Sunday, 23 July 2017


Sunday again! another busy week but I did manage to do a couple of posts , even if they were slightly cheating !

Well It's all go in the garden between showers! although yesterday afternoon was more showers than not, so rain stopped work!

Toby surveys the work in progress of clearing the site! Once upon a time the Laurel's were staying but like any design it evolves as you start to study the site in more detail.
And so it is the six large and well rooted laurel's must come out! It's taken us most of the morning to get just one out so far!

We have stopped for lunch which is why I have time to write this, then we need to go out for a few essentials and if the big black and grey clouds that are at the moment working their way across the sky and the garden , have either passed over or emptied their load, we'll be able to continue when we return!

I showed you the lovely Lillian who'll be arriving in August and I believed she'd be the last Sasha in for a good while!
I really should not have these thoughts! because no sooner had I thought that, than I get an email about a Sasha in need of a place to live.......slipping.....

A couple of weeks back I found some of the great stick back chairs on Ebay, so of course with so many dolls of various sizes I snapped them up!

a great set of four, it's rare to find a set and also on a buy it now.

Well keep an eye on my sales page as later in the day I will need to put a few things on towards the purchase of that Sasha that's in need of a home..... you thought I'd resisted? if I tell you she's a No Navel.....

Have a great week and don't put off doing whatever makes you happy , we have but one life and we should live it !

PS for those interested, I will be putting an update on the garden blog tonight.

Saturday, 22 July 2017


I've had a doll on a small layaway and finally finished paying for her but she's not due to arrive until mid to late August.

But I thought I'd show her to you now as it's raining and the lights not good for taking photos at the moment. I'm using her sellers photos .

She is an Ochre eyed blonde.

She is also a ponytail girl.

I just could not resist her when I saw her a couple of months back. It's a while since I've had an Ochre eyed Gotz girl.

It will be nice having one again. I'll need to think of a name....maybe Lillian ? .....