Thursday, 23 March 2017


Today my beautiful little West highland white Izzy had to be put to sleep as her health was failing and this was the kindest thing that we could do for her.

We were proud to have had this sweet, yet feisty little dog in our family for the last 14 years and the pain of not having her follow us around the house as we move from room to room is unbearable.

If only she could still be here safe with us, but for her sake it was not to be. Tomorrow we will find a spot in our garden to lay her to rest , so that she can still be near her family.

You will understand my silence for the next few days.

                                                  ISABEL ( IZZY ) MACBETH OWEN
                                                   30/06/2003 TO 23/03/2017


Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The day , Sunday, is rapidly cooling as the wind picks up and the clouds gather.

Sophie Elizabeth is feeling the chill but determined to get her photos done!

Sophie is wearing a more recent Ruth Hartley double smocked dress that I bought from her site a couple of years back , she's wearing it with a pair of grey jean jensen shoes.

The wind is blowing Sophie Elizabeth's hair across her face!

She is also up by the miniature Japanese cherry tree but on the other side.

Sophie Elizabeth is coping well !

from a distance

The sun is slipping behind the clouds and the chilly wind is getting chillier!

Come along Sophie Elizabeth , let both go and get some hot chocolate.....