
You'll need to come in ya best capt'n togs if you wish to attend the parlay or you can stay with thems old biddies that likes ta drink tea and gossip about.... ( shiver )... Sashas...
So remember only one of ya crew can attend the parley although it's been known for a stowaway or two to sneak aboard ! "

"So if ya comin ya better pay ya fee and get ya name of the parlay list , those winds will soon have a ship aheading to the Carrot Bean where the only meat eaten is by the sharks that circle the island..... "