Sunday, 16 September 2018


Where did that week go? I feel I should be allowed another one because I'm sure that last week left without me! I wonder if my boss at work will accept that?

Dear Mrs Boss, I was just about to start the second week of my holiday when it was suddenly the end of my second week?
I think it was stolen !! while I was otherwise engaged, so I will be in Monday week, with your blessing I'm sure.

Yours most sincerely

What do you think? Will I get a,  see you in a week or get your butt in here Monday sharp or suffer the consequences ?
I know it's so hard to call..... not!

But on a serious note, I have had a lovely week just pottering about, having a friend over for some doll fun, seeing family and friends for a lovely get together last Saturday. Enjoying time at home with Paul, making plans for the house etc.

I've even done some sewing ! Yes I did ! More about that later.

This week a Schoenhut doll arrived to join my Schoenhut doll families.

I have called her Penny and she's wearing a lovely dress by Sasha wardrobe, she is a petite 14 inch with carved hair with a blue bow carved in the back.

In the end we decided to keep the little habitat sofa in the house and I'm going to make a start of recovering it. So we have managed to tuck it out the way but available to use and also for me to measure when I start making the covers.

I'd like to say that my Studio is all tidy and sorted but it would be a lie!, I've been too busy enjoying my holiday to go in there unless I needed something or to put something away!

We bought a new wardrobe on Thursday, which was delivered on Saturday which meant a massive rearrange of the bedroom ! But at least it's meant we have now sorted through lots of our clothing and a large black bag is ready for the next charity shop run. We were not planning on buying a wardrobe until after we'd redecorated and had a carpet laid but it was just the right one and at a fabulous price, so too good to pass.

I'm really looking forward to getting the bedroom decorated and a new carpet laid , hopefully before Christmas, then we can concentrate on the hall and stairs.

I now have a few things to list on ebay along with the big bag for charity, it's amazing just how much you can get rid of if space is limited.

My Kaye Wiggs Elf that Paul bought me for my birthday back in July is finally getting her look pulled together.

With all my dolls, well most, a story line character will take shape once , sometimes before, they arrive and so it is with Elora my elf. She is a night elf who helps protect people from demon dreams and night terrors, she does her best work as dusk falls and night appears.

She's wearing a tatty fairy skirt made by me! yes I did managed to make one thing this week!

I'm loving her look.The black wig is perfect for a night elf I feel.

So that said I'm off to do loads of those things that need doing before you have to return to work the next day.

Wishing everyone a lovely happy week ahead.



  1. Elora looks quite beautiful with her black hair and grey eyes Dee, I'm glad you've found her look. The skirt looks perfect for an elf too :) I'm sure with that sweet sad face she will keep the demons from the door at night!
    I'm glad you've had a good time off work and managed to get things done too.
    Your new wooden girl looks great too, she looks like she's much much bigger than she is....must have a bit personality there, just waiting to come out.
    Have a lovely week xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, Elora had the grey eyes which I loved and I think the black hair pulls her look together. I need to make her another skirt as this was the only fabric I had that would fray by hand.
      I am looking forward to retiring eventually!! :) xxx

  2. Let me know how that note to the boss goes - I might try it with mine!😉 I know exactly what you mean about vacations going much too fast. I only wish the work day went that quickly. It sounds like you achieved a very nice balance of relaxing/getting things accomplished.

    1. My Boss said she wouldn't have dared tell me no! Mind you I was of course at work!! Yes it's lovely when the odd work day goes so quick but they are rare!
      I think we did , which was probably why it was so hard to return to work! :)

  3. Remember that old saying...'Time flies when you're having fun!'

  4. So nice to see your carved head Schoenhut doll. She is terrific! I love your elf skirt and it is perfect for your new girl. What a nice wardrobe too. Things are happening in the Village. 😊 xxx