Sunday, 5 February 2017


We have lots of great photos this  month and some have taken this months theme as their muse.

 First up we have Ursula's children and they have cut out a U and a Heart to show just how much they love their mum .

They are also showing off their new sweaters that Mum's been knitting to keep them all warm.

There's also been talk about needing more shelves ! So they can show off their lovely clothes better because with Mum keep adopting children she'll need to keep knitting!

Now we have Karin's beautiful girl Elisa showing us her lovely purple tulips.

a wonderful splash of vibrant colour for these winter days.

and picking up this months theme on words, her girls stand on the antique writing desk where people down the years have written their letters to family friends and others. This desk was partly shown in a previous shelf photo , with questions as to whether it was in church or court! the mystery is now solved.

Next is Anne who has taken this months theme for her photo celebrating togetherness and connection.

 Now we have Ginger's shelf of delectable girls saying hello from the US.

 Now we have another photo on this months theme from John from Gregoropolis  who says.

Words of Love > Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota read a letter from Daddy John's grandfather to his wife. The letter is dated November 1918; Grandpa was stationed in France for World War 1 and they had been married for just under a year. By Benjamin is a photo of Grandpa & Grandma sneaking a kiss behind his hat ( taken in 1917 before their wedding ). Benjamin and Pete are so proud to have such a man in the family.

And how perfect the next photo is after Benjamin and Pete's, is Jane showing us a young Gregor taking flowers to his love! Which girl does he admire? Miss Red dress? or Miss Checker? or is he just getting some tips and encouragement from  a couple of his sisters before he goes in search of his love? and in the background a picture of someone reading from a book to link with this months theme on words!

Valentine with his biscuit tins and solitary biscuit, he's thinking of going into the biscuit business with hearts as his trademark ! Only problem seems to be that everyone eats his biscuits before he gets to sell them.......

Jenni's trio dressed in Diane Duke sweater and hat sets to keep them warm in the Welsh winter!
she says Two of my triplets are excited to have their new Auntie Di sweaters. Myfanwy is wearing the first ever of her town houses designs, Harri has the chapels design and Carwyn is wearing the school house set met for Rhodri.

From Carol in Canada  Three dolls she is restoring to give to charity and her Christmas present from her granddaughters on the right, they felt she deserved one since she's dressed their dolls so well for years!

From Lel we have her Miss wearing a dress covered in the Alphabet ! What a perfect dress for this month's theme on words..

There is still room for more so please send photos , anyone else would like to join in.

and many thanks to everyone whose taken part this month.



  1. Beautiful pics. I totally love the Volkswagen jumper!

  2. I love seeing everyone's dolly shelf photos......there is just so much dolly joy to look at.
    And I am totally in love with that antique writing desk of Karin's. I could write for hours sitting at that!

  3. A lovely varity of dolls and settings, as always. Thank you for sharing them all with us, Dee!

  4. Wonderful shelf photos, I enjoyed seeing each one! Many thanks to everyone for sending in their photos and many thanks to you Dee for posting them! 😊 xxx

  5. PICS!! So lovely, all the Sashaa and Gregs abroad :)

    ps. ...the VW-Sweater was a gift to Trendon from SimplySasha and Rosie Laird!

  6. What a lovely bunch of shelf photos again this month. I like that some have a theme and others are just looking pretty or handsome.

  7. Gee, this post was fun to read and to see the photos. Thanks for sharing this.