Friday, 7 August 2020


 My baby's got blue eyes.... as Elton John sings....

Ashley, Evie and Martha my full blue eyed No Navel girls.

The girls got together outside before this hot weather arrived!

So happy to have these three full blue eyed lasses.


So three lovely girls, I could not be happier ! I had terriable trouble trying to add words between each photo, so finally gave up ! No idea what was the matter went away twice , just came back seemed to work only to alter again under the next photo!


Wednesday, 5 August 2020


So lets get this doll day started... first up we have the very beautiful and talented

Ulrike from Gregoropolis looking beautiful in her summer dress and apron, a whiz in the kitchen is Ulrike.

Three more of the girls at Gregoropolis have come along as well to show us their lovely new summer dresses and lovely you all look to.

From Ursula we have her boys, with Xavier showing his brothers, Nick and Mortimer, just how cool you can look by wearing the classic Sasha M colours

 Viv's youngster is playing with the dollshouse or maybe that should be in the dollshouse!!

Teresa's Sasha is looking beautifully dressed and ready for the hot weather that's coming.

Wren is showing Evie around the garden and telling her all the gossip , I mean details of the village.

 I finally got a diorama going ! I'm using a shadow box at present but it's a start!

From Canada we have Carol's diorama, looks like the fairy is trying to calm the baby!

From Halyna we have her sweet babies sitting together.

and Vera and Thomas waiting for the weather to cool so they can take out their dogs for a walk.

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in their photos, alway time for a few more, so send them in. So don't wait get snapping and sending.