Monday, 20 May 2019


The woods are big..

The trees tall and cover miles of ground...

 and look who is wandering through this shadowy place...

Keeping hold of his bag containing his very small stock of food, having already eaten most of it on his journey, Toby keeps a watch while he walks.

What this? wonders Toby heading towards it.

Shelter ! Toby stops and looks around... it's very quiet... was that a stick breaking? Maybe he'll keep walking until he gets out of the forest!

It seems a little brighter ! I must be getting closer to the edge ! Thinks Toby happily.

Hopefully It won't be long now says Toby out loud.

Why did I not just call for Mum ! Zak chastises himself ! I'm starving hungry , my feet are sore and I'd fed up !

Realising Toby hurried on while he's been daydreaming of a big fat burger with all the trimming, he wearily heaves himself over the fallen tree and follows behind.

 after another half an hours walking Toby finally settles down for a rest.

His bag is now empty but his tummy is rumbling. "this adventuring lark is hungry work! I wish i'd packed more food and money "
"Me too!"
Toby shakes his head... he was sure he heard someone agree with him! He looks around but no ones in sight!
It must be because I'm so hungry he decides, I'll just rest a few more minutes , then head to the road and thumb a lift!

Zak tummy is so hungry it's too weak to rumble , he wished he could remember what berries one could eat if lost in the woods!

Zak's so tired his eyes start to shut and he snuggles down against the tree, maybe he'll just have a quick five minutes rest while Toby sits around. Within seconds he's breathing deeply and out for the count.
Mean while Toby's decided he wants to find a lift before it gets too dark and has started walking towards the road, Zak dreams of a table covered with high tea, cakes and biscuits, tea and lemonade, his stomach makes a big growling sound... he almost wakes but no just one more cake ....he dreams...


Friday, 17 May 2019


Zak " Toby  Toby !! Where you going? "

" Never you mind !" replies Toby not even turning

Then " I'm going on an adventure! there's nothing happening here but kitchen kitchen kitchen and now gardening!! So I'm off !"

What to do ! What to do! worries Zak...

What do you think Zak will do?

To be continued......


Monday, 13 May 2019


Well another busy week , on Tuesday a stone hit my windscreen as a van passed me on the other side of the road and it made a loud noise, I couldn't see any damage but when I arrived at work , my windscreen had a long crack in it , in the middle at the bottom.
Of course I had to wait until Friday for it to be fixed, so missed a chance to visit my granddaughter and my daughter.

I'd intended to get some doll photos this weekend but alas the garden called me! Above is the tree peony's first full open flower.

The garden is thriving along with the weeds! Paul came out after I took these photos and cut the grass which so needed cutting and then by the time we'd tied this rose back, cut the that plant , emptied that pot, trimmed a bit of that hedge, pulled up some weeds,  the day was gone.

So wishing you all a lovely healthy week ahead.


Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Well we are part way through the first of the May bank holidays. I've spent the last week getting things to enable Paul , with a little help from me, to get more of the kitchen sorted.
Of course on my wandering I've come across things for other jobs that need do be done around the house later... I know one job at a time but one should always keep a look out for things that are needed in case you miss them.

 and that's why I came across this gorgeous wallpaper in Madder and gold. I am considering it for the hallway.
It came about because I've been watching this fabric on Ebay and wanted to see if it also came in the same colourway in wallpaper.

 I want to have a touch of yellow in the hallway and loved that this fabric also had red, however it does not have this combination in the wallpaper and the ones it does have just won't do but it was while I was looking at this that I found the one above it. So at the moment the first one at the top is now high on the list of possible hallway wallpaper ! Thankfully the fabric's found a good home, so I won't need to buy it just because I loved it!

The Hague blue paint arrived along with the undercoat and what a difference, the undercoat went on smooth and even and a first coats been put on the drawer backs.

On another point , I love my cupboard handles and now I have more cupboards I needed to buy some more. So naturally we found them from the original sellers and placed an order only to be told they have been discontinued ! I was a little annoyed because it said they had them available on their website!

So there I was, now having to consider new handles.... should I go sleek and modern or try and find something more traditional ? Then Saturday last , while talking to Paul , I thought I'd check Ebay, put in the name of the supplier and handles and up popped one listing for seven of them ! So I hit the buy it now button and now we can stay with our preferred handles and won't have to try and agree on a new design.

Paul is today getting the wood for the top cupboard doors, so they can be fitted, primed and painted over the coming week/ weekend, time allowing. But he did finish the drawer fronts last night and fitted the handles this morning, so we can see how it will look.

So a tiny glimpse of what it could all look like once it's all been done. I'm pleased to see the blue Hague showing through as at times it's looked almost a dark grey but this photo was taken today when the weather is quite dull outside and this unit is to the side, so no direct sunlight.
Will still need to see it all on mass once the upper doors are painted to be sure the blue shows up or it could be back to the paint charts.......

Still not had any doll time but I live in hope , that I'll get my act together when I have days at home and not working.

I did managed to get my act together to take a few photos for doll day on the fifth. Saffron and Christian were so happy to get outside !

Christian's looking forward to some warmer weather so he can get outside with his new brothers and sisters and explore the garden.

He's seen what the dogs have done to the grass in the flower garden and wonders just when someone's going to try and save it!  I've not told him , he and his brothers will be put to work pulling weeds and raking it over ...

Well I hope you are enjoying this week , speak soon


Sunday, 5 May 2019


Well that's come round real quick , already May! But it does mean that the weather is improving every day and we get to go out and about in the garden.

First up we have Louisette , looking the model of a modern flight attendant. I bet her route takes her from the Gregoropolis to Paris ! Where she checks out all the chic boutiques for the current fashions and then sits outside a cafe slipping her one glass of special wine ( lemonade) while watching the Parisians pass by.

from Karin in Switzerland , we have Little Sarah in her beautiful vintage fabric white dress by Petrana. The Sasha's do look great in white.

In the village Saffron and Christian are enjoying some time outside in the garden, although the weathers not too warm, it is at least dry... for now!

Bertie over in Wales, is standing on the farm trailer checking all is well on the farm, it will soon be time to start planting out the crops to keep the food on the family table.

Still room to add more photos and many thanks to those sending theirs in.


Wednesday, 1 May 2019


A time to get the paint pots out and roll up the sleeves to get the house in order....

The decorators are in..

 While downstairs, the owner, Mr M, is talking to the foreman about how long the job will take.

They are still deciding about the main room , do they want to change it ?

Someone's left their tools in the hallway and where are the stairs !

But Mrs M is just so happy the new house is finally going to be made how they want it.

I hear they have furniture on order and things are looking good ! Just as well they popped into the bank and spoke to the staff.....

Having this house on display at work is giving me the inspiration to find a good place indoors for when it returns and it get it finished.


Sunday, 28 April 2019


So another week's gone by and we are rapidly approaching May ! I thought I'd start this Sunday catch up post with a few photo's of a bust we bought a few weeks back originally for the garden.

But she's so nice that by the time we got home, we'd decided to place her on the ledge of the small window that is in the stairwell. However because the light was behind her, it was hard to see her face.

So we've moved her into the porch area where she can be seen and enjoyed more.

I think she looks better in this new position.

The kitchen is coming along very slowly at present ,although we are finally making decisions about the final look. We have had to change the blue we bought for the doors!
I asked Paul to paint the three drawer fronts he'd made, so that the handles could be attached and we'd also finally see some of the colour in place.
Well it appears that Valspar paint for wood is just a nightmare for coverage! Having undercoated the drawers, then applied a first coat, the result is very poor and shows that to get a nice even and deep finish Paul would need to paint at least four or five coats !
When you are having to paint 16 door /drawer fronts that's just too many coats ! Also the colour was not quite as dark as I'd wanted to go. So yesterday we searched for the right colour but in a different paint range.

We've settled on Farrow and Ball a maker we have used before and found just the colour I was after.
Hague blue, in a eggshell finish.

 It's nice and dark but with that richness of blue that I'm after. Of course we could not go and pick it up off the shelf, we only found two small tins of the gloss, so we've had to order it for delivery.
I had planned to paint the top doors either in a white or a pale yellow but after seeing some of the images of kitchens in the Hague blue, I'm considering having the top doors also blue and a white / pale back splash.

This photo shows what it could look like all blue , top ,bottom and back splash , although this shows  the gloss paint.
With the all over blue , this could be too dark for us, so we will probably have a break between with white. Although I love how rich the colour looks in this photo.
We've also finally decided which sink to go with and tap! Who thought it would take so much effort to chose a sink? We've gone from black/grey, to metal and then back to black and finally white! Well that was up to yesterday.. until we actually go and buy it anything could happen!

Next weekend is another bank holiday, so we are hoping to get a fair bit done in the kitchen, all being well.

The hallway is not being totally forgotten, Paul re-boarded the stairs where he'd had to remove the old boards to re tighten the stair treads.

Meanwhile on the doll front, I've wandered over to the side of the dolls house..

My manager ,at work , asked if they could have use of my dollhouse for a mortgage campaign we are having for the summer. In stead of the small 1950's Triang one , I offer up my Georgian unfinished  house.

So this now sits in the banking hall and because of that I've bought and added some wooden flooring , some people and decorating equipment. I'd meant to take some photos of this but forgot, so I'll get some in the week and share them next Sunday. However now I'm seeing it almost on a daily basis , it's fired me up to try and get it finished, so little bits are being purchased so that I can set a room or two while it's at work and also work on the front facade so it can be attached once it's home again.

I've also purchased a book or two on dollhouses plus a kit to make a lovely rug for the dolls house.

So between the house and the dolls house there's been no spare money for any doll /clothes purchases and also no doll play. There's been a lot of complaints from the Sasha studio, grumbling about being neglected and 'orphaned' ! So I'll be needing to go and have a talk with the kids to hopefully keep the peace until times allow play!

Hoping you all have a lovely healthy week ahead and a reminder that it will be the 1st of May on Thursday and therefore doll photo's will be required not long after.


Monday, 22 April 2019


Yes you've got it , Casper and Rufus ! Closely followed by the Cats ! one of whom ,Milo,
may be getting a little forgetful since he eats his food, leaves , then returns twenty minutes later expecting to be fed !!

But be assured we'll not go down without a fight!


Sunday, 21 April 2019



Just a quick burst of song to help put you all into a good frame of mind for the week ahead. Today is Easter Sunday and the weather here in the England is set to continue warm and wonderful.
What everyone needs to help lift their spirits, along with the long Easter break of, if you are lucky , four whole days off from work.

The awning is now back on the gazebo and the cushions on the sofa and I've stopped insisting that Paul teach the dogs how to close the door behind them when they go in and out to the garden !

The warm sunny weather is wonderful but also sets in motion all those thoughts of things that need doing. Where as in the winter , you could ignore work that needed doing as it was too cold, too wet, too dark etc, now you can SEE it and it's not going to vanish under a darker sky or a freezing day!
So the garden appears to have sown it's own grass but in the borders or the gravel path alas not on the churned up race track that Casper and Rufus made while chasing each other round the flower garden!
Plants along with weeds are growing aplenty in every border or space available, climbers needs tying in or chopping back, the list is endless!

And lets not forget about the kitchen refit which is coming along slowly, that needs to happen along side the now gardening work that needs starting !

Clara, Courtney and Mike visited today for Easter and we had a great time helping Clara re find the five wooden coloured eggs to fill her basket again and again.

So wishing you all a lovely Easter break, I'll be back soon with a longer post.


Sunday, 7 April 2019


So a quarter of this year's already gone! We must be having so much fun since time is flying by!

We're just had a week of very cold weather ! with snow falling in the northern parts of the UK, thankfully we only got one very icy shower where it tried to turn to snow but didn't make it! But still a shock to all the poor plants that had decided to was time to start blooming and growing!
Hopefully it won't have killed any of them off , just set them back a little.

I was pleased to see that the Magnolia Black Tulip's flower buds are opening and only one or two have any damage to them.

I love the colour of this Magnolia, it's one of my favourites that we have here.

Now on the kitchen front it's all coming along slowly... evolving as we go, which is our usual way of working. I had secretly hoped to have new granite worktops but instead have given up that dream for a nice solid oak one.
It's on order and will be delivered on Monday, we've also decided to change the butler sink for an inserted sink,one with drainer, so since that's all being changed I told Paul we may as well replace the bottom units instead of him trying to take the fronts off without damaging the units beneath. Which means new taps and also we'll probably need to get in a plumber!

I don't know about you but I love house programmes, either where they are refurbishing them or just showing round them. I recently came across a series called The Best House in Town, where four homes in different categories ( semi detached, terrace, detached, unique ) , were visited by five locals, who voted for one to go forward, into a final vote at the end of the week , to win the best house in town. It was great looking round each house and seeing who went forward and who won. They visited York, Cardiff and St Alban's. Of course I didn't agree with some of who they put through or who won a couple of times but it was lovely following them round looking at the houses, flats etc.
It's amazing how people decorate their homes and just how you cannot read a book by it's cover ! The insides were totally different to the outside look.

I also love watching Dream Homes with the Scott brothers and also Escape to the Chateau with Dick and Angel Strawbridge, Angel is just so creative and makes the most wonderful design decisions. The turret walls in vintage wallpaper in a harlequin design is but one of her magnificent ideas perfectly executed.

Well worth watching if you have some time. Hey ! I just had an idea I could do this in my hallway.... mmm since I don't have any old wallpaper I'd be forced to buy lots of single rolls of wallpaper and since I've never been accused of cheap taste.. it would probably cost me a small fortune just to get a dozen or two rolls....mmm maybe not such a good idea... although think of all the fun I could have buying wallpaper !

Back to the kitchen, we were at my youngest daughter's about two hours away and decided to check if they had any of the larder units, of course they didn't but they did have the two packs you could use to make them up yourself. So out of curiosity I checked my local store, who now said they had the make up packs available, so Saturday we went and bought what we needed.

So old display cupboard and drawer unit were removed and the new cupboard put together and put in place. You can see by the old drawer that we've put at the bottom that it's wider so we will gain more space. Paul now needs to make up the three drawers we have bought which will go at the bottom. It leaves a space under the mircowave , which we'll put a drop down door on and then the shelves above mircowave will have a door covering them. We are getting there piece by piece.

On the doll front , I'm being extremely good and have only bought a couple of dresses for my Kaye Wiggs dolls, who hardly ever get a change of clothes.

Due to the mess everywhere I had to clear a space to take a few photos of them all together and prop a book up to hide the food mixer. Elora is sitting on a tin of undercoat paint and Elfine ( Lilac hair ) was sitting on a tin of paint that's now just off to the side. She's now sitting on some paperback books while Hope sits on the worktop in front.

Well i need to go and sort out all the things that have never been used or not been used for years that were in those drawers, so I will wish you all a lovely healthy week ahead.


Friday, 5 April 2019


April already ! So let's get started ..

From Jane W , we have these lovely lasses, Lola, Esme, Sophie, Rachel and Ruby all with their Easter baskets.

From Rosie in Ireland we have these sweet children getting into the Easter spirit, the colours make one feel spring is truly here and the sun will shine.

Oops she's rushing off to hunt for Easter eggs but it does allow us to see the lovely deatil of the chicks on her sweater.

Everyone's on the hop over at Gregoropolis ! Looking forward to Easter which is rapidly approaching, even Anthony's getting in the spirit.

What's that Anthony? Daddy Steve made you wear this when you wanted to wear your sons of Satan top ! And it's ruining your hard man image ! Oh Anthony we think you looks so cute in your bunny top....

My shelf photo this month is of my three Kaye Wiggs girls in their new spring/summer dresses.

Many thanks to those who have sent in their photos , I've still to add mine and I'm happy to add yours when you send them in. Keep them coming.