Thursday, 5 July 2018


Well it's the fifth and month seven of the doll shelf photos.

Over in GREGORopolis is another new face..and a girl ! Daphne a gorgeous red head as come along to join the boys. Daphne appears to have a love of the Art's and Crafts  and Pre-Raphaelite period.

Lots of cooking going on at Gregoropolis, looks yummy ! Loving this baker wear !

 and while everyone's quiet Anthony gets to have a break and read in peace.

Meanwhile over in Switzerland ...

Ursula's kids have acquired not one but three! shelves to share. So they are all gathered to chat and look about without having to ask someone to move their head or body!

There are also Sashas and other dolls hanging round the CD player hoping to have a chance to dance along with any music played.

and now there is more space the babies can play while being watched over by their girls and brother.

At the village Ashley and Wren were having a cool evening walk in the garden.

They found the covered bench up in the shade and sat for a while.

They are sitting quietly thinking , garden seats are good for that.

From Rosie in Ireland we  have some bathing beauties playing on their inflatables.

and a pair of "Pie-rats" who are off to do some Squash buckling !

Over at Cow Creek , Ausrey, baby Pixie and Faith have been enjoying the outdoors.

along with Gertie and Lizzie sweet sisters.

From Jane , her girls put on their Sunday best while some had choir duty so have to wait till later.

They even agreed to put on their mum's beautifully made cardies despite the heat !

Even the babies are dressed warmly, that must be a cool shelf they are sitting on.

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in a couple of photos, there is still time for yours to be added, just email them to me.



  1. A lovely bunch of photos, thanks for sharing them everyone...and Dee too of course!
    Everyone really is into the swing of summer now :)

  2. Thanks to all those involved for another 5th of the month Sasha Fix!