Saturday, 14 July 2012


Short’s seem to be the favour of the month with some of my girl’s. Yesterday when I was changing them several insisted that they wanted to wear shorts, despite the continual rain!
So here are a few picture’s of them in their outfit’s plus the only one who did not change into shorts!

Ginnie who did not even wait for me to tie her plaits!

Dorcus who snaffled Hattie’s favourite short’s set!

Tilly who is really in crop’s but wants to be same as the other’s so did not argue..

Calico Jane who normally like’s to wear trouser’s but for some reason went for a lovely pink and white dress by Patty Rose.
If the sun comes out again I may be able to take some more picture’s as they all finally get a change of clothes.


  1. My! You're putting me and my girls to shame. We haven't even started the great Summer change over as yet. Most of us are still sitting or standing around in either our Winter or Spring wear. Hopefully it isn't too late to do this this year.
    The lads got into their shorts some time ago but with the weather that we have all been having the girls decided to play safe rather than shiver on the colder and rainy days.
    Will try to keep my Sashas away from the computer and seeing yours in their lovely Summer gear until after tomorrow's visit from Sarah, Cleo and Lorraine with all their dolls then I might have some time for this next week in-between blogging the rest of the festival photos.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Only a few have been changed Kendal but they may all be wearing long socks and sweater's by the Sunday night!
      It is raining yet again here, hope you have a nice visit tomorrow.