Monday, 15 January 2018


Well it's time to announce this years Chat N Snap event which is on the 20th October.

11 am start for a 4.30 pm finish. Membership price this year is £10. I have set up a webpage, the link is on sidebar of this blog.

You can find my email address on my sales page , you can contact me via facebook if you are with the Sasha doll group.


Sunday, 14 January 2018


Well I don't Adam and Eve  ( believe) it! After having that cold for three weeks up to Christmas I have spent this last week fighting a virus! I've never been so ill for so long , going from one thing to the next!

It's so annoying as I have so much to do, with the dolls and the house , but no energy to do it ! But It's made me determined to try and get fitter this year, so I stand a better chance of fighting these things off.

 Now I was not planning to do a weekly catch up this year, will do them where and when I have things to share.

This one relates to some props.

If you've been reading Granny's Christmas story , you have seen these bottles of beer!

They were a gift from a lovely friend, Jane S, last year, she plays with the BJD dolls mainly, so I would guess that these are suitable for that size of doll but as you see can work well with the Sasha's and others.

So that's a place to look for props that should fit well.

I also found these before Christmas, I was not sure if they'd be too big but was pleasantly surprised when I opened them.

Not a bad size.

I just love what you can find in these Erasers. I plan on popping back to the shop and getting some more as I think Granny may open a tea shop for the summer and she'll be needing plenty of cakes etc.

In the same shop I found these Ice Cream erasers and although I already have some , it's always good to have a few more. This is one side of the box

and this the other.

Talking of boxes of things we seem to have acquired a box of ...


We've had to keep this box since December as Milo's decided it purrr fect for his needs! I cannot tell you the amount of cat beds etc over the last 15 years we've bought for these cats , which they have after inspecting them, turned their noses up and slept elsewhere!
I think he likes it best because it's in front of the fireplace where he can be surrounded by us at various times of the day and he very much a people cat.

Well I think I'm now on the road to recovery, so need to go sort out just what Bruno's up to! amongst other things.

Have a great week ahead.