Thursday, 1 November 2018


Well It's the first of November , so we are heading towards Christmas! Only about seven weeks away!

But before all that we'll need your doll shelf photos ready for the 5th, which in the UK is Bonfire night! a night for Guy's , Bonfires and fireworks ! But more about that later.

Magda is the photo again today because I'd not mentally allowed for the fact the clocks when back and so now it's dark when I get home! So I'll be needing to make sure I have enough new photos to use during the week.

So Happy Birthday to all those who have a birthday this month and I look forward to seeing how the days unfold for November.



  1. We need no reminding that Christmas is around the corner, it will be upon us before we know it Dee. This year has flown by, but it's been fun and I must say Magda is looking very sweet in her purple...did you knit her cardi?

    Must fly! Big hugs,

  2. Please don't remind us how close Christmas is Dee!! I'm totally unprepared for winter as it is, nothing new there then I hear you say!!!
    Magda looks lovely and yes, those dark nights coming in are not great, are they? I actually hope that they do abolish the hour change and we can have light evenings all year....well lighter at least.

  3. I hate it when it gets quite dark even at 3.00pm which so shortens my days. I so agree with Sharon about that hour change. I got all excited when there was talk of it being abolished several years ago but this was finally cancelled in the UK because of Scotland's climate and the workforce and children going to school in the dark. (Personally I think that it is better to be travelling in the early morning's darkness when you are fresh from a goodnight's sleep and nourished from breakfast, than coming home in the dark, hungry and tired after an exhausting day.)