Sunday, 18 March 2018


I just cannot believe this 'Spring' weather we are getting in the UK!

 This was my front garden first thing this morning after it snowing all day yesterday ! Bitterly cold and icy.

and the back garden this morning! icy and still covered in snow up on the grass and borders!

And this weekend we'd planned a small trip away travelling on Saturday to return on Sunday ! Staying in a lovely B&B which had an animal sanctuary attached ! But after reading and seeing the weather forecast for our area and the areas we were to travel to and through ,we altered our plans.

When we left early Saturday morning it was snowing but not settling on the roads thank goodness has it was a long journey ahead. After about two and a half hours the snow stopped and it was just a very grey day which did improve but remained bitterly cold.

Messaging home we were told it was still snowing! But when we crossed the Severn bridge into Wales the skies were bright but cloudy.

View from car window, no time to dilly dally! So we made our destination four hours and twenty minutes from home. Stayed a while and then headed back to beat any incoming bad weather that was predicted. A long and very tiring journey but worth the effort.

Because the area we were going into was due to get a heavy snow fall Saturday night to Sunday morning!

Because the bear that Percy was hunting, was found and caught in Wales. Here's his photo...

Asleep in Percy's cage ! Looks like a large beast to me!! After a nights rest the 'bear' is starting to settle in, feeling his way about and finding his large feet!

So please allow me to introduce Paul's new Golden Retriever puppy. His name is Casper, named from our first retriever of Cassie and our last Jasper. He does have a Kennel club name but not one I'm keen on or wish to share on social media for safety's sake. He is darker than he appears in the photos which is great because Paul wanted a dark one.

This was he's come buy me photo ! How could we resist! We'd started looking casually for a few months , since new year, then Crufts Dog show was on, which made us look a little harder, then this lad's, along with his five brothers and one sister, photos appeared and well the rest was history!

So 2018 appears to be the year of Babies and Puppies in the household and we couldn't be happier !

Of course we'd taken down the fence panels between us and our neighbour and left it open cause we didn't have a dog! So what did we do ... buy one! So last weekend we got these new fence panels in !

On the doll front, I had a couple of outfits arrive which I'll be sharing over the coming week. The log cabin is set to arrive tomorrow, Monday! and because we've gone off on a tangent and bought Casper this weekend nothing's been done towards that ,but then due to the bad weather nothing would have happened anyway!

So I'll be trying to fill the blog with some Sasha photos and stories plus also keeping you up to date each Sunday with events in the garden. It's just as well I'm starting to feel better than I have all winter! Now if we could just have some proper Spring weather things would be perfect!!

Wishing you all a lovely health fun filled week ahead

Friday, 16 March 2018


Toby and Ollie have gone in search of Percy , they've heard a rumour that he's going somewhere!

They find him down in the garden , at the small Sasha studio now storage shed! Ollie being quite shy lets Toby do the talking.

" We've heard that you are going hunting ! " says Toby excitedly " Can we come along and help, Please Percy"
" It could be dangerous " states Percy in a serious grown up voice " if you come you must obey me without question and do exactly what I say and when I say it!"

Toby ,in a  suitable serious tone replies " Of course we'll do whatever you say and be very helpful " he nods
Percy's not fooled,  knowing if he takes Toby it could be a risk.

But he does need some help, so he agrees, then wonders why, when both boys start whooping loudly.

Percy takes them over to the cart, that he's dragged out of storage.
" You'll be helping me pull this on our trip , it should do the job with any luck "
The boys look at the little cart " That should be easy enough " Ollie says
"What are we hunting for ? " Toby decides to ask, the cart is not too big so it cannot be much ! He starts to get excited maybe it's food!

" We are going on a bear hunt" replies Percy as if it's nothing
" BEAR!" shout both boys , " Are you M m m serious" finishes Toby
" Completely and if you've changed your mind , don't worry I can get Erik and Ragnor to help me "

" Oh no we still want to come " says Toby while Ollie appears to still be thinking about it

" Good , good " says a relieved Percy , he didn't want to have to ask Erik and Ragnor who'd probably turn it into some kind of Viking quest! " Ok you two bring this cart , while I go make sure the cage is ready "

The boys start getting ready to pull the cart for Percy.

Ollie looks at Toby " I wonder why he wants to go bear hunting? We already have loads of bears living here in the village ! Only yesterday I saw Mossy the green following Edward complaining about something or other while Edward rolled his eyes and kept walking!"

"Yes we do have a lot of bears living here already ? why does he want another one!" wonders Toby.
Just then Percy calls out " Come on you two get a move on ! haven't you heard there's bad weather coming this weekend, we need to get going !"

The boys turn back and both looked stunned at what they are seeing! as usual it's Toby who finds his voice first " What is that? "

"What's it look like! It's the cage for the bear! Now stop dawdling and get that cart over here, we've a long journey ahead and daylight'hs burning!"

" How big is this bear? " whispers Ollie in shock , for once Toby as nothing to say!!