Wednesday, 13 February 2019


WALLOP ! That's me falling off the wagon that was supposed to be DRY February!

Yes I know it's not the 3rd of March but it did take until the 12th Feb which in and of it's self is , for me,  a record ! Come on lets be honest on other occasions I've been lucky to make it to twelve hours never mind twelve whole days..

I sort of forgot... I say sort of because it started with the socks.....for which I hold Ellen C accountable .. see below..

 I emailed Jane W and asked if she had some of her long socks left from the H&G and she said yes, so I bought a couple of pairs......  ( I could say since they were from H&G I was still within my five item limit ...okay yes that is stretching it somewhat! ) 

So far not so bad........ but then Rosie sends out her email saying her shop is stocked with her wonderful shoes.... my mind goes.... oh you should have bought some before , so lets go look.....
yes  I CRASH ed off the side of the wagon at this point but still clinging on by my fingertips.. two pairs of Rosie's shoes head my way...

The next item I am blaming purely on the Captain Patches, whose been sitting around looking handsome in his freshly laundered sweater ... so I go looking at bears.... only to find myself making an offer on one.. which is then accepted...... BANG... I'm now over the side and clinging to the tailboard barely keeping my tush out the dust!

But friends... it was to get worse , how I can hear you all say !!  you sip your coffee or tea and reach for a second biscuit !  
What was I not going to buy this month of  dryness?  Exactly !

There I was doing what one should never do when trying to be good, wandering around ebay late at night, on the Sasha pages.. just looking.... and there it is ! I am good and just place it in my watching, it's a good price and I've had this doll more than once.. in fact three times ! and they've always moved on.... So I'm safe... so I believe. Problem is I have always liked these dolls and usually regret having moved them on , thinking I should have given them more time and maybe worked on them.... I would have resisted I'm sure but for the price.......

WALLOP that's the sound of me crashing to the ground having lost my grip on the wagon of dryness 

So more of this sorry tale of a weak will when everything arrives hopefully tomorrow or Friday 



  1. OMG!! And I thought I was good at being bad! Oh well another doll shouldn't be too big a problem, even when there's no room at the inn, we still manage to make room. :)
    Loved this post Dee!

    1. I have it down to an art form :) I could probably compete in the Olympic's ;)
      Alas I can ALWAYS squeeze in one more lol :) xx

  2. That crash sounded extra loud because I'm afraid I fell off the wagon too. Don't feel bad, Dee. It had to happen eventually, and now at least we don't have to deal with the suspense of how and when it would happen. I'm sure it was for a good cause ;-)

    1. Yes I fear the echo of many crashes abound where Sasha's are concerned :) That's true the worry of when that fall would happen is now past and life can continue on as normal. It's always a good cause ;) x

  3. I’m still hanging on, not that it matters much because I’ll be making up for the lack of spending in February in March.
    How are you getting on with the things? I’m trying to average 10 items out a week. My target is 500 things gone by the end of the year. So far I’m on target. We’ll see how fast that grinds to a halt once the weather is nice and I’m outside gardening followed by the children coming home for the summer holiday.

    1. Well done you , woo and March plans eh! Must be worth it to keep you on the wagon :)

      That's a good way to have a goal amount to get rid of each week ! Great that you are on target so far. Yes that's the problem when the weather warms up and other things occur that stop us in our tracks! I've not done too bad, my report is in this Sunday's post. x

  4. LOL well Dee, I have to say that when you fall off that wagon you certainly do it with style! Not just one purchase, but loads of them....there's really no hope for you!! :D
    But I suspect you had fun, so that's the main thing...and as we've said before "never say never"!!!!

    1. :) I have to say I don't do things by half ;) No hope what so ever really !
      I never say never because I know it's not worth me saying it, it would have just left my mouth and my finger would be hitting the buy button within minutes! No Hope ! :) xx