Friday, 19 October 2018


and all through the house, everything is stirring but hopeful no mouse!!

Yes it's that time of year when I gather it all together , buy food and also think it's not enough even though it's cost a kings ransom!
Try to make sure everything is packed and ready to be loaded, first thing in the morning ,to arrive at 9 am and start dragging tables and chairs about the hall, ready for everyone's arrival after 10. 30.

I have taken some photos of some of the raffle prizes that have been sent for tomorrow.

This is baby Lottie with her small wardrobe of clothing, paid for by donations from Carol Liversage and Brenda Walton plus a little of the ticket money.

We also have this young lady donated by Paul and myself. Shelly Baxter kindly donated the cost of their postage.

Plus this pair of Gothic ballet shoes.

Diane Dailey kindly sent this pretty Sasha outfit.

Rosie Laird sent some of her fabulous knitwear.

From Kendal we have a lovely dollydoodle baby/ toddler outfit.

and from Ronny Waters that was, this box of perfect Sasha sized props.

Tomorrow there will lots more plus a blonde Sasha from Petrana, so it looks like another good raffle for the charity.

I thank everyone for donating to the raffle and also all those who will be buying tickets tomorrow , it makes up a big part of the funds raised on the day.

I look forward to seeing you . who are attending tomorrow and for those that cannot take part, there is still time to send in your Halloween trick or treater for the post tomorrow.

Now I must go find half a dozen things as usual !



  1. Have the best of FUN tomorrow. I am so sorry that I can't be there too *boo hoo* so I am eagerly looking forward to seeing photos of the event and hearing (secondhand) about all the chat xxx

  2. I hope everyone had a fantastic time at the Chat n Snap Dee, well, I think it goes without saying really :)
    The raffle prizes are lovely, there are going to be some very happy Sasha lovers today!

  3. Love how these Sasha events for Charities bring out the very best of kindness and generosity in our Sasha collectors.
    Have a wonderful time everyone!