Saturday, 4 July 2020


"To all our good friends in the United States of the Americas , on behalf of everyone in the village we were like to wish you a Happy 4th July.
In Celebration of your inde.. inde.... inde...escape may I offer you a nice cup of Earl Grey? "

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Always starts with a zing round here !

 Mainly because it's my birthday ! Here are just three of the many cards I received along with the cake my daughter Lindsey bought me! I Just love the rainbow colours inside as she knew I would.
She also send me the cardn the left which shows me with my three duaghters when they were younger and when I was still taller than at least one of them!

And yes I do have a doll or two coming as my birthday presents but not Sashas this time.

So it's now July , it will soon be the fifth, so please send in your lovely doll photos for the doll post and I wish you all a lovely happy healthy doll filled mnth ahead.