Sunday, 5 April 2020


Yes the fifth already..
so lets start the photos rolling.

 First up is Teresa F's lovely sunshine Sasha with bunny.

From Sharon in Spain we have Layla out in the garden.

Must be the sea breeze or could it be a little attitude for the hood up and hands in pockets.. she looks like a girl who knows her own mind.

Also out in Spain with Sharon is Wenje she's looking a little tired? did someone wake her up for a photo shoot? Naughty mumma !

From Gregoropolis we have Barbara and Beatrix giving us a burst of spring with their bright floral outfits, even the wallpapers joining in!

Meanwhile here in the village, Zak tells me he is casting nar a clout to May is out! I asked him what a clout was and he said he'd no idea but he would not be casting one just in case it was important !

Now this young villager is showing off the old hat that arrived and although not intended for him, he's told me he'll look after it until it's new owner arrives. Which is probably a good idea the way I lose things!

From Karin in Switzerland we have her Sasha holding their new Pongratz baby! Who knew that the baby would be a good size for Sasha.

You can see that Sasha loves the new baby, don't we all !

Thank to everyone for sending in a photo or two for todays post. There is still time to have your photos added if you wish.

The Sunday catch up will happen thought you'd escaped.. but no! :) Now i'm off to look at Pongratz baies..just looking you understand...


Friday, 3 April 2020


Today, Friday is nice and sunny , the chilly wind that was making everywhere very cold was missing and so out in the sun it was gtting hot!
While looking for just the right spot to bury Saffy on Wednesday, I noticed that this nosiette rose along with the jasmine at it's side was trying to take over the garden!

 So this afternoon I decided to go and tackle the problem.

an hour or so later it was a little less wild! It still needs reducing in height and then the flower bed dug over but not a bad hours work.

Now we are into April and fast approaching the fifth, so if anyone would like to send in a photo of what their dolls are up to we'd all enjoying seeing them.