Sunday, 8 July 2018


Another week of very hot weather! The poor grass is now white ! never mind brown, the plants are desperate for a good drink! and still no sign of rain!

This is so not an English summer! An English summer consists of one or two decent warm days spread over several weeks, thereby keeping everyone on their toes waiting for their arrival, then they appear ...everyone goes mad and throws off their coats and cardies and the next day, there's grey cloud and a chill breeze! and people shivering in sleeveless tops, short dresses and shorts.. that is an English summer and I'd quite like it back please!

Lindsey pointed out that we'd gone to get Casper in the Winter , with snow falling and now we've gone and got Rufus in Summer during a heatwave!

Rufus has decided that a good safe place is between the large blue pot ,that the Olive tree is in, and the side of the sofa. So he is going here when he wants to rest It's shady and still near people, as we are making sure one of us is with him while he and Casper bond.
Casper is so happy he's got a little bro but being still a puppy himself , he can be heavy handed when playing, so like any toddlers/children, need adult supervision at present.

Rufus's kennel club name is Jalk I'm still standing, Jalk is the breeders kennel name and he names his litters after musician's songs, It just so happened that this littler is named after Elton John songs !
The first present I ever gave Paul, when we were going out, was Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album ! The breeder lives at Mill Bungalow, we live in Mill Road and the littler would normally have been reserved in 48 hours but there were still two boys available when we looked, so I think fate had a hand in Rufus's arrival.

He'll be much darker than Casper, by the time they reach two years old they should be their finally colour.

Well the weeks been a busy one, I've worked five days on the trot , with no air con at work! Because the closest branch was closed on 26 June , we now have a constant stream of customers, which in one way is nice but in another not so. It means it's hard to get things done and so we are leaving later each night. But hopefully it will settle down soon and get a lot easier, only time will tell.

On the studio front, it's pretty much stayed static all week with me just opening the window in the mornings to try and reduce it getting too hot inside during the day but with this heatwave , it's still baking in there even late in the evening.

On my birthday I received a card from Kendal

You can see that it is of the Carousel Paul and I made for one of the Chat n Snap displays.  It reminded me I had kept the horses to turn into display items for using with the Sasha's or other dolls. So I asked Paul to find them in the end shed they'd been put in years ago!

two of them

The other two. So I'll be cleaning them up and with Paul's help mounting them for display use. It won't be happening any time soon with this heat ! But I'll show them once they are done.

Thank you to all who took part in my mini survey re the kitchens. I have to say that I do prefer the old style kitchen because it looks so real compared to the plastic one. So I will be adding to that kitchen and for now putting the plastic one away but if I have not used it again by late autumn I will sell it on, probably take it to the CnS in late October.

I have been so good on not buying anything off ebay for the whole month of June, yes I know unheard of! Well I have fallen well off that wagon this weekend! I'll share once the items arrive.

Well I would have loved to have taken some photos of the Sasha's or the studio but it's now so hot that we, puppies especially, are all confined indoors out of the afternoon sun.

When it eventually rains , I will not make one word of moaning but will welcome it as the life saver it will be. Of course should the rain stay like this sun has, then I'm not making any promises about the moaning......

Enjoy the week ahead if you can...



  1. Rufus is adorable and it is lovely that Caspar has taken to him so quickly. We've been quite lucky here - it is warm but sea breezes mean it never gets too hot. On the other hand we've been fog bound on a few days. Hope work isn't too hot for you next week.

    1. It is good that they have bonded quickly.
      You are so lucky with those sea breezes! I'd even settle for a bit of fog !

  2. I too am NOT impressed by this HOT Summer. I can't cope with this kind of never ending heat and am saddened to see how dry and wilted my whole garden is now looking. I only hope that my lawns and shrubs can recover once we finally get some rain.
    Pleased that my card bought back some memories of that most enjoyable Chat n' Snap.
    You would have thought that the NatWest company would have added air-con whilst they were doing your banks last year refurbishments.

    Looking forward to seeing your latest eBay spends. (I've not basically used eBay now for nearly three/four? years!)
    Loving the Casper and Rufus photos and infomation. I'm a great fan of Elton Johns 'I'm still standing' song.
    Right! Back to watching Wimbledon...

    1. I'm not as you can tell ! At least today it was quite cool most of the morning but it didn't last!
      The bank have air con but it always breaks down in the summer and the heating in the winter!
      Casper and Rufus are very photogenic!
      Hope you are enjoying Wimbledon :)

  3. Rufus looks like he has the right idea for coping with the heat. I Love the Sasha carousel. What a wonderful idea!

    1. He does, wish I could sit in shade all day too! :) That year was I think a summer fete with coconut shy, hoopla etc.

  4. Dee, we are having the same heat wave here on Cow Creek. I went out today before noon to take a few photos and it was in the 80’s already. Every day is in the high 90’s and with humidity it feels even hotter. We have had some downpours though because the atmosphere is so unstable. I hope your weather improves and you get some much needed rain! I will do my rain dance from here for you! 😉

    Rufus is adorable and smart to find his niche in the shade. I am happy you have added him to the Sasha Village family. Thanks for a great post! 😊 xxx

    1. Isn't it just too hot! I wish we'd get a few downpours,at least the poor plants could get a drink! Today was quite cool in the morning but the temp was up by afternoon!

      Rufus is a little sweetheart and I am glad we got him, just need him to grow a little bigger to save on the 5.15am starts to the day ;)
      Thanks for stopping by :) xxx

  5. Dee the carousel horses are great, I look forward to seeing them on display....I think this is one of the CnS's that I attended :) so nice memories.
    I will keep you to the no moaning, as I do recall hearing you complain at some point about too much rain. LOL I did love your description of a true British summer though, you definitely got that one spot on.
    Love Rufus, what a sweet boy and a great colour. I hope the boys continued to bond :)

    1. I think it may have been too! :) Sharon, now you should know that it's a national pastime in the UK to complain about the weather! lol I'm sure I'll crack if it does rain for days!! :)
      Rufus is a lovely colour, darker and more red than he appears in the photos above. They are still bonding well but it's like having two kids in the house constantly play fighting!! xx