Thursday, 23 May 2013


I was going to do another post about losing Lonely but due to the terrible events in London yesterday I do not think it would be appropriate, so we will move on.......

You may remember from the post about Gloria the little bear that's name is the same as my mother's, that I said I would have to get a brunette Sasha to be her mum. Well I was keeping watch on Shelly's site, which I will be sighting in my bankruptcy paper's as the main cause !, and had been admiring this brunette 69 girl for a while,so took the plunge and bought her.

Needing cheering up due to recent ebay events, I paid and asked Shelly to send her to me. She arrived yesterday and today she finally received a wash and some clothes.

So I present  Rosina ( my mum's second name which she loved ) Gloria. A 1969 brunette girl.Loved her face when I first saw her  but worried she might be a bit on the dark side but she is fine.

She is wearing a Vintage Sasha outfit that was awaiting her arrival.

A close up of her lovely face.I do like the brunette's in pink.

Here she is with Claudia my 1970 brunette with the lovely deep brown eyes.only a year between them but so different.

 Here is a full length view.

Hattie got some new clothes,that also arrived yesterday, a set off of Petrana that she took a fancy to.

I left the photo uncropped on the left so you could see the lovely dark sky that came over this morning along with the rain!

I did tell her that the red bow was way to big and maybe a nice white one would look better as would black or white shoe's but being Hattie she took no notice what so ever!

I did manage to get her to model the outfit I am sending to Rosie Shortell for the Festival. I asked my sister Michelle to make the top and crops, after seeing a lovely dress she made in this fabric, Hattie of course supplied the hat!
I am of course NoT sending the Rosie Bloomfield sandals which I love and wish I could buy more of!
Come back Rosie! your buyers await!!


  1. Congrats on the safe arrival of your new girl, she's gorgeous! Definitely a good choice. And yes, I can see Shelly's name being sited by me too! I am so totally addicted to her site!
    I love the two girls in their overalls outfits. And what can I say about Hettie! She looks gorgeous and unique, as always! As for the red bow, I have to say that it really is just 'her'!!

    On a somber note, the events in London yesterday were absolutely dreadful, but if evil extremists like that think that they can bring us Brits down and divide the country, setting one set of people against another, then they have another think coming. We're made of sterner stuff and pride ourselves on our diversity and respect for others. Even though I no longer live in the UK, I'll always pride myself on being British.

    My heart goes out to the family of the poor lad who was killed. May he rest in peace.
    Big hugs
    Sharon xx

  2. She's lovely, Dee. Hopefully just what the doctor ordered in light of certain events. I too am waiting for Rosie's return. A pair of yellow and a pair of tan shoes are defifitely on my wish list. Oh yes, and most likely any other new color she uses...

  3. Forgot to mention, I adore the red accents that Hattie chose.

  4. Little bear, Gloria's mum, Rosina, is really beautiful and displaying my favourite colourings of the Sasha Dolls.

    Love seeing the comparisons between the 1969 and 1970 girls who are both looking really smart in their vintage-sasha dungarees....though quite unable to choose one over the other.

    Trust Hattie to steal the show! She really is a 'whacky' character with her unique choice of clothing.
    I have to admit that I'm with her on her over sized red hair ribbon plus matching shoes. Just MAKES the outfit and LABELS it as HERS!

    Lastly, a lovely trendy outfit, made especially by your friend Gill for you to contribute to the US Festival raffle gift doll's wardrobe by some of the Europeon Sasha collectors (many of who that I was thrilled to have met when attending the 2012 UK Sasha Festival....which now seems so long ago but is still SO fresh in my memory!)

    (Enjoyed seeing the wonderful surrounding flowers that are obviously getting ready to be planted out in the garden very soon.)

  5. I hope no-one is offended by my comments above, as no offence meant.
    Hugs to everyone xxxx