Tuesday, 10 September 2019



Jenny decided that the perfect place for some peace and quiet was to take out the rowing boat onto the pond!

She enjoys dreaming about what it would be like if the lily pads were finished ! She'd be able to float around much more but for now the gentle rise and fall of the water is soothing , her eyelid's start to flutter.... was that a snore!!!



Sunday, 8 September 2019


Time goes when you are having fun.. so they say.. what about when you are just working?  Either way this week seems to have galloped past , which in one way is quite worrying and another quite good!

But here we are again and it's Sunday and only one post completed ! Well it can only get better cos it can hardly get worse!!

So what's happening in the village? Well I am still fighting the never ending battle with 'Things' you know the 'things' that are constantly appearing in the wrong place causing a mess , never seem thave a place to live and even though you think you've cleared up those 'things' , others arrive to take their place almost as soon as you have turned your back!

I have got rid of loads of 'things' but still I return/ turn round and there is more! And it seems that no one else in the house can see these things ! They never decide maybe they could move, get rid of them, they just walk on by !

I find that sooner or later the 'everything must go!' feeling hits me and I will start throwing things out with no care if they could come in handy later... in fact the words come in handy later are the reason so many people have sheds, lofts, cupboards etc crammed with handy 'Things' for years to come! So I am fast approaching the ..if in doubt throw it out... stage of the year! We are due to have two weeks holiday at the end of this month and have plans to hire a skip for a massive clear out of the sheds and carport, once all that's been cleared it will be anything else that just needs to go. Obviously if I can donate it  to a charity shop then that's where it will land up but most will go in the skip and we'll finally get the carport back in time for the colder weather and the place will look nice and tidy for..... at least a couple of months!

Once the big clear out is over we'll be able to move on with the redecorating of the house through the late autumn and winter months. Once the kitchen is finally finished we'll go upstairs to do the main bedroom, then we can return to finish the hall and stairs because any large furniture and new carpets will have already been taken up the stairs and therefore we should hopefully safe to hang wallpaper etc.

Remember my new to me , arts and crafts tallboy? well I found some lovely copper arts and crafts handles on ebay.

These are the handles on the drawers at present.

These are the ones I'm going to replace them with.

They could have been made for the job!  I just need to get some copper headed screw/nails in the right size, then we can replace them.

I'm hoping the kitchen will move along over the next couple of weeks especially as we will be off soon, so should be able to get a fair bit done.

On the doll front, my impulse buy arrived along with a pot I bought for my collection.

This is the doll , a Schoenhut , whose eyes have been damaged, the face is one I do not already own so I thought she/he would be nice to add to my small collection and I could repair the eyes in any style I want.

The pot that I received was a vintage preserve pot, for jam, honey or marmalade.

It's by a maker I'm collecting and after watching it for months I finally decided to buy it so I could add it to my small collection of vintage preserve pots.

These are the others , which I have bought vintage silver preserve spoons for, I'll need to find one for this new pot.

They are from the 1930's up to the 1950's , I will only buy the one's I truly love and that are in good condition. At the moment I'm happy with the four I have.

I found two cast iron mice which I bought for the folly, at present they are sitting up high until it's finished.

The garden still has splashes of colour around despite being neglected for most of this year.

 Luckily some plants like Sedum  thrive whatever!

Well on that note I'm off to pour the tea out and enjoy a few minutes in the garden before the sun vanishes and the temperature drops. Have a great week ahead.