Sunday, 13 October 2019


Well I'd love to say the week improved from a tooth removal point of view but alas it did not! I finally managed to get back to the dentist on Thursday to be informed that I had a dry socket!
So he placed some med's socked lint into hole to encourage the blood to repair it!  Everyone I mentioned a dry socket to, who had had one, said it was an awful pain, so I now understood why despite the constant taking of painkillers had barely touched it!
I'd love to say that's solved the problem but although not in as much pain, it does still ache but I've given up taking painkillers to see how it goes but will never willing have a tooth removed unless it's hanging by a thread!

But lets move on...

The weather this weekend has been very hit and miss with rain and grey clouds forever spreading across the sky! Not that's it's stopped us getting on with things but dry, if cold weather , would have been better for getting more things done.

I've sold another piece of furniture, I knew it would go, as I'd decided that if it didn't sell this time, I'd keep it and up cycle it myself but at least I now don't have to find some space to put it over winter ! I bought some foam to make a cushion for the seat of my new chair so now need to finally settle on which fabric to purchase for it ! I project for after the Chat n Snap.

We bought a nice long water tank to use as a garden planter after looking at some old weathered ones, that they wanted a small fortune for plus almost as much again to deliver! We will plant some nice spring bulbs in it and add some winter colour change the planting again come spring /summer but keep the small blue/green conifer for height and focal point.

Due to my tooth issue I've not done much for the CnS display this year, so it will be a very basic one with the Pirates giving it the zing!
Another raffle donation received was this lovely treasure chest of food by Jane Woodward , who made the wonderful sweet and bakery shop showing on the face-book group.

Some lucky pirates will be having a great party after the event!

So not much happened last week but dental issues or not , this week I have got to get everything gathered together ready for Saturday when hordes will come to pillage and drink rum while searching for treasure on the tables and lord know what the pirates will be doing while that's all going on....

Have a lovely doll filled healthy week ahead


Saturday, 12 October 2019


The first meeting of the Sasha Village Scout troop, Black Wolf.

Harry gets the boys lined up ready for uniform inspection.

He passes Percy with a comment of " very nice  Percy just needing those belts once mum finds them" but stops by Robin

" I think your socks ans trainers are a bit..... loud Robin maybe look for some black like mine? "
Robin looks down at his feet " Really ? I thought the blue went very well with the blue in the scarf myself and surely trainers are trainers? "
" We want to look our best " says Harry moving on.

He moves on to inspect Erik

He straightens Erik's shirt " Very nice " says Harry encouragingly
"Thanks " replies Erik " Can I just have a word about our name? Why can't we be called Viking Black Wolfbane of Valhalla ? It's go a much ,ore frightening ring to it!"
"We are scouts not vikings " sighs Harry, having had this conversation in one form or another over the last three weeks with Erik " we are meant to be friendly and helpful  not terrorizing the locals "
Erik sighs loudly disappointed
Ragnor standing at the end decides maybe now is not the best time to suggest they go on a raid of Granny Fortuna's village store!

Harry makes his way back to the head of the line " Attention!" he calls and all the boys stand straight and tall. well apart from Robin whose finding it hard to stand up never mind straight!


I have to thank the amazingly talented Ginny of a Passion for Sasha (on Etsy ) who made the scout outfits matching the original Gotz one worn by Harry ( Gotz Michal ) .
Of course I still need to get my side done and find their belts and the make the little ring that holds the scarf in place but for a first outing I think the lads look great.

 a closer look at how well Ginny managed to colour match the fabrics.

I'm sure these boys will be having a great time in the coming months when the weather allows for some outdoor adventures.


Friday, 11 October 2019


I have been receiving some more donations for Chat n Snap raffle over the last couple of days and know that there is another on it's way!

From Poppy has come a lovely assortment of pirate tops made by her on the Pi- rat capital of the UK, the Isle of wight. Many thanks Poppy.

Today arrived this really cute mop top baby donated by Petrana.

Love the mop top on this baby.

 Plus some outfits, the raffle is starting to look real good!

I will add the other donation to this post once it arrives.


Sunday, 6 October 2019


Thank goodness for Sundays! Those days you can hopefully get a lie in and then mooch about the house just doing whatever you feel like !

That's been my day today, due the tooth extraction, I should have been busy busy with Chat n Snap things but they can wait until next weekend when I'm off and my brain is back with me completely! I think the intern bruising must have come out early this morning as I woke around 1.30 in pain with a bright red hot swollen cheek, so dosed myself up and managed to get back to sleep again after a while.
I'm sure it will all calm down over the coming days just such a 'pain' that it was not just a straight forward easy result but these things happen.

Moving on, we've been doing little bits around the kitchen, the two sets french doors inside have now been painted Hague blue to match the kitchen cupboard doors and I'm loving how the darkness makes them stand out! I'd add a photo but the camera battery is on charge and the light is fading, so maybe next week.
Before we went away we settled on a William Morris, who else! , wallpaper to paper the dinning area side of the kitchen and since our visit to Standen House are now even more convinced it will look great.

It's the Cobolt /thyme colorway of the seaweed tiles and blind we are going to use, it's a lot bright than it appears in the above photo.

a bit more like this.
So wish we were at the stage that we could be putting up the wallpaper but that's a way off yet !

Also before we went away we are almost settled on this paper for the hallway , totally different to what we were first considering but who know, there is still probably a good six to nine months before we get back to the hallway so it could all change!

It's called Snakehead , in  red and gold.... thinking a nice deep red carpet on the stairs to warm the place up....

This afternoon we did some gardening, well Paul did , I just planted up a couple of the troughs. We moved a lovely blue Japanese style one round to the front from where it had been sitting near by studio but getting grass cutting over it causing grass to start getting in.

So now we have these in the curve that leads up to the front door, they will get the sun most of the morning, so should do well.

The Agapanthus our friends bought us is still opening and making a beautiful statement in the flower garden, it can be seen through the gate from the house glowing.

I used it for my mini photo shoot for the doll shelf photo, with Jenny enjoying the colour.

She's very impressed and keeps telling her dad to go buy some more !

I cannot remember if I told you I'd sold a couple of the pieces of furniture we needed to move on and they were collected last Sunday, so a very small amount of space made. Which was good and going well however I spotted a lovely chair .. I know I know.. I did resist but it was being sold by someone just down the road ! Normally these things are miles away so cost of delivery adds up or it's just too far and too expensive but this was being sold by someone ten minutes away!
Yes you have guessed it, I caved and bought it this afternoon.

It's by Ercol Evergreen high back chair and missing it's cushions which is why I decided to buy it, I can have the fun of making the cushions in any fabric I like to match the room I put it in, now I just need to find a space for it !!

Well my boys still need to be dressed as scouts, that's because I have mislaid the clothes! But I'm sure I'll find them soon.. I hope.. So on that note have a lovely healthy week ahead.


Saturday, 5 October 2019


Yes I know, already! and barely we make it for the fifth!

Over at Carol's in Canada one of her Sasha's cannot wait to start decorating for Halloween!

Jane's babies are all snugly and warm ready for the cooler weather.

Over at Gregoropolis the Gotz boys are sorting out their lunch tins for school.

Rolf likes to have some lettuce in his salad because he knows it's good for him.

Paul also likes some salad in his sandwich and being a big Beatles fan he loves taking them to school with him.

Kurt likes salad but he also likes cake and chocolate and biscuits and sausage rolls in fact pretty much anything , he's never fussy .

In Switzerland , Karin's girl Sasha is happy to show us her new smocked dress, it's lovely Sasha , a beautiful navy and white.

In the village Jenny's in the garden enjoying the beautiful Agapanthus that's still flowering despite all the rain and cold weather we've been having.

Many thanks for everyone whose sent in photos for the post, I'll add mine tomorrow  and anyone else who wishes to join in.


Friday, 4 October 2019


Last Saturday my tooth started hurting but I took some meds and carried  on, went back to work on Monday and tried ignoring the ever increasing pain.

Finally I gave in and booked a dentist appointment for this morning , having realised it could be an abscess not something miner.

So at 9.30 I'm at the dentist and yes It's an abscess because of a slightly wobbly tooth and the tooth in question , at the back on the bottom, is out that already as a very deep filling. So I decided to have them remove it, what could happen it was already wobbling!

Obviously when you are in discomfort your mental ability is not always present! Some few injections later, this tooth is fighting for it's life! I'm sure if it was being filmed it could have been used in a comedy sketch ! 
The tugging from side to side was almost moving me off the seat, swapping of ever more instruments to try and remove the tooth!

Halfway through I needed more injections of painkiller and I have quite a high pain threshold, then he continued, now Frank is a strong man but I was beginning to worry he'd not manage to extract it!

Finally it was out!

I headed home in the belief that after a little discomfort I'm be my old self..... wrong.. pain and throbbing right into my head and face once the injections had worn off and the pain meds hard stopped it for more than an hour!
I could not even look at a magazine for more than a few minutes ,every thing was just too much! So I took myself off for a lie down.

It was not until 6.00 that the meds seemed to start tackling the throbbing ache thank goodness, I think the abscess may still be there!

But it's work tomorrow and now I think I'll be okay to go without feeling like death warmed up!

I'll put the doll shelf photos on once I'm back and will respond to those emails that have kindly arrived with them attached .


Monday, 30 September 2019


These are my photos from Standen House , there are loads of them , so you may wish to grab a drink and sit and enjoy or flick through at a rapid rate , or skip completely but if you love Arts and Crafts and William Morris you will find lots to look at.

The entrance


3 Corner of front walled entrance


5 Corner of billiard room which had two screens with videos of William Morris and his work , running which was why it's dark in this corner.


7 Lovely bright wallpaper in the downstairs hallways

8 Conservatory/ Garden room where lots of swathes of William Morris fabric were spread around.




12 Loved this screen, a good idea for getting some more WM fabric in the house...


14 Sitting room

15 the stairs


 17 Another gorgeous wallpaper


19 One of the bedrooms




23 The dressing room with a built in wardrobe which was rare at the time.

 24 another bedroom



27 This room was having the floor polished by hand by volunteers.

28 Dinning room


31 This rooms walls were all hang with fabric.




35 more pattern wallpaper in another hallway

36 Look at those colours

 37 The shop set up








44 The National Trust shop selling William Morris.. alas i could only buy a small note book while drawling over the treasures available!

Well I won't put the garden photos on here but on the garden blog but lots of inspiration was found in this gorgeous house and it's contents.

I did say to Paul you could make me a conservatory/garden room just like the one in this house, he just smiled and said yes dear.... he knows I'm serious but he realises that I'll be dazzled by something else in time, hopefully much much smaller that he can make and stir me away from my grand plans !