Friday, 26 October 2018


One of the things about the Chat n Snap is that because the photos are shared on the facebook group and also the different blogs. People who have not attended can to see what was available on the sales tables.

I then get requests asking  if the doll etc is still available and then I pass those details on to the sellers and more selling is done.

I myself almost always land up coming home , then think I wish I'd bought so and so or had a second look at such n such, and so it was this time.

So many of these dresses I wouldn't mind having.

I was soon messaging Petrana about this dress , I've liked it for ages and when I saw it on her sales table I thought I'd go back for it but of course forgot! So a message and it was on it's way to me. Yes it's more of a spring /summer dress but I'm pleased to have it ready and waiting.

another thing I liked the look of was Chris Meatyard's blue and white dinner/tea set but I totally forgot to go check it out and I thought do I really need another tea set ? Not really....

But then I thought just where I could use it and so another message was sent and the tea set was on it's way here.

I thought it would look lovely on the dresser in the old style kitchen I am setting up. Now of course I'm thinking it would look even better on a wooden dinning room dresser! I'll have to keep a look out  for one!

Chris very kindly included this wonderful set of glass salt, pepper and mustard pot with spoon and tray! Sorry the photo is not so clear but I forgot to take one of it close up.

I had not even noticed this on her table and would definitely have bought it if I'd seen it as I just love anything of this quality in miniature.

That's one of the great things about a doll gathering ,where sales tables are involved, it's amazing what people can have for sale!

Now I'm just off to study everyone's photos again just in case I've missed any more treasure!!



  1. I know what you mean, the same thing happened to me in the sales room at the last Sasha Festival. It's just kind of a sensory overload, and difficult to keep one's wits. Oh wow, that tea set is wonderful! I can understand that you couldn't pass on that. Good that you have a new dress ready for next spring. I read somewhere that in the 19th century, society women would always put a new dress away for a season because it was considered gauche to wear a brand new dress. So now your girls will be right in style!

    1. Exactly! So much! it's hard to make a decision about everything you like.
      I'm so glad the tea set was still available when my mind kicked back in!

      Now I've always loved history and so putting a dress away until next year being an historical fact makes good sense to me.... did it say anything about not finding them again until two years or more later?

  2. I agree with both you and Gregor Daddies. sales tables on mass are rather overpowering especially when time and money are against you not to mention the other surrounding eager buyers.
    I like, and need, time to think, ponder and consider when purchasing anything, never mind Sasha related items and so often wish that there was more time and second chances on offer...which luckily there obviously was in your case.

    1. We are with you Kendal! I still kick myself for happily passing over the most beautiful knitwear by Catherine French to others, back in 2012, because my brain was off elsewhere ! My only consolation is that it was my very first Sasha event where sales tables existed and i didn't know that Catherine's knitwear was along the lines of hens teeth!

  3. Hi Dee!
    Nice to see another not so crazy person who purchases from photo follow ups! I have done the same because of shopping overload when visiting a doll show. And oh I am so pleased you bought the willow pattern china, it looks lovely in your dresser . . . I have a set just like it in my own dresser. LOL!

    1. So it happens to everyone , whatever their dolls!
      How lovely that you too have a willow patterned china set on your dresser :) xx

  4. I have been doing the same over the photos of the L Doll Festival that took place in Lyon, France last weekend. I've not been successful in my questioning of sellers yet, but hey, it's fun all the same, especially looking at all the photos over and over again!!!!
    PS Love your later purchases too.

    1. I think it's a great way to shop again, in the calm after the storm. Good luck finding what you wanted.
      Thanks xx