Saturday, 1 October 2011


I have put on a picture of Sophie-Elizabeth in a dress I recently received from Nadia Vasconi. I just love the material and I think that it really suits Sophie-Elizabeth and althought she is quite a shy Sasha, she was happy for me to put on the picture.

Sophie-Elizabeth is a Gotz Sasha Sophie, I added the Elizabeth to make her feel safe ( If you have read any of my earlier blogs you will know that a Sasha without a name tends to move on). She comes from Shelly's site and waited a long time for me to finally give in and purchase her, I have told her story in an earlier blog.

I do like these longer studio style dresses they give the Sasha's a more traditional feel and I have purchased a few others over the last year and will be dressing more of my girl's in them for the Autumn/Winter season.

I added another picture so you can see all of dress.


  1. She looks gorgeous in that lovely dress. Isn't it the perfect afternoon for a little fashion parade!

  2. Her colouring suits the dress so well..she looks lovely!