Tuesday, 26 September 2017


I took quite a few photos of Sienna in her change of clothes for the autumn/winter, so thought I'd share a few more with everyone.


" Could you look out into the garden " I ask
"Like this? "
" perfect!"

" Don't you think it's a little warm for a scarf? " Sienna asks

"Well " I say " I'm getting you ready for winter"
"But it's only just autumn 1"

" I did save a lovely dress for you to wear " I confess
" So where is it? "
" That's the question!"

" I'll just hold the scarf for now , Okay? " says Sienna

"Fine " I reply

" Maybe you could smell the flowers? "

" Like this? "
"Perfect "

" Shouldn't these be in the garden? "
"Yes but it's finding the time!"

"You have a lot to plant"
" I know!"

" Look These one's are really tall!"

" I think you'll need to plant them soon if you want them to get bigger for next year!"

" Yes we will but that's just another job on the lists of jobs to do before winter gets here! " I agree " Now we are finished here, so let's go in and you can tell me all about your sister Amber whose about to arrive!"


Sunday, 24 September 2017



After three weeks of sunshine and showers and turning the heating on a couple of evenings, the suns decided to return and bring some warmth with it.

Well one wall of the folly is finished!

and it seems someone's looking to take up residence!

I have told him , he'll have to wait until it's all finished to see if there's a place for him and his twin brother !

We have deliberately left a few knocks and crannies where we can plant a few ferns etc.

The side wall is coming along nicely.

and the first part of the arched doorway is in place, so this wall can be carried on to link into it.
Everywhere around looks like a building site! which it is!  As we build, I hope you are liking this WE! it's the royal one ;) , we are beginning to re design the garden space behind. So lots to do and see as this garden folly takes shape.

Well the clothes clearing out is going well.. ish , this is the cupboard today...

Now before you say it looks just the same as last time! I have to say I have managed to completely empty one of the smaller boxes and a few of the bags that contained clothes that were around the house!

I've had a tally up and so far have sold 43 items consisting of 4 baby outfits, 15 knitted items,11 dresses,6 clothes sets and 4 assorted items. Plus 4 dolls. Which sounds good but is in truth the tip of the iceberg! I need to be much harder!!

I decided also to redress my new girl who decided that it was time to tell me her name.

So here is Sienna amid the flowers waiting to be planted.

She tells me she loves flowers and so does her sister Amber ! Who it appears will be arriving next week!
How did that happen...... ;)

We also harvested the Tomato's and Peppers when we returned from our week away. We will definitely grow these again next year.

Well I need to go make some hard decisions re what goes and what stays and get them photographed and listed etc.

So wishing everyone a great week ahead.