Sunday, 26 February 2017


I'm not going to say it! But I will say that on Wednesday it will be March! The start of Spring! Which will be wonderful! I'm so looking forward to seeing the garden start to awake and the buds start to push through the earth to start filling the garden with some colour.

It's amazing how a bright spring day can lift the soul and fill you with joy. There is nothing like standing outside in the garden or the countryside and feeling that small touch of sun on your face while you look about at the surrounding view as the earth starts to warm.

Okay enough of this sentiment! ;) What's been happening here in the village, well quite a bit in one way and another!

When Spring starts to encroach I always start to fill with ideas and plans and the need to change or alter things and so it's been these last couple of days.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I've been working on my Sasha ' Studio' with a view to moving my blog photography into a space that could be left as room setting etc and also for storing the few.. cough cough.. dolls I have.

And so Paul gave me the end of his workshop and I set it all up and ready only to not get round to using it because It's a little small with all the things I have! I had originally considered this building...

This started Life as an open topped Gazebo which a few years back we roofed. However we have been concerned that we don't know just how the posts it all rests on are sturdy. They could be rotting depending how the previous owner fitted them.Last year we did a temporary fill in on two sides, so we could over winter some of the more tender larger plants.
We had intended to remove these temporary walls and lay a concrete foundation round the edge and rebuild the walls with insulation between and make it into an outside office cum summerhouse.Therefore making sure that if the posts failed the roof would be held up by the new walls.

This photo shows you that it's a much bigger area than my corner in the workshop. So I said to Paul that I'd like to have this space for my dolls and sewing machine and other things etc.Then he could have my old Studio for his stained glass workshop.
But I knew this would be an awful lot of work to get this was is mainly a gazebo with a roof up to scratch so I went to look at what was available on line.

and look what I found...... a lovely log cabin that can be put together in a couple days. It would be big enough for my daughter Lindsey , who works from home a couple of days a week to be able to have a corner for her desk, it's double glazed and 40mm thick logs but we will insulate it as well. So we are considering this and to that end I'm selling a few dolls to pay for it.

I'm needing to doll fund it due to working for a major bank that's just announced it's results of losses for another year and there is going to be branch closures and redundancies. My branch I know won't close as it's been modernised but that does not mean we won't lose our jobs as they may have other people they want to keep and move to us. So to that end I need to not spend money, if you know what I mean to fund this.

So I will be selling a few dolls , not just Sasha's, but some of my other unused dolls, I've already sold my Little darling girl as although I loved her , she just sat about and I did nothing with her and it was nice having her but I can honestly say I won't miss her as she took so long to arrive I'd grow cold about her and it did not change.

So look out on my sales page as any Sasha's I decide need to go , will be listed there along with anything else clothes etc .

Nothings happen house wise as Paul's spent this weekend making the new compost bays for the garden. We made a point of getting the wood at the same time as we bought the wood etc for enclosing the porch.

He's using scaffold boards and treating them in the hope it will help them last longer. With such a large garden we need a big compost area.

Thought I'd share this old photo of my 68 brunettes, Jenny, Ragnor and Meredith. Especially as Ragnor keeps telling me he needs a castle  ! and he says our garden is plenty big enough and if I'm getting a big studio, him and his brothers should get a castle .....

Well enjoy the coming week, I'll be trying to get a good couple of photos ready for the doll shelf photos on the 5th , so please send in your ready for the day of sharing.


Friday, 24 February 2017



If there is one thing everyone in the village loves to do it's read! Well almost everyone ..

Maudie May here is very into reading.

She loves to sit high up and read aloud, enjoying the sound of the words, which give her a little thrill that shivers down her spine.Today she is reading Anne of Green Gables, one of her favourite books.

But what's this? Claudia has heard Maude reading and decided to make herself comfy and listen to the story.

It's not long before Zak appears and listens closely to Maude's tale.

He turns to settle in against the books to listen.

 Soon a third person arrives to stand and listen, Paige plans to just listen for a little while...she's things to do...

But she's still there when Jenny appears carrying an empty biscuit tin onto which she sits and rests back to enjoy the story along with the others.

an hour later , Paige and Claudia

Zak and Jenny are still listening. You could say that the second favourite thing those in the village like to do is listen to a book being read aloud.

And so Maude reads on , thrilling the others with her turn of phrase.

It will soon be time for tea , when Maude can have a break, before her audience ask that she continue with the story and her audience grows bigger.