Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Having spoken to Kendal who informs me that people like to see what others receive for their birthday gifts especially if they are Sasha related. I have taken some photo's of my birthday gifts.

First up it as to be Caitlin my minty No Navel girl bought for me by my lovely DH Paul.

Next is Mimi by slate eyed brunette ponytail girl which was a present from me to me! ( Well she arrive just after my birthday so she counts!) and she is wearing a beautiful purple Vintage Sasha outfit with purple Jean Jensen shoes given to me by Kendal .

Kendal's gift arrived in this beautifully wrapped box which also contained .....

These lovely plants and two watering cans just perfect for the twins, who cannot wait to use them in the garden.

From Steve I received these wonderful Rosie Bloomfield shoes, a shoe maker that I love.

Agnes very kindly models the shoes .

Gill bought me a Ruth Hartley Holiday outfit which Paige just looks so sweet in, it could have been made just for her!

Just had to add another photo !

My daughters gave me some money to spend as I wished, they knew it would be on something Sasha! So I bought these two Ruth Hartley repro smocked dresses that I have wanted for ages.

and also this new outfit by Ruth Hartley which I wanted since it appeared recently on her site.Now I just have to decide whose going to wear them first!

I received two Sasha birthday cards, the one on the left from Kendal showing Claudia in the garden and the one on the right from Gill showing Agnes, I do love these cards which make a great keepsake of our Sasha's.

I had a fabulous Sasha based birthday this year for which I thank all my Family and friends.



  1. What great gifts!
    My girls have the same red skirt/blouse set by Ruth.
    We both have such great taste in clothing our children! LOL.
    Am I a little nuts? I think i saw the beginnings of this post a few days ago? Grrr. Don't tell me Blogger is playing up? I'm having SO much bother with Wordpress just now.
    Will be in touch soon - hospital beckons, BORING!!

    1. Thank s Jenni
      Yes I would say that we do indeed have great taste in Sasha outfits!! lol No you are not nuts, I started this post off and was keeping it until I had received my dresses from Ruth, but instead of pressing save I pressed POST!! so I deleted it!!! yes did not realise I could just remove it, so had to start again!! but saved it until ready to publish!

      Hope you escape the Hospital soon! You should be charging them for all this time you are giving them!!
      Dee xx

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  2. As Sir Bruce Forsyth used to say in his programme, The Generation Game, 'Didn't he/she do well!' So I'm repeating this to you here on account of your wonderful Sasha related birthday gifts.

    Not just ONE beautiful Sasha doll but TWO, not just one attractive Sasha outfit but many.....Aren't you a very lucky girl then?
    How we Sasha Doll collectors just love to receive Sasha 'goodies' on our special days.
    Definitely a Sasha birthday to remember!

    1. I most certainly did very well!! Yes TWO Sasha's spoilt or what!! I love getting Sasha gifts having reached the age that there is not an awful lot else I what or need!!
      Definitely a very very good Sashatastic birthday !!
      hugs Dee xx

  3. What a lovely collection of pressies - have to admit I'm well jell!
    Are the little plants real ? The spikey ones look like aloevera.

    1. Thanks Rosie, The little plants are plastic but do look so real! If those spiky ones are Aloevera I'll tell Paul he can have one !! lol
      Dee xx

  4. What lovely pressies you got Dee, lucky you! And like Jenni, I was wondering what on earth had happened to your post because I could see it on my blogger dashboard the other day but couldn't get to it when I clicked on the link!!
    Anyway, going back to your birthday, I hope you had a lovely day, you certainly did have some lovely pressies!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      Yes I did post in error but deleted because it was not finished and not meant to have been published!!
      I did have a lovely day and the weather was kind, which is always a plus!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  5. I agree with Kendal that it is so nice to see your birthday gifts! Two Sasha dolls!!! How wonderful is that? They are both beautiful and look so nice in their outfits. I like their names--Caitlin and Mimi :). It was nice to see the many Sasha gifts too. I look forward to seeing your new outfits on your girls. A very wonderful post Dee and it looks like you have had a most memorable birthday celebration!!! :) xxxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I always worry that people would think I am showing off saying look at me! and I am not that kind of a person who likes to blow their own trumpet as they say!
      Although both girls are gotz they are so different which is lovely.
      Yes now I have the new Outfits I'm going to have to do a change for some of the girls but it's such a nightmare deciding who to choose!! :) xxx