Sunday, 21 July 2019


This month is rattling along at a steady rate! Alas I cannot say the same about everything else!

I cannot believe just how much time it takes to sort through a few dolls clothes .. okay a lot of dolls clothes ! I'm getting to the stage where I may list almost everything and just save a few things I just cannot live without!
Mind you , since I've been working at it all day and still have to pack and add postage to a few things and it's 9.30 in the evening , it will take me more than a month of Sundays to list the lot!

I have been fortunate and sold a few things but I'm still struggling to empty any decent sized box! Whats that saying ... less is more !

I'd like to also be able to say that all the money I've made has been put away and is building nicely! But no I have even bought a couple of things...... I know .. I know .. there is truly no hope for me! However most of the things are props! and as visual story teller always needs props , so really it's just like buying tools for a job.......right?

I've been adding new clothing to my sales page and also some non Sasha dolls , like these Gotz/ Petticollin Sylvia Natterer dolls.

Love them all but if I've looked at them once in the last year it would have been to move them out the way, so they are off hopefully, to new homes where they will get some attention.

Another problem with selling dolls etc is packaging! I'm getting to the stage where I need to start finding boxes to fit the bigger dolls and the large envelopes are starting to look depleted! So I'm going to need to order in some more! I suppose I could buy some dolls and then I'd have some more boxes... No you are right that does defeat the object !

Well on another note I did make Clara's cane chair cushion.

I made the seat cushion then decided to make a small pillow/cushion for the back.

So these are now packed and ready to be posted off tomorrow so she can get them quickly.

I was going to make the cushions for the Arts and Crafts chair today but got waylaid by sorting out all the dolls clothes etc.
Although I did also have to set up an area for the next blog post due to not having enough room in the studio due to having left things all over the place while sorting out these boxes.

I also got Michael because I wanted to wash his clothes, his short were looking a little grubby.

I also thought it would be nice for him to have a change of clothes since I did manage to change a few of the other boys yesterday.

He also came in handy to show the size of some bunnies I'm selling on my sales page and ebay. and did not complain that he was dressed in his underwear! He is still awaiting some clean clothes !

So I'm off to finish up the postage and possibly take them round to post box to save me a trip in the morning.

Have a great and healthy week ahead


I'll leave you with a sneaky peek at the  scene I need to set for the blog post, who would work in a room like this......

Friday, 19 July 2019


"Percy ! Where's your shirt! It's cold outside and raining!"

"Mummmm ! Pirates don't need shirts!" complains Percy " and please be quiet I've got to make an announcement!"

" Ahoy! Ye Land Lubbers ! It be Percy the Pirate here ! Shiver me Turnips and butternut squash !
I be a tellin you all about the Parlay of all the Pi rat es in the Carrot Bean ! That will take place at
the chat n snap , where you may find a trove of treasures !
You'll need to come in ya best capt'n togs if you wish to attend the parlay or you can stay with thems old biddies that likes ta drink tea and gossip about.... ( shiver )... Sashas...
So remember only one of ya crew can attend the parley although it's been known for a stowaway or two to sneak aboard ! "

"So if ya comin ya better pay ya fee and get ya name of the parlay list , those winds will soon have a ship aheading to the Carrot Bean where the only meat eaten is by the sharks that circle the island..... "


Sunday, 14 July 2019


Sunday arrives again much to speedily for my liking , as Paul and myself had this week off and have had a wonderful week, just pottering about doing things around the house and garden but with no hurry because  well we were on holiday!

My youngest daughter visited for a couple of days along with the Princess that is Clara. So her Grandee had a great time playing and reading books to her, giving her cuddles and all those other things Grandee's do.

I was able to see if she fit into an arts and crafts children's chair I bought a while back. When it came I was worried it was too small and narrow but she was able to sit in it fine and enjoyed eating her lunch while sitting in it.
The chair is shown here in the photo I shared on Friday, on the right with Teddy sitting in it.

The cane chair I have had for years , it's still a little on the high size for her, she needs to climb into it.

Here she is eating her lunch but being disturbed by the dogs in the other room making a noise.!

Of course I'd not got round to making the cushions for both chairs and also realised that this sweet wooden one needs some reglue-ing and clamping because it was pretty wobbly , when it suddenly had a tot and not a ted sitting in it!
So the wooden chair's stayed with me and the cane chair's gone home with Clara .

I have had a few successes in my clearing out. I had two very large boxes, both of which were full of old photo albums, they'd been moved from elsewhere and then just sat around in the way for ages .

Well I spent a couple of hours removing all the photos from the albums, getting rid of lots of photos that were just of the scenery , just keeping a couple or scenic views in each album. So these two boxes are now empty and out in carport waiting to be used elsewhere or given away and all the photos are now in just one small box on top of the wardrobe!

Here is a photo of the new box of photos! Tiny compared to the two above this one.

I was so pleased with how this worked out that I got three huge boxes from my doll studio and was determined to turn three into two, by selling on some clothes towards Coco's adoption fees and also having a general clear out of unused things.. Not only did I get the three large boxes I then went back for a few bags and smaller boxes !
Soon I was surrounded by a sea of clothing for various sized dolls!

By late afternoon , early evening I started listing a few on the blog sale page and then gave a link on the bazaar and added a few on ebay! So I was getting messages , along with offers and purchases from all over the place.
Which was lovely but I had to keep my wit's about me or I could have landed up selling something twice!

This morning I've been busy packing everything that sold and doing the postage online, while also dealing with any other sales.
I planned to stop and make Clara's chair cushion but the new fabric I'd bought for this reason smelt very chemically when I found the bag it was in, so that's now on the washing line having been washed and once it dries I'll make her cushion.

She's having a field of rabbits on her cushion.

Paul did do some work on the kitchen, putting the infill piece in the corner and fitting and painting the door under the sink.

We've also fitted a cupboard above the range cooker which will have one long door. We need to empty the cupboards on the left, so that can be moved over to fit snug against this new cupboard.

The new fitted microwave's arrived, so now Paul can make the door to the cupboard above as the internal shelves had to be moved to fit.

So not too far to go, some base/kick boards, infill piece for top corner, door to new over range cupboard, tiles, repair and repaint all the walls.... mm okay .. maybe still a fair bit to do .. but we are getting there ..slowly!

Well I'm off to continue sorting out these boxes, I've yet to have a completely empty and redundant box of any size! I did manage to empty a bag.... however I've filled another one with post!

but at least that will be empty once I've walked round to the post box later this evening.

Well I wish everyone a lovely healthy week ahead , I'll be back with more on Coco and her meeting with Valentine later this week.


Saturday, 13 July 2019


It's Saturday and while Paul's off with Casper at training class .I've decided that it's time for a massive clear out of all the bags and boxes just filling up the studio.

These boxes and bags shown are just the tip of the iceberg!

So the kitchen tables cleared, some of the boxes and bags are waiting, the camera's ready , so I'm going in!

It will be a long slog but it needs to be done ! clothing etc will be for sale on blog, bazaar and ebay starting later today......

Wish me luck and a hard heart to give the things up !!

Several hours later....

and there's more..

and there's more ..

It's going to take a day or six......

although I did find this just hog pig who arrived before Christmas and was going to cause Granny some trouble which alas never happened.... but there's always this year....


Friday, 12 July 2019


Yesterday my daughter and my grand daughter came to stay so I had some different kind of play, this was me ready and awaiting their arrival.

A fun time was had by all.


Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Mon petit oiseau
A pris sa volée
Mon petit oiseau
A pris sa volée

A pris sa, à la volette
A pris sa, à la volette
A pris sa volée

Who is this coming up the drive singing in french?

Whoever it is looks like they are staying a while!


They stop singing as they near the front door.

"Bonjour! Hello ! " they call out to Martha who is standing at the door.

The newcomer comes to a sudden stop.

" Bonjour Hello " the young girl says slightly out of breath from her ride 
" Hello and Bonjour " replies Martha " Are we expecting you? "

The girl removes her sunglasses " Non .. I mean no .. " she says with a slight accent " I am a.. how you say... inattendue.. mm .. not expected non !"

" I see " smiles Martha  " That happens a lot round here . I'm Martha "

" I am Coco Alexandra Brodeur and now Owen ! " she giggles.

" I am very happy to be here in this place " Coco says very formally
" We are happy to have you here " Martha returns

" I am ... excitee to finally rencontrer.. mm find..non....see...amm  encounter ? Valentine ! " this last she says with a smile of such joy "
" Valentine? "
"Oui !" says Coco excitedly " He is kept here , Oui? "
" He lives here , we don't keep him " then Martha adds " well mum keeps him in check ! or he'd spend all the money on fabric and furniture !"
" Magnifique !" 

"You'd better come inside " says Martha turning towards the door 
Coco stops and looks down at the threshold " It is now you coated under? "
" undercoated " confirms Martha

" Which couleur will we be? "
Martha thinks for a minute.. " Oh the step ! It will be black couleur... colour "

"Mmm this is very... how you say...mmm sure "
" Yes we are sure " replies Martha
" Sure.. mm sure.. sa... f..e " says Coco " mm traditionnelle "
" yes I suppose it is traditional "

" Come along inside " says Martha " We can talk about the colour of the threshold with the oldies"

Leaving Coco's heavily laden bike on the drive, Martha encourages Coco inside to meet Mum and dad and everyone else.

She cannot wait to see Valentine's face when Coco appears.... 


Monday, 8 July 2019


That's the sound of me falling from my no buying any more dolls wagon... was it painful ? Of course not ! It's never painful having a new , to me, doll arrive , although I only allowed myself the purchase by deciding I'd sell some clothes toward the cost.

But what's a person to do when you see a doll that appeals very much but know you shouldn't , so walk away........ only to head off to bed several hours later ,put your head on the pillow and for her to tell you her name and what she's interested in and how she'd love to meet one of your existing dolls!

That's when you get up , go back downstairs, put in an offer , go back to bed leaving it to fate and then in the morning find the offer's been accepted, which you were almost certain it would be , because she'd been talking to you, so you knew she'd be coming to stay!

So I'm about to give up some very nice clothing for my dolls to pay her adoption fees.........

Sunday, 7 July 2019


And what a lovely sunny start to the month it's been! Of course that means that everything in the garden is growing well which includes the grass and the weeds! Plus it all needs some watering especially any pots.

We also received the tile samples this week.

We put them all together to see how they looked.

The Alice tile is a good match and very nice but

We just love the prettiness of the William Morris seaweed design tile.and it doesn't look as dark as in the photos. So we'll be going with these tiles for behind the range stove. Which also means I can get a blind made in the same fabric for the window above the sink.

The rest of the kitchen is moving along a little faster now the sink's in and decisions are being made! Alas the microwave decided to break in a way that cannot be repaired but although this is  an unneeded expense we've decided to go with an integrated one to replace it.

All this expense means no new dolls , even though there is one I really fancy on ebay at the moment, part of me is hoping it will sell very very soon while the other part is thinking , Should I ? Could I ? Did I ?

So no new doll photo's today , so I'm off to do some weeding while it's still light and cool enough to wander the garden safe from the burning sunshine.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful healthy week of fun


Friday, 5 July 2019


Goodness we are now starting the second half of the year! and so soon! But summer is well and truly here in England.

So lets see whose come to join in our doll shelve photos this month.

Two of the 68 boys at Gregoropolis have been having some fun down at the beach.

Of course a couple of the girls tagged along too!

Here in the village Jennie wandered around the front garden in the late afternoon sun.

 The flowers are filling the evening air with a lovely scent which Jennie is enjoying.

Over in Canada this little baby's been trying out Carol's baby nest she's made for her great grandchild due later this year.

Many thanks to those taking part, always less when we hit the summer months as people are away or busy getting things done. But still time to have your photos added if you'd like to join in.


Tuesday, 2 July 2019


FLOWERS! This lovely bunch of flowers was delivered to me a day late at work! They despite having been ordered from a florist at 8.30 am on my birthday, from a florist in the same road as where I work, managed to not take them out for delivery until after the bank had closed and I'd gone home!

But they arrived today and despite being a day late ,are a very beautiful mix of roses, peonies, larkspur etc. The photo does not do them justice. I thought I'd share them with you all.