Monday, 8 August 2016


Ollie, Wolfie and Peter are outside playing in the garden , or I should say on the alpine bed which appears to be a favourite place of all the Village children.

"What do you think of this new girl Mary ? " asks Ollie
"Well I don't believe she can do Magic!" scoffs Wolfie
"Yes " chimes in Peter " Magic ! It's tragic !" he laughs

"Toby said he saw her get a big rocking horse out of a tiny bag !" Ollie confides
" I wouldn't listen to Toby ! " says Wolfie " He told me he was chased by a giant walnut whip once! and that he could have beaten Bradley Wiggins to a gold medal in cycling! "

" If I saw a giant walnut whip I'd have been chasing it! and when I caught it I'd have taken a big bite!" says Peter " I love chocolate!"

"I'd love to chase and catch a big snickers bar !"

"Knickers bar! " crows Ollie mishearing " You want to chase knickers! "

"No Dozy! I said SNICKERS bar! "
Ollie giggles " but it would have been funny chasing your knickers! "
all the boys giggle then roar with laughter, making silly jokes about chasing pants , knickers and other items round the garden

They start getting even sillier if possible with what or who they'd be chasing and trying to bite! I think we'll leave them to it, I cannot see them calming down for a while yet ! typical boys!



  1. Oh-oh - I smell retribution aout to fall on Mary mockers...

    These three are so much fun together. Love their varied hair 'styles' so you can be sure of which one you are talking to. They definitely belong together. Bertie is very envious and may demand a twin, but he is NOT going to be one of triplets, no matter what. These guys seem quite a handful!

  2. I can't comment on this Dee...they are GOTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That said I am fond of the little no noses......great pictures of them....

  3. Think they'll have to run a Marathon after those Knickers!!!

    1. My neighbour calls them Sneakers - ideal for Running a marathon, if you are nuts enough.....

  4. Three little cuties, I love their unruly hair and their button noses. Sometimes when I see the boys with their no noses, I think I'd like to have I mustn't go down that road!
    The alpine garden is looking good. Make the most of it though because very quickly those alpine plants do seem to thrive and grow very well, filling all the spaces, as we have found with our rockery!!

  5. I used to hate it in the classroom when the boys got this silly. You're quite right by just walking away and ignoring them until it's all passed.

    My very favourite of ALL your blogposts was that one of Toby in 2012 doing the Olympic cycling time trials (with that huge stopwatch) and stopping half way round to eat an energy giving snack...(with then that one featuring him and Zak playing on your friend's garden windmill and after breaking it, casually walking away saying that they would say that they had been no-where near it, in second place!)
    Still smile and have a little chuckle every time I remember these!

  6. Hahahahahaaa! And I agree with Kendal about disliking it when the boys in class got this silly about knickers and bottoms! But that was only because I had to make sure I never ended up giggling with them! LOL!