Tuesday, 9 October 2018


Mabel Lucy and Sophie and sitting quietly enjoying some reading in Sophie's case and playing with Clint the Eastwood bear in Mabel Lucy's.

They have been enjoying themselves for a good hour when three elephants appear and walk across the room. Sophie pauses and watches them pass through the room.

Mabel Lucy suddenly reacts  turning and looking over the arm of the chair !

" I could swear something just passed by my chair ? " she says confused " It felt so strange !"

" Oh it did " confirms Sophie " just three little elephants passing through "

" Three...... three elephants just walked through the room  !" repeats a stunned Mabel Lucy

" Yes " Sophie confirms again " They were very cute "

"Elephants in the living room.... just walking by.... " Mabel Lucy still cannot quite believe it.. " I wish I'd seen them !"

" Where did they come from? where are they going? "
" I believe they belong to the Elephant Sanctuary that's due to open next year in the village just over the hill"
" Oh how wonderful ! " says Mabel Lucy excitedly " can we go visit please !"
" Yes next spring when they open , we'll get mum to take us we can meet the Schoenhut's then "

They girls settle back into what they were doing before three elephants wandered across the living room.
Mabel Lucy telling Clint that he too can come visit the little elephants and the show me huts people "
Sophie listening just smiles, then gets back to reading her book.


" I don't think they saw us " Sighs the lead little elephant
" I'm not so sure " says the one at the rear, " I'm sure that girl with the yellow hair looked straight at me !" the little elephant gulped
"When ! " says the middle elephant in a stern voice " Are you going to admit you are lost!" he nudges the one in front with his trunk
" I have a perfect sense of direction!" replies the lead elephant " It's just along here and then down and over to the right "

"It's getting very dark " says the elephant at the back
" Well let's stop here for the night and we'll carry on tomorrow  , It won't take long once it's light "
 " I told you he's lost " mutters the middle one....



  1. LOL How cute is that! Those elephants look like they're made of modelling clay, they're a very cute shape. I suspect that sometimes when I'm engrossed in a book, a herd of elephants could walk through our lounge and I would probably miss it too!!!

    1. I am certain a herd of pygmy elephants could walk across a room if I was engrossed in a book and I'd not notice a thing! :) xx

  2. At first I was envisioning a disastrous outcome along the lines of the film Elephant Walk! However these are sweet little elephants, and obviously no one at Sasha Village would do anything as thoughtless as building a tea plantation in the middle of their path.

    I can't wait to see the sanctuary!

    1. We are extremely environmentally friendly and also animal lovers here in the village , we especially love elephants of all sizes, not just pygmy ;).

      The Elephant Sanctuary will be opening in the spring of next year, they'll be a big hullabaloo when it happens.. :)

  3. Poor Mabel Lucie - I hope the hefalumps find their sanctuary soon!

    1. Yes such a shame she missed them.... they are heading almost in the right direction... I'm sure that middle elephant will be taking the lead soon... :)

  4. How wonderful it must be to live in a world where elephants walk through your living room, I think I would enjoy living there. :)

    You have a great imagination Dee, I do enjoy stories that make me smile.

    1. Wouldn't that be great ! I love elephants but I'd hope they be as careful as these were on their way through ;)
      Thank you :) x

  5. Just LOVE your Sasha stories. More please.

    1. Once the Chat n Snaps out the way, will do :)

  6. Wonderful post! The elephants are just adorable and so nice to see them. I love the Sasha room. The furnishings are perfect and the girls look sweet and at home. 😊 xxx