Thursday, 23 July 2015


Well I think you should recognise this young Villager !

Robin in the garden

Button nosed Anoushka

Not sure this is Belle's best look!!

Many thanks to Ginger who played around with these photos on her new water colour app. I think that if you printed them and then did a little tweaking by paint you could get a lovely water colour from them, mind you these do make you want to get out the water colours and have a go for real!



  1. Just knew that you wouldn't be able to resist asking Ginger to do a few of your dolls.... as I'm so tempted to ask her myself !
    I like the one of Hattie the very best.

    1. You know me too well Kendal ! :) no I could not resist and Ginger was very kind in doing them for me. I too love Hattie's one the best :) xx

  2. I agree with Kendal - Hattie's portrait is the best.
    Waving madly to Kendal as my comments won't post on her blog.

  3. These look lovely, well done Ginger!
    I love this app, I wonder if I can find it for my iphone?
    My favourite is the one of Hattie too, I think it's the clearest and yet still in watercolour, it's really lovely....they're all so vibrant.

    1. Nice that we are all agreeing on Hattie's water colour. It's an app worth having I would say! The lovely Ginger can steer you to it!! xxx

  4. Hi Dee! Nice to see your watercolors! The app is called "Waterlogue" and I found in the App store on my Ipad. I agree with everyone that Hattie's watercolor is the best! I noticed the photos where the dolls are facing straight towards you, and they are Trendons, seem to not show our Sashas at their best. It struggles to capture their eyes. The Gotz dolls all seem to be photogenic in this Waterlogue app. I am happy to transform photos for you ladies, please email your photos to me if you would like a watercolor. You may want a sample to see if you like the program. :) xxx

    p.s. Thank you for the lovely compliments. :)