Sunday, 10 February 2019


One year ago today, my beautiful youngest daughter Courtney, gave birth to my first grandchild,
Clara Elizabeth.
Time certainly does fly when you are having fun !

I'm typing this as Saturday becomes Sunday, while I wait for the two quiches I am cooking to finish, so they are ready to take with us to celebrate Clara Elizabeth's big day.

We collect the dog and cat sitter at 8 am and then we are off to join the family for some baby fun.

This is one of the present's I have bought her, a pull along dog with some of the alphabet on her back which when you press a voice tells you the letter and a word relating to that letter.

Clara is walking and also saying words, there is a mouse in her where's my dog, cat etc book on each page and when asked where the mouse is , she points and says there he is!

She is an animal lover and is more excited to see the dogs and cats on our Skype chats than Grandee although she does smile and chatter away at me.

 She's still getting poor mum up, a couple of times a night but apart from that is a gorgeous little girl , yes I'm her Grandee so would say that! :)

So I'm not be posting a proper catch up post today but will be back in a day or so with the sorry tale of Captain M.

Have a great Sunday.



  1. It's hard to believe that your granddaughter is already a year old. Before you know it, she and her Grandee will be making up all kinds of doll stories and adventures together! Hope everyone had a lovely time at the celebration.

    1. It's gone so quick ! Cannot wait for Her to come play with me and the villagers :) We had a great time and she was an angel , of course .lol

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Clara. Enjoy your special day with your family around you.

  3. Wow! Where has that year gone! Many Happy Returns and love to Clara!

    1. Thank you Ronnie. She is growing so fast ! x