Thursday, 13 December 2018


Well of course you out there who have grandchildren , will have laughed heartily at my Sunday statement of my intention to get all my photos done to carry on Granny's Christmas tale this week !

Her Maj arrived one day early ! Tuesday and she's teeth... so it's been all hands on deck to take her mind off her hurts.  She's been a little trooper but at of course it's a tough time for a baby.

So I am sharing a photo of  some of my teddies that I took just before she came , when I was trying to find some space in the cabinet for some of my larger BJD dolls. However they were too large to fit that particular shelf , so the teddies got their shelf back and a rearrange and a few extra friends.

Then of course the boiler's decided to leak! So have had to have the plumber round about that today and on Wednesday I had two appointments in town , one in the morning and one in the afternoon!

So Granny is tapping her foot waiting, however she does vanish to answer the door whenever the postwoman calls and oddly sometimes there's no post? strange...

Hoping to continue sometime before 2019.........


Monday, 10 December 2018


Cold! but in Granny's new shop things are finally happening...

Lots of things spread about the floor 

although those jars are still empty !

I can see a few new items and the cards still need a place to go!

but still no sign of Granny ! Just what is she up to !!


Sunday, 9 December 2018


Well the best laid plans and all that! There was I with Granny Fortuna chasing my tail about her Christmas posts but I just had to ignore her ( I know dangerous! )  and give in to the virus that had decided to stay awhile longer than usual !

Not being one to spend all day in bed I found myself sitting covered up in the afternoons watching all the Christmas/ winter films that were being shown back to back on TV. I don't usually watch daytime TV but was so bored that it was better than nothing and I found if I dozed off and woke again it didn't really matter story wise!!

Also this meant I was able to scroll around the internet , Granny Fortuna at my shoulder!, and purchase things for her shop ! She made good use of my weakened state and various parcels have been arriving and been whisked off by said Granny without me getting a look!

I managed to drag my bones into work yesterday and so it's not been until today that I've been able to think about things that need doing.

I still need to get Christmas cards, a wreath for the front door and loads of other things, so we went out to check  what was around for Christmas!
We headed for one of our favourite shops and on the way called into a local garden centre, it's not one we visit much and it turned out not to be worth the visit this time ! So we carried on.

The shop we arrived at sells secondhand furniture and items along side a few new pieces, we have bought and even sold to them over the years but in late November and all through December it fills with Christmas decoration and goodies.

I could not find my camera, so had to use my phone, but below are photos from today's visit , I found a couple of Christmas items but we did find something we just could not pass by, so I wonder if you can pick out just what came home with us ! I'll share at the end of the post and you can see if you were right!

They have a shop and out back this long double chalet and also a barn.

inside the bigger of the two chalet buildings were walls of decorations.


full of glitter and sparkle.

They also do a large selection of garden statuary.

some is very basic but there area few gems amongst them

This building is the barn

 It's filled with old china and other items plus pine furniture.

There are new items also mixed in on the shelves.

 more decorative items

 and some strange animals !

 a pig in boots and a straw hat! You never know what will be sitting on a shelf or round a corner!

It's the sort of place you need to spend time in and search to find that piece of treasure that you love.
I nearly bought a small china jug that really appealed to me , it was only £4.00 but I managed to resist.. this time..

Well any idea what we bought? Paul saw it first and pointed it out to me and I was smitten straight away !

On a positive note I do have this coming week off ! So will be able to get Granny's tale photographed and back on track! Although Princess Clara is coming for a few days visit mid week , she's insisting on checking out her Christmas accommodation ! so she can see just how big her Christmas stocking is and if the chimney's big enough for Santa to get down!

I still need to get my front door wreath! and make space for the Christmas tree and lots of other pre Christmas things, like buy other members of the family, apart from Clara , a present!

I did receive a couple more knitted items for the Sasha's this week.

 From Rosie we have the yellow and red winter sweater and there are already arguments about who gets to wear it first!

and from Diane one of her wonderful shawls. Even more dolls are after this not just the Sasha's! I'm sure I saw a glint in Granny's eye as I removed it from it's packing ! and a few of the Schoenhut dolls have been admiring it!

Well did you work out what came home with us from the Christmas store?

 Did you guess ! It was the pipe smoking Rabbit!

The detail on him is wonderful and he's made of metal because he is nice and heavy,I am quite tempted to go back and get his friend, the rat , who is holding a mug of ale ! But I need to think about it , he was not cheap!

So tomorrow Granny will be in her shop up to who knows what !  having bought new stock and with a much larger shop in which to display it !

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy week ahead.


Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Well it's now time for the last doll shelves of the year! And what a lovely year of doll shelves have we had.
Many thanks to all those who took part whenever they could and also to those who joined in every month. It's your photos that give us the chance to enjoy other dolls, their clothing and their settings.

So let's get this party started..

First up we have Jane W's Choir girls getting in some carol singing practice with Lorina on the harp.

While elsewhere in the house two of her babies are patiently waiting for Rudolf to get up and take them on a sleigh ride! Come on Rudy get a move on!

Over in Wales Jenni's girls , Bea and Missy are planning on writing out their letters to Santa right after they've decided what they really want this Christmas !

Over in Cow Creek , young Gracie's found the Christmas dolls and is having fun playing with them.

While at Gregoropolis Christmas decorations are being found and plans made for decorating the home.

While the lads have dressed in their lovely winter wear ready to go find just the right Christmas tree ! They are hoping to get out without any of those new bossy girls, Christmas trees are their department  !

Over in Switzerland Karin's girl Darcy is getting some much needed vitamins , that orange looks yummy.

There is still time to have your photo added, I'm is still on the way....

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and if so would you like to continue in 2019 !


Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Granny Fortuna's shop is not ready for Christmas!

Her new , to her, shabby chic unit is in place and looks to be already in use.

But everywhere else is just sitting empty! No sweets in the jars! No cards on the shelves! What is going on!

No new counter!  Where is all her stock? and just where is Granny and what is she up to!

Should we be worried?


Sunday, 2 December 2018


December ! Yes that's correct December ! The twelfth month in the calendar, the last month of the year 2018 !

So it's time for Granny to reopen her shop for Christmas and once it's up and running she'll have a permanent place, so could be open all year round! Heaven help us! She's been hoping Mr Dad would make her a new counter but he's been very busy since the two puppies arrived, it takes a lot of walks and training while they are young so many things have taken a bit of a back seat.

But now with winter starting and the nights so much longer , little jobs about the house are starting to come to mind , so I am hopeful that over this winter we can get some more of the house decorated etc.

And of course Christmas is now only 22 days away!! With Clara coming for her first Christmas we'll be needing lots of things for her to see including a Christmas tree ! However we also have Casper and Rufus, who love to rough and tumble through the downstairs knocking over and bouncing off anything in their path..... so where exactly this years Christmas tree is going to be put will be a challenge , the next challenge being will they leave it alone! Or will Rufus , who just loves retrieving , be retrieving the ornaments that take his fancy!!
We'll be finding out next weekend when the tree goes up!

On the doll front I have been very good, only buying a sweater from Rosie, just today, and Granny Fortuna buying herself a shabby chic drawer unit for her shop.

It's a shame this unit does not have the three top drawers but then it may have cost a lot more. I will ask Paul, when he has some time, to make some new ones. I love the little wooden handles and it may be hard to find some the same , so I may use something totally different and also have the drawers in a different colour to the others but that will be for when Granny's shut for the Christmas break! Of course Granny will be having her say on exactly what happens with 'her' unit!

I had hoped to get Granny's Christmas tale moving quickly but due to having caught a cold in the last few days and this making me free light headed if I'm standing too long, I've had to do just a very basic quick photo shoot for in the week. I'm hoping it's going to be better  tomorrow when i'm at work!!
 Which reminds me,
We had a message down at work ,from those on high, about needing to clean our keyboards regularly and other items with antibacterial wipes as the winter is coming and too many people are going off ill! Mmm and this would have nothing to do with the fact that we no longer stand/sit behind glass and are nice and up close to our coughing , sneezing customers ?

Don't get me wrong, I do like our new branch layout , it is much more customer friendly and easier to move about in but surely it's obvious that germs can be much more easily transferred than before we had such an open layout.

So a reminder to those who would like to take part in this years last Doll shelf post which is on the 5th. I have already received some lovely photos to share and it would be nice to have some more to boost them up.

So wishing anyone with a birthday this month a very Happy Birthday and to everyone, enjoy the week ahead and find a few minutes or more for some doll time, you know it makes you happy !


Saturday, 1 December 2018


Today is the 1st of December ! The weather knows it's winter because the day has been cold and wet! Which is why now it's dark and people are watching the television or on the computer others are up to  who knows what!

" This is very heavy!" complains a voice
" Oh stop your moaning !"  sighs an older female voice " I thought they had a light out here? "

Suddenly the car port fills with light !

and we can see Granny Fortuna and Toby and Zak but what are they up to!

"Why's it so far into the car port? " grouses Toby " Why didn't you get the man to deliver it to the door!"
" Never you mind " tsk's Granny " and keep your voice down !"
" Why? "
" Because we are not supposed to be outside without Mrs Mum or Mr Dad , that's why "

After a lot of lifting and dropping and moaning and groaning the boys along with Granny finally make it to the front door.

" Now you need to be very quiet " says Granny sternly " we don't want to upset your parents !"
 " What is this old piece of rubbish anyway!" asks Toby " It's got bits missing and a big scratch and looks tatty!"

" It's a new unit for my shop !"
"It's not new Granny ! " exclaims Toby " You've been robbed if they told you this was new !"

"It's new to me! " Granny says " It's what we call Chubby chick "
" Chubby chick? " says Toby and Zak together
" Are you selling fat chicks this Christmas ? "
" What are you on about ? " Granny says bewildered.

Finally the light kicks in, the problems of being too small for them to see your movement!

" Fat Chick? " Granny continues " Of course I am not selling fat chicks ! The very idea !"
" Well you said it was for your chubby chicks !"
" I did not !"
" You did Too!"
" I did not .. I said it was chabby  chick "
Suddenly Zak see's the light " Of course shabby chic !"
"That's what I said "
"No you didn'... " starts Toby until Zak pinches his arm " Ouch!"

" Well it's defo Shabby !" mutters Toby looking daggers at Zak for pinching him
" Now just get a move on before someone comes " Granny says looking around now the lights on showing anyone just whats happening on the door step.

"What's going on! " a voice suddenly asks , making everyone jump and Granny touch her heart
Bruno and Saffy appear at the open doorway and check out Toby and Zak and the unit.

Saffy wanders off since no foods involved in chaos at the front door.
"What are you doing? " asks Bruno looking at the boys.
" Helping Granny with her new...  old .. chic unit " they talk over each other.
" oh that looks heavy "
" It is" they chorus

"I'd have thought you'd take those big drawers out to make it lighter? " Bruno comments

Toby and Zak look at each other " Why didn't you think of that!" demands Toby
" Why didn't you!" Zak argues back
" Stop arguing and take the drawers out" demands Granny, getting irritated, she's sure any moment they'll be discovered!

 Bruno helps the boys remove the drawers, making the unit much lighter, then looks over at Granny who won't catch his eye.
"Granny where did you get this unit? "
" Come along boys lets get moving " Granny pretends not to hear Bruno
"Granny? "

Now the unit's lighter Toby and Zak soon have it into the house and head towards the back door via the kitchen, so as not to disturb mum and dad.
Leaving Granny and Bruno at the front door with the drawers.
" Well? "
" Very well thank you Bruno " says Granny " and you? are you well? "

"Where did you get the money to buy new units for the shop? " ask Bruno in a determined voice
Granny realises Bruno will not move without an answer

Suddenly she smiles " Well where do you think ! The bank of Mum and Dad!" Then she sweeps passed him into the house " Don't forget to bring those two drawers Bruno and shut the door it's letting cold air in!" and then she's gone....


Friday, 30 November 2018


Well tomorrow it's December 1st! I did, I believe blink and that must have been when November happened!
So December the month of Christmas and Family and holidays.... lovely.

I'm sharing a photo of Colette , my biggest wichtel child in her new dungarees made by the lovely Ginny of a Passion for Sasha. I think she looks very festive in them.

I remember when I first saw this face sculpt, with the open laughing mouth ,I was not too keen but like with most things, after seeing one up close, that belonged to a friend, I warmed to them. Now I love her happy smiling face.

It's been a strange day today...

Granny Fortuna asked me if I was working tomorrow...... when I said yes , she smiled...... then asked would Mr Dad be around.. I said yes.... she looked thoughtful then wandered off muttering about only one  and wool pulling  and eyes?  I'm sure she's beginning to lose it!

Well I best be off I need to find my bank card it appears to have vanished? So I'd best go check.

NB no worries my card was in it's case, just where it always is... I must have no looked properly.....


Sunday, 25 November 2018


Yes it is the last Sunday in November! I have found this hard to get my head round since it's only the 25th day of the month.

I was asked to babysit Clara on the last Sunday of the month, which of course I jumped at, then spent months thinking it was dated the 28th ! , don't ask ! So when I saw it was actually the 25th I was quite surprised. One tends to always think that if it's the last Sunday in a month , it will naturally be  around 28th to 30th not allowing for when the days will fall in the calendar!

So I find myself writing this strangely early last Sunday of the month post,with five days of November still to run !

Well this month we had a Sasha arrive! Totally unexpectedly as I have sold a few lately with the idea of downsizing them slightly.
But I saw this button nosed lass on ebay and found myself watching her fate. I expected she'd be bought at the end of her auction but no! So of course when  I saw she was now on a bin and I looked again.

Why ? Well lets get serious.... she's a red head.... and she's a button nosed red what's not to love?... Originally she was going to be my Christmas present from Paul and she still is part of my present but she needed some tlc first.

Her hair was pure frizzy! So I tried using some Argan oil but it did nothing especially at the ends. So I had thought of cutting her hair before she arrived and after seeing just how bad it was still, after the treatment, I decided to go ahead and cut it back to her shoulders.

It probably still needs a little more styling but I thought I'd let her get over the shock before I carried on. Magda is over the moon to have another button nosed sister in the family.

Now I know that Kendal will be tutting about me getting part of my Christmas present early but I just cannot put the poor girl back in a box for another five weeks now she's met her new family.

I have also been working with Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on finding some fabric suitable for Dungarees for the twins. I saw this one and Ginny had a look and agreed that the pattern was small enough for the Sasha's , so this week I received the finished items.

Since the twins are in new outfits at the moment I'm going to save these until the New Year.

Ginny also made me a pair for my largest Wichtel girl.

She will get to wear hers as soon as I get a chance to change her next week and find her the right colour t shirt to go underneath.

I have also commissioned a couple of cardigans for the girls from another Etsy seller, TriciasixT.

On another note it will be Clara's first Christmas, so Grandee is doing her bit by getting a few things for her to start to feel in the Christmas mood, not that she'll have any idea what that is for another couple of years but hey I'm having a great time!

Clara loves these .. That's not my.. board books, each page mentions an item which is somewhere the baby can feel rough, smooth, shiny, fuzzy, furry etc. So I have bought these Christmas ones for her to feel.

Of course I have a few more for part of her Christmas present, along with a few other items. I'd like to say that she will not be spoilt but it may be better to say she won't know she's been spoilt as she's so little. Most of what I'll buy her will be clothing for her next growth spurt but of course I'll have to add a toy or six...  lol

My Christmas tale's is starting to form in my mind, so now that Decembers is rapidly approaching I need to start gathering together the players and the props for this new Christmas village story !

So have a great week.