Tuesday, 5 February 2019


So it's now the second showing for this years doll shelves. Still in winter so the dolls are all snuggled up inside for their photos.

First up is Gregoropolis

Steve just Gotz them together for a shelf photo and what a lovely group they are ! and how exciting is this...

Who is this young lady leading the way..... a beautiful No Navel girl ! So we welcome The Gregeropolis family to the we love No Navels club.

Emma , who is away at college as kindly broken her studies to send us in her doll shelf for February which includes so many cute animals and a GROOT! We love Groot!

In Switzerland , Karin's girl Aurora is wearing a lovely and warm Indigo dress with a pretty floral apron hoping it won't be long until spring arrives.

Bruno is handing out with Wren , I think he's hiding from Granny and her complaining about not having a proper shop yet!

Meanwhile Elora is now wearing some warm clothing and trying to pretend she's just an ordinary doll and blend in with the rest!

Margo, Magda, Merry, Sansa and Ashley are watching what's going on about the kitchen from the dresser.

From Ellen C we have this group of dolls dressed in lovely shades of green , I love the boys shorts with the long socks, so smart.

I wonder just what Ellen's dolls are up to in this photo ! Is the young girl on the box a look out? keeping watch while the others discuss something they don't want over heard by mum?...

She is definitely keeping watch and looking very smart in her blue outfit while she does so,as does her little brother below her.

These girls of Ellen's look like they are looking over at those secret chatters, wondering just what is going on...

Many thanks to those who have sent in their photos, still time to send in yours if you wish.



  1. Great to see that the girls are multiplying at Gregoropolis!
    A very happy second month of 2019 to all these shelf families.

    1. Isn't it! I'm sure those boys are enjoying having all those girls about :)

  2. Love how you have grouped them in their dress colour Dee ... gorgeous photos!
    Big hugs,

    1. They are Ellen Church's photos of her dolls. Which I always love, they are so well dressed and staged. Hugs xx

  3. I love seeing these shelf photos! :)

  4. Lovely shelf photos and many thanks to those folks that sent them in. Have a great weekend! 😊 xxx

    1. They are great and I hope you had a nice weekend too xx