Sunday, 8 July 2012


Violet who decided, along with her twin sister Sapphire, that she wanted to be a gardener when she grows up, has taken herself off to visit a famous garden in Norfolk.

“Violet! That gate says No Admittance ! What are you up to!”
” I have special permission from the owner’s to have a look around”
” So where are you?”
” I am at The Old Vicarage, East Ruston , come on lets go ” says Violet heading off into the garden.

“This looks lovely ” says Violet coming through the Hedge.

Violet pauses on the bench to have a good look about.

Then she's off again, It's a big garden with lots to see.

She likes the look of all these pots under the window.

“Dad’s got some of these at home” says Violet ” I am going to ask him if I can have one”

"This pot is very pretty,I like all these yellow flowers, I wonder what they are called?"

” This bench must have been left outside a long time, it’s got all this lichen growing on it,looks very interesting, I’m a lichen this very much! Ha ha “

Peering into the pot in the greenhouse, Violet decides that she’s also going to ask Dad if she and Sapphire can have some space in his greenhouse. She may need backing from Mum because there is not a lot of space left!

Violet discovers this summer house and decides to have a rest.

” I wish Sapphire had come with me, Look she could have sat on the other chair”

"This place is a bit of a jungle" States Violet

” Lovely” says Violet seeing the sign for the Tea room ” Lets go and have a cup of Tea while we work out how we can get Dad to give Sapphire and me some of the garden”


  1. Beautifully kept and manicured garden with it's various areas and rooms. Wish that my tiny plot would look so well planned and cared for?
    I heard on the TV during the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show that they trying to encourage and provide opportunities and courses for young gardeners so Violet should be OK for a job for later in life.
    Perfect coloured outfit vintage-sasha for Violet.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Violet and Sapphire will be happy to hear that.
      They do also love their Vintage Sasha outfit's,I'll have to ask Sarah if she'll go into Garden clothing when she's back!
      Sasha Hugs Dee

  2. Beautiful gardens Dee. When on earth did Violet get time to look around those gorgeous gardens when it wasn't raining? I hope she enjoyed her afternoon tea.

    It has been tipping it down here on and off all day.

    1. She went after the festival when we had the one week of sunny weather, I think that may have been our summer!

  3. Such a lovely garden. Your rain is certainly making everything look lush. A perfect setting for Violet.

    1. Hi Julie

      MY RAIN ! it's not going to work by pretending it's our rain , it will wander over your way at sometime! Lol

      Violet certainly looked at home in the garden.