Sunday, 14 August 2016


Toby and Zak have been out in the flower garden all afternoon.

" And legs together , arms up and hold!" says Toby

"Then swing your arms down and lift your legs higher and hold!"

Toby looks over to Zak " Your legs are not high enough , lift them more !"

" My legs are tired!" complains Zak," We've been doing this all afternoon!"

Toby sits up " If we want to be the best we have to practice practice practice !"
"well I'm too tired to practice any more"

Toby lays back down and raises his arms " We'll just do one more then finish "
" One? "
"Promise "

Toby rolls to the side" Keeping arms and legs straight and.. "

" On to the other side and ..

finish ! Now you do it!" he tells Zak.
Zak raises his arms and straightens his legs

He rolls to the side
" NO no Zak not that way! "

but Zak keeps on rolling!

finishing on the grass !

"Totally the wrong way and too far over !" says Toby

"We'll just try it on.e. "
"No!" says Zak " I'm going inside and getting a drink and a biscuit because I'm tired and thirsty "

"Don't you want to know why we've been practicing all afternoon? " asks Toby
Zak thinks for a moment " Okay tell me then I'm going in "
"Better still I'll show you!" smiles Toby looking very pleased with himself " Come on!"

Soon Toby and Zak are standing on the side of the pond.
"Why are we here? " Zak asks " Mum told us never to play near the pond!"
"I know but follow me " Toby totally ignores Zak warning.

"No " says Zak " Mum said no playing by the pond!"
Toby looks annoyed " We will not be playing ! We will be training!"
"Training? "
"Yes training!" says Toby " Now come on!"

Reluctantly Zak follows after Toby being careful to watch where he steps.

Toby stops at the middle of the pond edge and smiles at Zak "Ta rah !"

"That pond looks very green!" states Zak
"Not a problem , green water is actually great !"
"Really? " wonders Zak thinking it looks mucky!

"Never mind the water Look up there !" Toby tells him

Stunned Zak looks at what Toby's making such a fuss about! Excitedly Toby starts talking nineteen to the dozen

" Eat your heart out Bailey and Goodboy ...
"Daley and Goodfellow " corrects Zak automatically
" ... move over Loudly and Sneers ...
" Laugher and Mears " Zak corrects
"It's Toby and Zak god their fantastic!" he laughs

"Are they ..... diving boards? " asks Zak finally managing to speak about what he's seeing
" Yes they are ! " crows Toby " so we can win Olympic gold together !"

"We only stopped using arm bands last week! "
" Well we don't need armbands to dive off the board and do a double twist and enter the water with barely a splash! " states Toby rolling his eyes" if we wear armbands it will make a big splash and we'll lose points!"
"If we wear armbands it will mean our bodies will float to the surface where Mum and Dad can find them and fish us out to bury us!"

"Zak don't be silly " scoffs Toby " do you think when Tom Bailey asked Dan Goodlad to be his partner , he said I'll have to wear my armbands !"
"I bet he wanted to!" argued Zak "and their names are Daley and Goodfellow! "
"Whatever " shrugs Toby " no one will even remember their names once they see us in action!"
" That because they'll never have seen two little boys fall off a board and die a terrible death in mucky green water!"

"Where are you going? " demands Toby as Zak starts walking away
"I'm going to get a drink and a biscuit and stay alive!" mutters Zak as he keeps walking
"Don't you want to win a gold medal? Don't you want to be famous? "Toby calls after him
"No thanks " Zak shouts back getting further away " I want to get a train for my next birthday !"

"We need a diving pool not a train set " shouts Toby after a vanishing Zak...
he hears the back door slam shut and reaslises that Zak's not going to return.

He stand for a while remembering all the fabulous diving he saw on the Olympic's, he so wants to have a go but he needs a partner...or does he?

Thinking hard about what he'd heard , he seemed to remember something about Dan Daley.... Tom Daley ( he hears Zak correct him in his head ) going to be diving for a medal on his own.. .... So he does not need a partner! Whoo Hee Gold medal here I come!!



  1. Oh this is just brilliant! And just so funny! Hahahahaaaa!
    I find myself thinking like Zak though....staying alive until his next birthday is a very good idea!!!
    P.S. I hope he gets his train set too!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jane :) I agree with Zak I'd not want to be jumping off those boards into a murky green pond!
      I knew I'd have to buy him a train set when I wrote that!! lol

    2. you may like to see what Toby and Zak got up to in Olympic's 2012
      hope this link works!

    3. The link doesn't work but I will go back to summer 2012 tomorrow as I would love to see what happened in 2012!!!

    4. I'm never good at these things but it was August 2nd 2012 :)

  2. I was so hoping that you might take up the hint of the Zach's and Toby's cycle trials that you did for the UK 2012 Olympics SO this synchronized diving post is just perfect, even down to the mention of the green water. 10 out of 10 for originality and creativeness.
    I am loving every minute of the Rio Olympics so far (well apart from the Boxing which I hate!) Nothing else here is getting done as I just sit and watch as much as I can! Well done to each and every athlete taking part but especially to our superb GB Team.

    1. This story was already waiting for a chance to be photographed from when Laugher and Mears won their gold medal just needed to find the time to make it happen! Which I finally had this afternoon, so thanks for the 10 out of 10 :)
      Another Olympic tales is rattling round which I hope to get sorted this coming week....
      Team GB are doing fabulously and i'm loving all the chances I get to see the action. Since it only comes round every four years I think your entitled to sit and watch and ignore everything else until it's end.

  3. There is definitely a driving force in this diving partnership however sometimes not explaining the plan before putting your brother through all the training can backfire! I'm hoping Toby doesn't take the plunge and thinks of biscuits instead.

    1. There is always one and a crafty one at that!I'm hoping he doesn't take the plunge !

  4. Very well executed post there Dee...however, I haven't been watching the olympics so I have no idea who is who :)

    1. Thank you , all diving pairs who have one either Bronze ( Daley and Goodfellow) or Gold ( Laugher and Mears )

  5. Go for it Toby. I've just watched Bolt win the 100m at nearly 3am UK time and the commentators were talking about his amazing personality - and you definitely have that!

    1. Tricia! I'm not sure you should be encouraging him!With his personally he doesn't need it! ;)

  6. Oh NO! Please no drownings, not now when my oldest Gregor has just had a head-ectomy and needs surgery to have it re-attched!

    I'm all of a dither now. What if Zak sits by the biscuit tin so long that he forgets to check on Toby's safety? What if the grown ups or the Bear of the Green Crystal don't appear to save him? What if he gets tangled up in the weeds and sucked under? What if..

    Oh, no, this is a Mrs. Mum tale and they always have happy endings, PHEW!!

    1. No hopefully no one will be hurt in Toby's quest for GOLD!
      I'm sure Zak will be back with a biscuit or two to try to talk Toby out of it...well unless his favourite children's programme's on, then it could be a there are plenty of weeds, well oxygenating plants in that pond and a good few fish ! he could hit one of them and bounce with a bit of luck?
      Mrs Mum always has happy endings.... maybe she should change ...... ;)

  7. That faint and funny sound you heard across the English Channel was me laughing... maybe Toby wants to try gymnastics instead? That's much safer.
    My girls want to be dressage riders after watching the Olympics, but they have no horse. I'll try to talk them into beach volleyball.

    1. I wondered what that was! :) I'm hoping he'll go back to cycling or pick another sport, I'll have to wait and see ;)
      Dressage is proving very popular here too along with a few other events....
      beach volley ball sounds like a good one to encourage! :)

  8. Oh my goodness whatever will those Sasha Village kids get up to next!! Love the storyline Dee, although like Ronny I've not watched any of the Olympics, I'm just not into sport to be honest. Although I do tend to watch some football....but that's just because it's on!
    I'm glad that Zac decided not to be tempted into the green water!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, although I don't normally watch sports , I do enjoy seeing some of the Olympic sports when I can.
      Zak is way to sensible to run or dive into green mucky looking water! :) xx

  9. A darling story Dee. I do hope Zak gets his train set! Also, I love their shoes and wonder if they are JJ shoes? They look so very nice as they work out and walk around your way-cool pond and they are definitely all boys! I thought we might see a photo of green muck on one of them perhaps by falling or diving! I missed most of the Olympics too. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I hope Zak gets his train set too! :) Yes they are wearing JJ euro shoes. I was tempted to let them go for a swim but decided that the fish may object ! ;) xxxx