This is so that I can see who's who! when I forget a name!! 
The village children sometimes come and go quite quickly but then others have been with me since the beginning and will stay forever.
But now there are a few more residents it's getting a little harder to remember who was called what if they have not appeared in the stories for a while, so this is a page to assist.

LIBERTY  ( Libby)
limited edition Pintuck with real hair wig.

Libby is the first Sasha I ever bought and she came from the USA and that's why I called her Liberty.

BELINDA ( Belle )
1968 single fringe Sasha

Belle came from ebay and was a very lucky win. She told me her name! I could not give her any other, even thought it's not a name I would have ever chosen!

1969 Dungarees girl.

Paige came from Shelly's, I watched her for a long time while gathering my dungaree girl fund together and still only had about £50 when her owner heard of my fight to save for one of these lovely girls and offered me
the time I needed to pay her off.
So a few Sasha sales and some savings later, she came home to the village.


1980's white dress red haired waif. What can I say about this girl! I first saw her one Ebay with a buy it now price or best offer. I looked then pressed the BIN button. There was just something about her!
Little did I know that she loves and adores the actress Helena Bonham Carter and seems to have the same dress sense as her !
She is the matriarch of the village clan and guilds and guards them !
She is also a milliner and sells under the name Hattie's Hats with Hattietude !

This is a little bit of a cheat! I came across this photo of four of the baby girls with their names under, so have moved a copy here.
So from left it's
DULCIE (69 quirky), MIA ( gotz Stine eyes by Shelly) ROSIE ( 1st baby I bought 70's) and JOSIE ( a honey haired baby). All Babies now have new homes..

PERCY  A 69 PJ boy. A lovely lad who wants to be a jointer and Carpenter/ furniture designer and help his dad make things for the family. He'll be a heart breaker when he's older, with his beautiful eyes and kind caring manner.

ROBIN  A 68 shorts boy with NP painted eyes. A sweet kind boy who is trying to decide between being a Doctor or A Vet!.

ERIK  A 68 boy with NP painted eyes. A proud boy who wants to be a Viking. He is very protective of his family and is not frightened by anything! His faithful companion Sir Walter helps him in his quest to be an honourable Viking and leader ( when his brothers let him) of the boys.

TOBIAS  (Toby ) 
Toby was the first boy I ever bought he can from America from an estate sale, he was wearing his jeans and sweater but when he arrived he smelt awful, So I washed him but at that time was unwilling to try to wash his hair which stank so Paul said to leave him out in the fresh air.
But I could not leave a naked boy outside to freeze! So I wrapped him in a towel to keep him warm and sat him out on a table on the gazebo, so he did not get to chilly and I am pleased to say the smell vanished after several days in the open.

Zak was an impulse buy because he looked so sweet, when he arrived here he had caving to his chest and very loose strings, so after a few months he went for a visit to Brenda who dealt with his caving and re strung him. He is a waif due to a red mark on the side of his hand and another mark to his leg.But he is a real softy and a big part of the Village.

AGNES.  A no navel waif with shorter hair and the half painted eye style in blue. now lives on the south coast

ASHLEY. The first blonde no navel I bought and one of my favourites.She has all the lenght in her hair and the full painted eye style.

SANSA. A no navel blonde with brown eyes in the half painted style.

MARTHA.  A no navel with beautiful red hair and the full blue eye style.
Never thought I would managed to get hold of one of these girl's due to how lovely they look they get snapped up the minute they appear. But I was lucky to be given the chance to own her by a friend and was over the moon when she arrived, she to me was like getting an NP girl to someone else!

Yet another wonderful no navel red haired girl this one with full painted brown eyes. This girl is in near mint condition and came in her full outfit minus the skirt.I found her and Paul said if I won her he'd buy her for my birthday. I was so sure I would be outbid that I was amazed when I won! so another totally unexpected red haired No navel joined the village.

VIRGINIA ( Ginny )
Ginny was the first ever no navel I bought and the one that set me on the slippery slope of no navel love! She is a waif due to having both rows of fringe cut under the top row and also several rows missing from the back and sides of her hair line. She is also strung in such a way as to make her stand with her legs at an angle but to me she is my favourite. And to think I did not like the no navel's when I first found my way to Sasha's now I have trouble not buying any no navel I see!.

WINTER. A brunette no navel with the brown eyes in half painted style. This sweet girl came from a friend in Switzerland and she makes a lovely addition to my no navel clan.She was my first brunette No Navel. No living elsewhere

 RAVEN A no navel brunette with the half painted eye style in blue. This girl came from Switzerland and I would love to add another brunette or two  to the group Now living in the midlands 

CLAUDIA. A 1970 brunette Trendon who I watched got round and not sell on the German ebay site. I was about to go away on holiday so I contacted the seller and asked if I bid and won would he wait for payment until I returned. He said yes and no one else bid on her so the sweet gentle Claudia came home.

Valentine a Gotz unisex brunette who knows he's a boy , so don't go there!

MAGDA 60'S GOTZ  button nosed girl. Loved this girl on sight and luckily for me the seller was happy to do a short layaway, so that I was able to bring her here to the village.

ANOUSHKA 60'S Button nosed brunette gotz girl. I was not looking to buy a button nosed doll when she appeared on Shelly's site and I just loved how she looked with her long fringe, there were a couple of other Sasha's I liked the look of but she won out and after a short layaway she came here. NOW ADOPTED ND LIVING IN THE NORTH :)

OLIVIA A blonde button nosed 60's gotz girl. I came across Olivia and her brother Oliver being sold as a pair and thought they were both so sweet and need of so TLC, so bid and won after a small hiccup , Livia and Oliver her twin brother came to live here. 

OLIVER  A button nosed boy 60's gotz.He came along with his twin sister Olivia in need of a little TLC and a good wash!

ANNIE , with eyes repainted by Shelly, came to the village in march 2016 now lives in Switzerland 

JAMES , an NP boy waif who came to live in the village in Feb 2016 Now lives in london


 Babette ( Babs) a 1968 blonde Sasha who is waiting for her twin sister to longer lives in the village.

Darcy A red haired No Navel. now lives with Michelle 

Meredith a brunette 1968 single fringe lives in USA

Millie a 1970's longer living in the village

Mabel Lucie a 1970's waif 

Ragnor Wolfbane an NP eyed 1968 brunette Gregor

Gorgeous George and Georgina , Georgina now lives elsewhere.

Maude ( Maudie May ) a Pintuck girl whose had a revamp with dyed wig and repainted eyes by Janet Myhill Dabbs, to become a Gertie Girl

Wren, Brunette No Navel arrived 2017

 Birdie ( Brianna ) Blonde No Navel arrived April 2017 now lives in midlands

Saffron re rooted no navel arrived August 2017

Margo a button nosed waif who arrived in November 2018

Christian, a dark skinned 1970's Caleb who arrived on 14 feb 2019

Coco a red haired unisex gotz who knows she's  a girl. arrived in village July 2019

  Evie a full blue eyed no navel arrived 27/07/2020


 Beatrice / Bea arrived in the village on 11/09/2020

ATTICUS 1970's boy arrived in the village 12/09/2020

Mitzi a 1970 London Girl arrived sept 2020

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  1. A very good start to this project. Well done!)
    Do hope that it encourages ME to follow suit! with all my lot although it will be much harder as apart from the lads and a few of the others (Bea, Quirky, Sophie, Holly, Sally and Belle) the rest are so far un-named.