Saturday, 2 July 2011


When I bought my first Sasha I was so pleased and if you have read my blog you will know that I bought a few others quite quickly. In my happiness I encouraged both my sister and my friend to buy a wonderful Sasha, they too had loved the look of Sasha and I soon had word that they had each  purchased a Sasha, just the one....and then the slippery slope that is the lure of the Sasha, they each just wanted a brunette/redhead and now my friend as fourteen girls and a boy and my sister as eleven girls, five boys and  three babies!!!! and both are talking about needing another Boy? brunette?

How does this happen? I  myself have fallen head first into the Sasha lure, you have seen how just this week I have received three Sasha's and I am still trawling Shelly's site ( God I love that Site) looking at the orphan's , having them call to me's very hard to resist when you see a Sasha whose face stares out at you and you are tempted to send that email asking if he/she is still available? How many of us have said 'this is the last one I am buying, I have all I need' only to take a look on Shelly's site or scan ebay or even see that someone on the Sasha mart is selling a doll and find that they have sent email just enquiring ! How much the cost to where you live!! and the money changes hands and another Sasha appears amongst the rest and they all have to move up .

I said to Shelly only recently that maybe there should be a Sasha Anonamous, where we can all sit and say 'I'm a sasha holic and it's been three weeks, two days and five hours, since I looked at, purchased, laid away a Sasha' but you know that as soon as meetings over you'd be drawn back to looking at Sasha's!!

Maybe someone should start a Rent a Sasha, where you could rent one for a month and then return her for another one.Then you'd be able to get up close and personal with the really expensive sasha's, that you covert but cannot bring yourself to buy....yet

I have just read this to my husband who said ' It's not just the dolls , it's the furniture, bikes, toys and accessories that are gradualy taking over the house!!!'  so me saying they are just 'props' is no longer working.........

Well i'm off to look at all things Sasha...but i'm not's been foureen hours , twelve mintues.........

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  1. It is rather addictive isn't it?! Sashanon, I'm sure our partners would agree we need to go! :-)