Thursday, 10 September 2015


Today we went to visit our friends Tom and Kim, Toby, Zac and Lucas decided to come along for the ride.
Tom and Kim have five grandchildren ,so the garden is full of lovely things for children to play on.... Toby, Zac and Lucas could not believe their eyes!

While Toby and Zac were still deciding just where to start Lucas was straight up the slide steps and getting ready to go down. Socks was at the bottom barking in excitement and worry at seeing Lucas so high up!

Socks starts trying to climb up the slide from the bottom but his paws won't keep a grip!

" Get out the way Socks! " calls Lucas " I'm going to come down very fast!"

 Whoosh ! Lucas knocks Socks off the end and onto the grass where he lands himself with a bump!

Socks gets to his paws and rushes up to Lucas and starts licking his face , checking that he's ok!
Lucas giggles " Stop it Socks.. ha ha  " he wipes his face " I'm getting all wet! Stop it.. "

"Nuff Socks ! " says Lucas sternly " Let's go play on something else! Come on.."

Mean while Toby and Zac have been playing on the see saw ! "You are too chicken !" taunts Toby
" Am not!" "Are Too" "Am Not " Are too!"  " Just you watch then!" says Zac annoyed.

Slowly Zac starts to get to his feet balancing on the see saw, holding tightly to the pole.
Toby's impressed until Zac says " Well come on then YOU stand up too!"
Toby gulps " Meee ! "
"yes you!" says Zac smugly " or are you chicken ? " He starts making clucking noises until Toby moves and so does the seesaw , making Zac go quiet and hold on tighter to the pole!

Carefully Toby gets to his feet then starts whooping " We are the champions!"

Lucas is gently rocking back and forth in the baby swing with Socks enjoying the breeze on his ears!

Toby and Zac move on to the Trampoline ! Bounding up and down , yelling and laughing as they fall over and then get up and bounce some more!

Toby falls down and Zac who was trying to do a roll cannot move for laughing so hard that he's suck with his head on the mat! While Toby cannot get back up for laughing at Zac !

Once they manage to stop laughing and get up they find that Lucas is on the top of a Castle , Toby starts to climb up the slope holding onto the ropes. 
"My castle ! " states Lucas " Clear off ... Toad !"

But Toby keeps climbing

Just for a moment Lucas throws himself down and starts to throw a tantrum then stops as he hears Toby puffing and stomping up the side.

He gets back up and shouts down at Toby and Zac, accompanied by Socks barks of agrement
" Go way Toady! " shouts Lucas " and you too Sacky "
" Hoy! " puffs Toby " Who you ...calling....Toady... you... you little.... devil ... wait.. till .. I.. get .. up ...there.. "

Zac decides to climb up the other side while Toby carries on up the rope, seeing Toby getting closer Lucas gets ready to use the slide for his escape !

" You.. wait.. there !" says a tired Toby " I'm... going.. get.. you.. "

 " Toady  Toady !" giggles Lucas moving backwards onto the slide.

Zac almost at the top as Toby stands up.

Toby throws himself forward trying to catch hold of Lucas as he starts to slide but he's just too late!

Toby watches as Lucas hits the bottom and falls onto his back winded.

 over reaching Toby suddenly slides down himself to land on the grass at Lucas's feet.

 Zac looks on in horror at the two silent bodies of his brothers....

 Slowly Toby and Lucas sit up, Socks rushing up to Lucas to check his is okay!

 Zac still in shock listens as Lucas says " Toady ! "
" Devil " retorts Toby 
then they both start giggling and trading insults , while a disgusted Zac starts to drop his arms and  turn back to climb down , having heard Auntie Kim , call out about coming and getting some cake! those two can just miss out!



  1. Lukey - you still mine friend? Why you not TELL me you going to nice house full of playground stuff and take me with you?
    Me want Mr. Tom and Mrs. Kim adopt me so I get to play there all the days. You want to come? We can have twin fun again.

    1. CONNIE! How u bin mates ! Did not knows Auntie Kimmy had thems kids things! They gots loads of toys for to plays with! Shame you not come we could have had a great time!
      You have come stay with me and we go Auntie Kimmy and uncle Toms and play with all thems toys! we won't tell old Toady and Sacky.. ha ha..
      your bestest in the worlds mate
      ps Socks says Woof

  2. A Sasha Doll paradise indeed. What a great time Tody, Zac and little Lucas (and not forgetting Mrs Mum!) look to have had.
    These super stories are always a very welcome read especially to folks like me who can never seem to be able to do them.

    Thanks for the enjoyable entertainment and on such a super weatherwise day.... and also to Connor's delightfully amusing comment above.

    PS. I'm gathering Denise that this, with all your recent Sasha activity, was your 'holiday?' week off away from work?

    1. It was indeed Kendal , a lovely place for the Sasha children to play and they did not get to play on everything!!
      Next time they want to visit with the two ponies that also live there!!

      Yes Kendal I am on 'holiday' for these two weeks.... hence the massive clear out and days out! :)x

  3. Very nice post Dee and I am happy you are having a holiday for two weeks, wonderful! This wonderful playground is a kid's paradise and the photos are wonderful. As we know, boys will be boys and Lucas is again showing himself to be a bit too bossy but Toby is holding his own too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you sharing this nice play time with us! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. Yes a lovely two weeks of rest and relaxation :) My friend's have five grandchildren all under six! so their garden's turned into a child's wonderland! So the boys had a great time playing for the afternoon while the adults chatted and drank tea and ate cake! A perfect summers afternoon really, good company , a nice tea and children playing happily in the garden! :) xxx

  4. Awww what a great garden for boys to play in! I wish I had a slide like that....for my dogs! I'm sure they'd love going down that.
    A nice story Dee, Kim really has a great garden, her grandkids must love coming to visit!
    Hugs xxx

    1. It was a great playground for them :) Kim's got two of her grandchildren and their parents staying for a while as they are buying a new house and waiting for it all to go through, so the children are playing out there all the time after school and nursery! :)xx