Sunday, 14 October 2018


So Sunday's arrived and with it the rain! and lots of it, although here in north Hertfordshire it's not as bad as in other parts of the country.
But Poor Paul and Casper are off out at their first gun dog training class, so will be soaked by the time they return.

The week's been quiet on the doll front with just general house type things going on , although it is now just six days until the Chat n Snap! It's amazing how these things seems so far away and then suddenly it's down to just a few days!
A lot of what needs preparing cannot be done until the last minute, getting the food and drink, setting up etc.
This years display is quite basic to prepare as it's a Halloween Dance and the band and the suitably dressed Sashas and Gregors will be the stars of this scene, so it's just some suitable decoration to add to the display.

Elton John is playing with some of the display items! So I've used his photo for the reminder to all the attendee's and to up date the chat n snap blog.

It will be nice once it gets here as it's sort of limbo time, too early to start on the remaining things that need doing! But you want to get on and do them!

Although I still need to sort out my costume for the Halloween dance for one of the Sasha's or a Gregor, then of course deciding who gets to go! always a nightmare with so many who want to attend but only a few spaces.

In fact because this year's theme is Halloween by the time the Chat n Snap's over I'll  be well prepared for the actual day! Usually I forget all my Halloween decorations but this year I have found them to use at the CnS, so I'll be able to come back and put them out.

Then once we get through October it will be time to start planing for the next big event !

So don't forget your Halloween photos for the 20th's post.

Have a wonderful week, don't let anyone grind you down, pick yourself up and know you are better than them and go forward.


Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Mabel Lucy and Sophie and sitting quietly enjoying some reading in Sophie's case and playing with Clint the Eastwood bear in Mabel Lucy's.

They have been enjoying themselves for a good hour when three elephants appear and walk across the room. Sophie pauses and watches them pass through the room.

Mabel Lucy suddenly reacts  turning and looking over the arm of the chair !

" I could swear something just passed by my chair ? " she says confused " It felt so strange !"

" Oh it did " confirms Sophie " just three little elephants passing through "

" Three...... three elephants just walked through the room  !" repeats a stunned Mabel Lucy

" Yes " Sophie confirms again " They were very cute "

"Elephants in the living room.... just walking by.... " Mabel Lucy still cannot quite believe it.. " I wish I'd seen them !"

" Where did they come from? where are they going? "
" I believe they belong to the Elephant Sanctuary that's due to open next year in the village just over the hill"
" Oh how wonderful ! " says Mabel Lucy excitedly " can we go visit please !"
" Yes next spring when they open , we'll get mum to take us we can meet the Schoenhut's then "

They girls settle back into what they were doing before three elephants wandered across the living room.
Mabel Lucy telling Clint that he too can come visit the little elephants and the show me huts people "
Sophie listening just smiles, then gets back to reading her book.


" I don't think they saw us " Sighs the lead little elephant
" I'm not so sure " says the one at the rear, " I'm sure that girl with the yellow hair looked straight at me !" the little elephant gulped
"When ! " says the middle elephant in a stern voice " Are you going to admit you are lost!" he nudges the one in front with his trunk
" I have a perfect sense of direction!" replies the lead elephant " It's just along here and then down and over to the right "

"It's getting very dark " says the elephant at the back
" Well let's stop here for the night and we'll carry on tomorrow  , It won't take long once it's light "
 " I told you he's lost " mutters the middle one....


Monday, 8 October 2018


One hundred and two years ago,  today , my great uncle Charles Lench was killed in the battle of the Somme, he was twenty years old.

Many young men, on both sides, lost their lives in this brutal and bloody war. A whole generation never returned to enjoy the fruits of the freedom they fought for. But to this day we do and we should remember life is precious and someone somewhere paid the price so we did not have to.


Saturday, 6 October 2018



Since Harry arrived in the village , he's been out and about across the country giving demonstrations and talks on survival to various scouting groups and leading a few overnight trips for scouts and their leaders, so he's hardly been home apart from to do his washing , check in with Mum and fill up on supplies.
He finally returned to the village  for a well earned rest and to start to get to know his new family.

On his way through the garden, to the house, he encounters Toby.. being well... Toby !

" Hi Harry " calls Toby " I thought you'd been adopted ! Where you been all this time? "

" Oh Hi !" Harry desperately tries to remember which of his new brothers this is " Should you be up there? "

" Yes ! Why shouldn't I be !"
" Only that it can be a little dangerous getting down again "

"Have you had any training..... " Harry continues ".. mmm.. Z.. R.. "
"It's Toby " Toby rolls his eyes,  people don't usually forget him ! " and who needs training to climb up a gargoyles head and sit on a pot? " he asks with disgust

"Plenty of people can climb up things , it's the getting down that can be a problem " replies Harry in a serious voice.

" Not for me " Toby claims jumping down with a wobble onto the gargoyles head ( the gargoyle is not impressed to have a boy jumping on his head !) He leans back against the side of the pot to steady himself
" I can climb just like a monkey or a squirrel, I'm a champion climber " he boasts

  Turning he slides down onto his stomach , getting his hand trapped, but he manages to get it free.

While he searches for a place to put his foot he brags " Watch and learn boy scout! You may need to remember this for next time you climb down " he's barely finished speaking when he straightens up and promptly falls backwards off the gargoyle !

For a moment all is silent , Toby having had the wind knocked out of him and Harry stunned at just how fast he fell.

 Walking up to the now groaning Toby, Harry asks " are you okay? How's the head? "

" My heads fine !" states Toby grumpily " It's my bum that hurts!"

"That's good ! " sighs Harry relieved
" How can that be good? " demands a groaning Toby
" Well head injuries are far more dangerous than a sore ar.. bum "
Toby thinks about it and decides maybe ..only maybe.. Harry's right.

" Oh and thanks for the demo " Harry smiles down " I will most certainly remember it for my training classes on how NOT to get down from a high place !"
Toby groans loudly " Don't you be using me in your classes ! "

" Come on " Harry smiles " Let me help you up and back to the house "

After a lot of puffing and groaning , mainly on Toby's part, he's finally on his feet , if a little shaky , carefully placing one foot in front of the other Toby follows Harry.

"We ...we don't need to tell mum about this we ? " says Toby
" Sorry we most certainly do "
" WHY!"
" Because she needs to check you are all right and we need to make sure you didn't hit your head or damage something that needs to be checked over by a doctor " Harry concludes

Gingerly walking just behind Harry , Toby starts feeling very sorry for himself... Mum is going to kill him.. she only told him yesterday that he'd go straight to bed if he got into trouble again...... although he didn't actually get into trouble .. he decides brightening up... he just fell down a tiny little bit.. which cannot be seen as causing trouble... he'd start whistling if his backside didn't hurt quite so much....


Friday, 5 October 2018



First up this month is

These very smart children from Gregoropolis , they must be going out somewhere really nice and wanting to look their best.

Were as these Gregoropolis children are obviously off for some fun and games and want to be comfortable while they play.

next up we have

Karin's girl Darcy who loves to read stories to her rabbit.

Darcy wonders if we'd like her to read us a story? why thank you Darcy that would be lovely.

meanwhile in the village Toby and Harry are out in the garden.

"If you join my scout troop , I can teach you how to not get hurt" Harry's saying
Toby thinks not always getting bumped and bruised could be a good thing!

Thanks to those of  you who have sent in their shelf photos. Still time to add more.

Don't forget the Halloween photo day on 20th October. we already have the first photo.


Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Well It's now October,  month of the Chat n Snap! So things are starting to come together for the event on the 20th. The Band is booked , the decorations piling up and Sasha's and Gregors around the country are arguing over whose turn it is to go this year and who gets to take part in the dance !

Busy busy busy ! between work, visiting the wondrous Clara, looking after the household and selling on ebay and posting.

I missed posting yesterday on the first as it was Paul's 65th birthday, so after work we went out for a lovely meal, then watched a film. It was also Paul's dad's 97th birthday too.

So to everyone celebrating a Birthday this month , have a lovely time.

Please remember that the doll shelf photos are needed by the fifth plus also if you want to take part in the Halloween dance your Halloween doll photos need to be here by the 19th to be posted to view on the 20th .

Have a great week, I'll return .. soon...... ish...