Monday, 8 October 2018


One hundred and two years ago,  today , my great uncle Charles Lench was killed in the battle of the Somme, he was twenty years old.

Many young men, on both sides, lost their lives in this brutal and bloody war. A whole generation never returned to enjoy the fruits of the freedom they fought for. But to this day we do and we should remember life is precious and someone somewhere paid the price so we did not have to.



  1. So sad to hear that about your great uncle, so very young to have lost his life.
    Saying a Thanksgiving prayer for all those who fought for our country in this battle.

  2. Just 2 weeks later my mother's cousin was killed at Lens near Loos after serving at the Somme for several weeks. Exactly 100 years later we retraced his last 2 months around the Somme and his walk to Lens, then visited his grave, I blogged about it in 4 parts on my other blog (not the doll blog as we didn't take a doll on that 2 day pilgrimage). He was the only person in our family who was killed in WW1 as far as I know. It was immensely sobering to see all those graves. May they all rest in peace.

  3. What a lovely poignant post Dee, and such a sad tale too of your great uncle losing his life in that terrible war. So young to be cut down in his prime.
    Many years ago I went on a school trip to see the war graves and it was, as DollMum says above, immensely sobering. :(