Tuesday, 12 May 2020


"Hello Jenny , where's Valentine? " asks Mum " I was expecting to see him "
" He said he was searching for his bag and never you mind!" Jenny says worriedly " That exactly what he said and I was not to change one word "

" Oh not to worry " laughs Mum" I tweaked his tailfeathers so he's in a snit " smiling she continues
"That's a pretty dress but it's not like you to wear yellow "

" Do you like it really? " Jenny asks excitedly " usually I like the pinks and reds but this is so sunny I just had to try it on!"
" I do like it " says Mum " and it's nice to see you in a different colour for a change "

  "It's got cats on too! I so love cats!"  Jenny smiles happily

" I'm so happy I could fly!"
Mum laughs " Well don't fly off this table or you'll hurt yourself. Let me help you down and you can go show the others your new dress "

Mum helps Jenny down and she rushes off in search of her sisters to share her new dress.



  1. It is a pretty dress and her shoes are lovely too - but what did you do to Valentine?

    1. Thank you :) Valentine was sort of tricked.. in the post before this one :)

  2. That does look pretty on her, and the yellow colour suits her well too.