Monday, 15 January 2018


Well it's time to announce this years Chat N Snap event which is on the 20th October.

11 am start for a 4.30 pm finish. Membership price this year is £10. I have set up a webpage, the link is on sidebar of this blog.

You can find my email address on my sales page , you can contact me via facebook if you are with the Sasha doll group.


Sunday, 14 January 2018


Well I don't Adam and Eve  ( believe) it! After having that cold for three weeks up to Christmas I have spent this last week fighting a virus! I've never been so ill for so long , going from one thing to the next!

It's so annoying as I have so much to do, with the dolls and the house , but no energy to do it ! But It's made me determined to try and get fitter this year, so I stand a better chance of fighting these things off.

 Now I was not planning to do a weekly catch up this year, will do them where and when I have things to share.

This one relates to some props.

If you've been reading Granny's Christmas story , you have seen these bottles of beer!

They were a gift from a lovely friend, Jane S, last year, she plays with the BJD dolls mainly, so I would guess that these are suitable for that size of doll but as you see can work well with the Sasha's and others.

So that's a place to look for props that should fit well.

I also found these before Christmas, I was not sure if they'd be too big but was pleasantly surprised when I opened them.

Not a bad size.

I just love what you can find in these Erasers. I plan on popping back to the shop and getting some more as I think Granny may open a tea shop for the summer and she'll be needing plenty of cakes etc.

In the same shop I found these Ice Cream erasers and although I already have some , it's always good to have a few more. This is one side of the box

and this the other.

Talking of boxes of things we seem to have acquired a box of ...


We've had to keep this box since December as Milo's decided it purrr fect for his needs! I cannot tell you the amount of cat beds etc over the last 15 years we've bought for these cats , which they have after inspecting them, turned their noses up and slept elsewhere!
I think he likes it best because it's in front of the fireplace where he can be surrounded by us at various times of the day and he very much a people cat.

Well I think I'm now on the road to recovery, so need to go sort out just what Bruno's up to! amongst other things.

Have a great week ahead.


Friday, 12 January 2018


"Granny What's wrong? It's time to open the shop!"
Granny's voice is very croaky as she replies " That Mrs Mum has ..(. cough cough.. ) given me the flu ! I will have .. ( cough ) stay in bed for a day or two "

"Oh " says Bruno worried that Granny won't be opening the shop, she must be very poorly! thinking
quickly Bruno says  " That's fine I will open and run the shop for you!"
Granny breathes in so fast It gives her a long coughing fit ! Finally she manages to speak " You will not! You will ( cough croak ) ring your Uncle Alfonso and ask him to come and look after the shop while I recover !"
" But granny! "
" No Buts! ring him and get to school! " she hears some noise from the shop downstairs " and whose in the shop? "
" Some children! I thought you were coming down so I opened up !"
" Well close up!" says Granny starting to sneeze " go...... shut up and ring Alfonso "

Bruno turns away muttering " Uncle Alfonso! He's not my uncle ! I don't like him! he's just after our shop! "
Sneezing  and her ears blocked up Granny calls "  Pardon! what's that Bruno? "
" NOTHING !" shouts Bruno hurrying away.

Downstairs some excited Wichtel children and looking at the train set " Oh Bruno we love this train set ! " Yes we do " chorus the others
" We are going to ask Santa for a train set just like this one!"
" YES! Santa!" agree the others!
" Well I need to get to school and so do you, so come along out!" sighs Bruno

The girls start heading for the door talking excitedly about adding the request for a train set to their letters to Santa!

Jana stops to ask Bruno " If Santa cannot bring us a train set will we be able to buy one from here? "
" I expect so " Bruno replies " We have a couple and i'm sure Granny can get in another one after Christmas if they have all gone"
Jana looks relieved , she didn't want to not have a train set if Santa could not managed it!

" Come along we'll both be late for school if you don't get a move on!" says Bruno hurrying her to the door

Once the shop doors locked and a sign saying closed is in place Bruno turns back to go get his school bag. " I'm not ringing that 'uncle' Alfonso " he says determinedly " I'll think of something !"

After school,  Zak and Gloria return with Bruno to check on Granny , so they can report back to Mrs Mum, whose recovered from her flu, as to what help she may need.

Bruno sends them upstairs to see her, so he can get the shop opened for a couple of hours and catch some of the people on their way home from school or the station.

Granny is sound asleep , little snorts and snores the only sound in the room.

Mmm looks like she's been self medicating !

Zak and Gloria sneak into the room quietly and up to the bed.
" She looks very flushed!" whispers Zak
" Yes she does!" says Gloria " I think she should have the doctor call round!"

Suddenly as if sensing their presence Granny starts awake " W wh... HORRID !  PIGGY STEW!!! Poison me would you!"
Startled the pair start to talk over each other " It's me Zak !" It's Glory Granny come to see how you are!"
Blearily Granny tries to focus

" Out! " she says between coughing " Out! I've seen that film! Where's that hammer? Help help! Stew is after me!  "
Zak looks at Gloria in a panic!
"What hammer? what Film ? "
Gloria is mystified " I don't know . maybe she's a vegetarian? "

Bruno calls from downstairs " What's going on? "

"Nothing " Gloria calls back

Gloria walks round the bed and pauses " Oh she's been on the sauce ! No wonder she's confused! "
" Out " mutters granny pointing at Zak her eyes beginning to flutter closed " I can... still.. feel... my  .. toes.. you horror... ( snore...... )

Seeing Granny's fallen back to sleep Zak whispers " Sauce? toes? "
Glory just beckons him over and turns towards the door whispering " Come on , I'll explain it all once we are back home with mum "
Confused Zak follows Gloria out of the room and back down the stairs, Granny's not so gentle snores following on behind!


Monday, 8 January 2018


Well my backdrop is ready to use. Paul very kindly painted it all white for me.

Here is Monty my tallest doll checking out the space, the small wall can be used where it is or attached on the left which from this point would take it across the front of us.

I was surprised that Monty only just fits below the wall but is his about 22 inches by far the biggest.

It works well for the big dolls and it all comes apart and can be stacked flat or against each other.

What's this Granny Fortuna still waiting in that bed... "

"What's that granny? "
" I no leave this beds until I tell my tale " coughs Granny " and wheres my rug? and my bedroom walls, I no have all this boring white! " stopping to sneeze she then continues " what sort of a story are you telling here? I am Granny Fortuna and " cough" I have standards!"

Mmm I think we'll leave it there and come back when she's prepared..


Sunday, 7 January 2018


2018.... only seems like yesterday it was the year 2000 ! So  New Year , so a new beginning!

Firstly I must apologise to anyone who sent me a Christmas card and has not received one from me. Due to coming down with a very bad cold for nearly three weeks, I totally lost the plot of who I had and who I had not sent cards out to, so gave up. I will endeavour to do better next year!

Lots of people make resolutions, I used to but would always find I've broken one before the end of the first or second day! So no more resolutions... but I've decided to make a list...
of things I would like to have happened by the end of this year.

I love making lists, usually mark a few things off quick  and then it's never seen again for several months or years , when I find it and look at what we hoped to do and what and when we did certain things! it's quite interesting to see what was done and what is still , years later , outstanding!

But this time I'm going to put the list in the back of this year's note book and I am going to take my time, at least this month, to write it.
There will be one related to the house and garden and one that's just mine related to things I need to get done.

I'm not going to add to it , which I would normally do, just mark off anything achieved and the month. It will be interesting to see what get crossed off and whats still outstanding at the years end.

We have a very exciting year ahead because our youngest daughter is expecting our first grandchild !

The baby is due late Feb, so not long to wait now. We have been very good and have only just started buying a few things for the baby! In fact the first things I bought were these two board books. I think it's so important to introduce babies to books at the earliest opportunity and both my daughter and her husband are readers, so I am sure this child will have a great selection of books as she/he grows.

I will of course share more when the time arrives ! You can see that I have already started knitting!

Now I have a few dolls in the works, at present , no Sasha's , although there is one that may come up sometime this year but she's the only Sasha I will buy should I be given the chance. I did buy a Sylvia Natterer that I bought just before Christmas and she arrived this week.

I thought she'd be a good  addition to that group.

Whenever I have seen this face sculpt, they usually have a high forehead , so this girl I loved as she does have a lovely fringe hiding her hairline.

But I do have a few in the works from last year, so these still have to arrive but I am going to try and limit the amount of dolls arriving this year but it will be a very hard task.. I'm a sucker for a pretty or handsome face!

 But impulse buys ..there the ones I really need to stop. I'm feeling very good at the moment as there was something I was thinking of bidding on but I resisted ! I did not need it and resisted. I may keep a running total of the items that really tempted me but that I managed not to buy and see just how much I have saved over the year!

However I am always on the look out for props and things of the right size for the dolls. I will share the ones I find with you.

So first up this year, is the company Maileg. This is their box of groceries, all made of wood and stored in this great wooden box.

Inside you get a box of cereal, tomato sauce , sausage, baguette, milk, cheese, beans, coffee and jam so ten items including the box. All the things in front of Bruno.

I bought this from ebay but check out the prices as this was £10 cheaper than the same item being sold by others.

From their Kitchenware range I purchased this.

Called tea and biscuits, you get two cups with saucers , a teapot , a plate , six biscuits and a paper bag. Again a good size for the dolls.

The six little biscuits would work well with smaller dolls too!.

On a more serious note, about the world wide web. It is a wondrous invention , that has allowed people from all over the world to become 'cyber friends'. We may never actually meet each other or we may. We may have known each other before or not. But it can also be a dangerous place where people with issues or axes to grind will cause trouble and distress to others.
That friendly helpful person , may not be as friendly or helpful as they appear. They may give you their opinions on other peoples character or behaviour, which could then colour your judgement on that person. It can be done in such a way as to make you believe that the person telling you this is one of 'their' victims or that they 'felt' you needed to know the 'truth' . I would say only this. You should go with how YOU feel about the person, you should look at, is there a reason this teller of tales would like to turn you from your friendship with the other person and finally if they have told you something that they say is the other person opinion , you should contact that person and ask them if it's true.

We do not know what others in the www are up to, we do not have that meeting, face to face,  where we can maybe get a feel for that person or listen to them speak , where a few warning signs may alert us to beware. Personally I would ask just this, if ever anyone tells you something about me , just email me and ask, the one thing I live by is being honest. I hate liars because of the distress or damage they can do.

Now before you think.. oh what's happened to Dee ! Please don't worry, nothings happened to me ( recently that I know of! ) but I am aware that even in doll groups, there are people who delight in turning people against each other.

And there endeth the lesson  !

Moving on... I'm now in two minds whether to continue Granny's Christmas story or put it on back burner until next Christmas and just do a new one......?
I have bought something already this year... I know! that's why I didn't make any resolutions! ..... that's fired up my imagination for future stories, I'm really looking forward to being able to start these stories in the spring.

I told Paul I needed a decent backboard for my dolls stories, so we went to the local hardware store and bought two pieces of board 4 ft by 2 ft and a length of angled wood and today Paul's started putting it together.

Yes I know it looks enormous but with dolls I have are sized from 6 inches to about 22 inches ,so  it needs to be! and these are the two smallest lengths!
It will have a 4 foot side with a 33 inch side and then the little off cut , seen here on the right and be 2 ft high. Now knowing I needed a good backdrop I bought some dolls house wallpaper... yes that's what I said dolls house !.... you can stop laughing! I didn't realise just how big I'd land up having, so now I'll need to rethink what I use paint or paper or fabric!

So that's what's been happening round here so far this year, have a great week ahead and stay warm!!


Saturday, 6 January 2018


Well I usually take the tree down on New Years day or just after. The house then looks bare for a day and then everything seems to settle back in place!

But due to other circumstances, the tree is still here on nearly twelfth night! It being Friday the 5th when I am writing this.

When Zak and Toby decided to help with the tree, it seemed like the job would soon be done.

That troublesome elf was refusing to get down from the tree, insisting he still had one more night of freedom!
Zak , being a sweet lad, was soon asking if the elf could stay until tomorrow (6th) !

Toby on the other hand was telling Zak to just grab him and pass him down and don't listen to no elf!
They were in charge of tree dismantling not elves..

Rose came along to help with the larger items

Cassie , a new girl,was patiently waiting for Toby to take the decorations she was holding and put them in the box but Toby was too busy arguing with the elf!

Mum decided to go and have some lunch while they argued.

Mum watched from the sofa as Toby and the Elf argued with Zak speaking up in the elf's favour!

" But well it is only one night Toby " he says trying to be heard over the elf's " Get away you dolt! I demand my rights! Twelfth night Twelfth Night! Is the correct day for the removing of Christmas decorations and that's NOT today! "
While Toby's talking over the elf " Listen you elf I'm in charge of taking down the tree not you and if I want it taken down TODAY,  I will take it down, tenth , eleventh or first night! Whatever night I like! "

Mum sitting on the sofa watching the goings on,  while eating her sandwich, finally says " I think you all look so sweet where you are,  you can all stay there until tomorrow "

Toby is stunned into silence but alas not so the elf..... the sound of a very loud raspberry echo's round the room......


Friday, 5 January 2018


Well by popular request I will continue sharing people's photos of their dolls/doll shelves this year , again the 5th will be the post date. So please send them in just before or on the day and they will be posted , any later ones will be dded to the post once received.

So first up

Aurelia , Karin from Switzerland's new girl.

What a lovely girl to start the year off.

Now here we have Carol from Canada's love ly girl in her Marilyn smocked dress with the last of Carol's Christmas roses.

Also from Carol is this photo of her boys playing with the new Mousemobile!

While over in the US, Steve's lad Luke is getting on down with the eight track player with the aid of Krakatoa .

Ursula's girl Uma is helping out at the Gnome house while her mum decided what goes where, when the time comes!

Here in the village Zak and Toby are helping take down the tree decorations

But this decorations refusing to move!

From Sharon , in Spain, we have a little group of Natterers out on the deck.

Thank you to all those who have sent in photos, they is still time to add more just send them in.