Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Well the DH asked me what did I want for my Birthday? He knew the answer would involve something Sasha related and it just so happened I had seen the perfect present!
It involved  bidding and waiting and hoping the photo's were only showing dirt and not marks but after a week and much to my surprise I had won my birthday present!

The seller was lovely and posted the parcel quickly and it arrived on Saturday. Now I know that was before my birthday but Paul, very kindly said it was no good putting her away as I would only want to keep checking her and trying to see if her face was just dirty or marked.

So here is my birthday present from Paul.

Yes a beautiful No Navel red haired, full brown eyed girl, complete with most of her original outfit .

It appeared thank goodness that she was just dirty not marked and she smells as if she is new!! Her jacket smart and in nearly new condition. I even got out the three Ann's book to read up on her and she is a 69 No Navel girl.

So she was given a  good wash but not her hair as it's very clean and new looking and I did not want to ruin it with an unnecessary wash.

Her name is Caitlin and here she is scrubbed and changed into a new outfit or two!

What a difference a good wash makes!

To say I am happy with her would be an understatement!

Her hair which was tied back in a low loose ponytail is thick and vibrant.

Another view.

Hattie very craftily offered up her smocked dress and hat, so that Caitlin could have a photo taken with her two red haired sisters.

A closer look.

She is joined by Ginny and Martha.

Well no one is more amazed that me that I now have three red haired No Navel's! When I bought Ginny a few years back I thought that she would be my one and only, then along came the opportunity to buy Martha , one I never thought I would own! and Now Caitlin, who I was sure we would be outbid on but no! It would seem that she was meant to come here to the Sasha Village!

So Three of the four reds are now here, will a fourth ever join them? well before this post I would have said extremely unlikely but I guess it's never say never in the case of these girls.
My total of no navels now stands at EIGHT!, three reds, three blondes and two brunettes, it would have been nine if I had not sold a blonde to Michelle and I have to once again say I am not aiming for the twelve HONEST!!!!

I will show my other birthday presents in another post.



  1. HAPPY days indeed! It's always so wonderful to receive a Sasha Doll for your birthday.....especially a gorgeous red haired No-navel , these being your very favourite of all times!

    Catlin is a very pretty name. (Am quite envious of the way you can so quickly choose a name for all your new dolls whilst I'm still 'umming and aahing' after years to name most of my girls and babies.... though managed the fewer boys ok.)

    How kind and thoughful?!?! of Hattie to relinquish her pretty smocked dress so that Catlin could pose with her two sisters as 'Three little maids from school are we' from Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado.
    (Unfortunately I fear that the case of Hattie 'in a smock' case might now be closed forever.... so make sure that you keep those photos safe for any future references!)

    Personally I can't see Catlin being the last of your No-navels dolls to enter the Sasha Village......but stand to be corrected! Can almost see that blonde being returned from your sister's to the fold.
    (PS. Not too sure if she is a 69 lass from these photos, probably more of a 70s girl... but what does a year matter with such a super doll in your midst?)

    1. Thanks Kendal, can not quite believe I have three of them! :) It's funny with names, usually they come to me when I see the Sasha or Gregor and 9 times out of ten it means they will come home here! and it's not normally a good sign if I cannot find their name or cannot remember it!

      Yes wasn't it 'kind' of Hattie to escape... I mean donate her dress to Caitlin ! I may just have to frame that photo of Hattie in the smocked dress! For I surely will not see the like again anytime soon!

      I think I am going to have to never say never re these Sasha's , they do just seem to call to me!!
      It matters not which year she is , for me I just love them whatever year they are!!

  2. Oh my! She's lovely - as must be your DH, Paul!

    It seems I'm to have an orbital sander for my next birthday so that I can finish sanding the front door....... I'm toying with a gift of divorce papers or a Kenwood Chef mixer for Bruce this Christmas, unless, as I suspect, he's joking!

    I do hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry my feeble effort at a greeting was so late - so many things happened here that internet time got pushed back.

    Now, how will poor Hattie manage without her smocked dress? Did she not convert to wearing what the Village trend dictates? Won't she feel left out? She is also a red-head, remember. She should be with the three girls above, wearing matching outfits. (There, that's me removed from Hattie's Christmas card list, I fear!)

    Caitlin is indeed stunning. Her hair is amazing. She's my contemporary and I can't imagine what hair care regime she has used to maintain such a glorious mane - the rest of us are thinning and silver or resorting to the hair dye bottle, lol.

    Come on, Dee! Keep up - you are out of Sasha no navel balance - you are a brunette short. But that will be 9, an odd number. There's absolutely no way round it, it will have to be a dozen, four of each. Oh, but then, will that mean you don't have the right eye colour balance? I've lost count, my maths skills have faded..... just let me get my socks off.... I've run out of finger .... need toes to help me work this out... oh, DARN... just keep buying them, what do numbers matter?

    Given that I was so rude as to delay Dee's birthday greetings, I hereby announce that her birthday is a two day event. So, HAPPY SECOND DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY EVENT!

    Jenni xx

    1. Yes and Yes to both those statements :)
      A sander could be good?? well if he's fed up with life and wants to watch you working on a long slim box.....

      Hattie was whistling a happy tune as she dashed out the door when last I saw her ! And if she reads your comments , never mind being off the Christmas card list ! It's her hit list you want to avoid!!!
      Well I must confess I had noticed that I am a brunette no Navel down, so may have to keep an eye open for a suitable sister for Raven and Winter but not for a I have said that one will appear !

      Yay! A two day birthday!! I do believe I'm old enough to handle such an event!! so many thanks for my extra day :))
      Dee xx

  3. Happy birthday - whenever it is! Stunning girls and dresses

    1. Thank's Tricia, It was yesterday. I do so love red haired Sasha's and No Navels! :)

  4. Oh happy day indeed!! What a lucky girl!! Caitlin is lovely complete in her new smocked dress & her hair is stunning! Guess that you really did have a good birthday. Hope that you have many more...Carol

    1. Thanks Carol, I am very lucky and more than happy with this new girl joining the Village Clan

  5. Wonderful Dee, just love your Caitlin and her hair is fantastic!!!! She has her own expression too and does not look like Ginny or Martha so what a find! A great birthday present!!!! xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I am so happy with her and as you say the others are totally different :)
      Yes a great birthday present indeed! :) xx