Monday, 1 August 2016


I will not say the obvious ! But it's now August so one month of summer left before we ease into the autumn. I love early autumn still warm days but cooler nights, the children all back in school so a perfect time to get away for a short holiday that's a little more peaceful than the school holiday times.

So whats on our doll shelves going into August?

The lovely Karin from Switzerland tells me that today , August 1st is Switzerland's 750 birthday, so her girls are in the Swiss colours of red and white with the famous book on Heidi.

Now Karin's girls have a Swiss cow with it's bell to keep them company.

Ursula's doll family have all changed for the summer but Veronika stays in the white because her mother loves it so much.

These girls of Ursula's are ready to get outside and play.

And here is Ursula's first Button nose miss! Luise who dares to wear the red, these girls are always daring! behind is Marie Kruse happy to play with the bigger children.

Julie's lass Maisy worn out from her time at the US festival lets mum take a photo of her reading in bed before lights out.

Ellen Church's dolls are all ready to enjoy a trek in the mountains.

But this girls going to miss the fun unless she gets moving!

A gorgeous line up of girls in blue from Ellen C.

This girls worried that duck is after her dog!

A couple of nautical children here!

Ready to play.

May be a picnic's being planned?

These lads are ready to start playing and no one had best get in their way! Fun's waiting to be had!

In the living room it's ship ahoy all the way!

What's this? Too tired to go out? she wants to stay in bed and dream....

Carol in Canada's girl in her raffle win from the US festival and pushing her new pram .

Liz's girls are wearing Patty's summer dresses.

These girls of Liz's are in matching Patty dresses.

I wonder where they are off to? They do look like their waiting to go somewhere?

Jenni's girl Isabella is escaping the shelf for the garden.

I'm not sure Bruno's happy being left with the babies!

Some non Sasha's hanging out together.

Mind were four days late ! So please send yours in, if you'd like to take part.

Wishing Switzerland a wonderful birthday and all those others out there whose birthday falls this month, I hope you have a fabulous day.



  1. Oh gosh! What fabulous, fabulous display shelves *gasp*
    Thank you so much for sharing them everyone.....I think they are amazing and I am just so inspired by them too!

  2. Aren't they FAB, Jane?
    It puts me to shame - I just can't face sending poor Dee any more of my raggesy photos to be mixed in with the wonderful ones she receives every month from more organised folk.
    No excuses, Dee. I knew what date it was today - it's our wedding anniversaryafter all, so I can't forget, but I took 20 pics yesterday and they were all so depressingly awful, I gave up. My dolls are lovely, my photography is not.
    J xxxxxx

  3. I love Karin's girls in their matching red and white dresses. My girls are moaning they want similar ones. There even is some fabric around, so I must get the sewing machine going...
    They also want a cosy living room, as Ellen's girls have one, but no way, there's not enough space in our house. Of course they have seen the lovely sailor dresses, and they believe such dresses would suit them too - as would the romantic dressing gown - and a pram would be nice - they want a lot!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a great collection of August shelf photos! Such a variety of Sasha/Gregor Dolls (plus those two others!) all superbly dressed for the last of the Summer months.
    Karin's two beautiful blondes look absolutely their red spotted dresses on that gloriously rich shiny dresser.
    Love the photo of the girl reading in bed! Something that I can never do as can never get comfortable.
    Beautiful Sailing scene! So much to see in there!
    Dear little girl in her Scottie Dog cardigan walking her pet Wire Haired Fox Terrier. Adore that duck too!
    Super too to see some of Patty's SashaWardrobe clothing again. Don't know what our dolls would have done without her outfits in those early days of Sasha collecting!
    Smart pram!
    Wishing all those with August birthdays a very happy day... and Paul and Denise a wonderful 41st wedding anniversary on the 8th.
    A wonderful mainly red, white and blue post! A tribute to the Sasha logo colours!

  5. such a wonderful array of doll shelves this month and super to start it with Heidi and Switzerland - very appropriate considering the origin of our Sashas. Our doll shelf in the sewing room / spare bedroom was decked out with our latest musical scene which I blogged about a couple of days ago. Dmd helped with setting the scene and moving the poses for the story - see

  6. I have missed the deadline this will be ready and waiting to send a snap of my meagre collection in September...
    Happy Anniversary on the 8th Dee and Paul...

  7. Wonderful shelf dolls and I enjoyed each one very much. Happy anniversary Dee! oh...and Paul too! :) xxx

  8. Thank you all for the Anniversary wishes , our day is the 9th :)

  9. Great photos again this month, I wish I were so organised as to have shelf photos all ready for you at the beginning of each month...alas my dolls are back in a pile again as my son was home again for a couple of nights!!! Oh well!