Monday, 11 May 2020


" You wished to see me Mum? " asks Valentine

" Yes Valentine. It's time "
" Time Mum? "
" Yes Time! You agreed last month"

" You know full well what time it is!" says Mum
" Around seven pm I believe"
" Valentine! " Mum says in her are pushing to my limit lad ...tone of voice

Valentine's shoulders slump and he gives a long sigh.....
" But I look so cool mum "
" I know but you cannot spend the rest of your life wearing a dinner suit, especially when it makes all the females in the house sigh when you pass by" Mum says kindly

 Looking up with a grin he asks " ALL the females ? "
Mum laughs " you know what I mean " Valentine laughs too.
"You know " Mum continues slyly" I never figured you for a one trick pony "
"Pardon !"
" Well I always thought " she pauses " you had such a style about you, that you'd never just wear the same thing day after day , month after month.. "
An indignant Valentine interrupts " I will have you know I have more that one pony! I have a herd of ponys! " he starts mumbling in annoyance " one trick . one trick.. I'll show you just.. "
This time Mum interrupts him " Where are you going ? "  Valentine head held high, walks calmly towards the house " I'm going to look for my bag of TRICKS!"  and with the slam of the door he's gone!

Mum cannot help laughing to herself, at last ! She'd get him out of the suit he's been wearing since February and she can send it off to the cleaners.



  1. Missed this one first time round - looking forward to seeing Valentine's new kit/trick :-)

    1. Me Too! He's refusing to come out of his room and all we hear is the sound of drawers banging and clothes hitting the floor and walls!

  2. I must say though, he does look incredibly handsome in that outfit!
    But yes, I think you'll have done the trick now, he'll be sporting something very new and dashing again soon!

    1. He does and he's loved wearing it but enough is enough!
      I'm sure when he re appears he'll be his usual dashing self! xx