Friday, 24 May 2013


TWELVE Bramber Bears
sitting on the bench
one made a terrible noise
causing quite a stench!

 " Oops excuse me " Diggory leaves...

ELEVEN little Bramber Bears
sitting in a row
one remembers a job to do
takes his leave and goes.

" Oh I am supposed to be helping Percy " says Percy

TEN little Bramber Bears
trying to fit on
"Your taking too much room up"
So he gets up and he's gone!

" It's not my fault I'm a warrior bear" grumbles Cirrus leaving the room.

NINE little Bramber bears
sitting nice and cosy
Aimee decides to wander off
and check the neighbours How nosey!

" I'm sure they are having work done, a new sofa arrived yesterday "

EIGHT little Bramber bears
start to toss and turn
Gertie's says she's had enough
she's off to school to learn

" I'm going to learn how to keep them bears in order!" she mutters going off..

SEVEN Little Bramber Bears
feeling very sleepy
Hugo decides to go to bed
making life more easy

" Goodnight everyone I'm off for a nap"

SIX Little Bramber Bears
discuss their mum's and dad's
One goes in search of hers
which makes the others sad

" I wonder which one's my mum? or dad? " says Annie wandering off

FIVE little Bramber bears
argue who goes next
one makes the offer
to put them to the test

" I'll go?" says Gloria, and then does when no one begs her to stay " Well how unfriendly " she sighs going on her way.

FOUR Little Bramber Bears
it's getting nice and roomy
one decides to leave the bench
it's getting rather gloomy.

 " Do you remember when Dexter went? " "And Violet and..."

THREE Little Bramber Bears
can now lay top to toe
until another hears a call
She really has to go.

" Did you hear that?" says Lila " I'm sure that was my little miss, I'd best go check"

TWO Little Bramber Bears
eye each other up
Mrs mum calls out for tea
"Who would like a cup?"

"Oh " says Edward " must dash, Mrs Mum's got in fresh bamboo for my sandwiches, no crusts!"

ONE Little Bramber Bear
feeling all alone
decides to go and call a friend
he's off to find the phone.

" I'll  give Delores a ring, not spoken to her in a while " mutters Mossy on his way to find the phone.

NO Little Bramber Bears
taking all the chair
So Storm gets on to sing this song
her sweet voice fills the air...

" Twelve Little teddies sitting on a bench..twelve little teddies...."

"Did you hear that?"
"Yes, what a sweet sound"
" yes lets go and join in"
"Yes lets "

All singing together " And if one little teddie should accidentally fall"
" Yes " says Mossy " Fall off the bench"
" No !" says Hugo
" You fall off "
" No your closest"
" Well I am also the smallest so you fall off "
The others carry on singing over their arguing.....


  1. Ooohhhh this is so incredibly cute! How on earth do you think all these things up Dee!!!! I love the little bears and it's so sweet that they all came back to join in the singing with Storm!
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with this lovely song and gorgeous photos!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. What can I say It's a curse!! :)
      Glad it made you smile

  2. Oh my goodness another super poem - I laughed out loud at the start and end.
    Just perfect :)

    1. Glad you laughed especially at the beginning :)
      and the end :)

  3. I remember doing 'Ten Sasha Babies sitting on a wall' a skit/take on 'Ten green bottles standing on a wall' for the Sasha World Magazine, though some years ago now, and had planned to do 'Ten Sasha babies in a bed' displaying ten of my Sasha babies in their Dollydoodles sleepsuits... but never seem to have the time to get them organised (though haven't as yet given up all hope!)
    .... BUT this is FAR superior in the fact that you have written your own wording to the rhyme and given it such a splendid ending with toddler Storm (whom I notice has on her new Special Delivery dress which has obviously recently arrived) in the final scenes.

    Superb post YET again! Just what we needed to warm us up with this cold and windy start again to the day.
    Can hardly believe that in a few weeks time (21st June) it will be the UK's longest daylight day!
    Apart from a few days here and there we don't seem to have had any Summer so far!

    (Loved the fact that my favourite bear, Mossy, got to stay the longest for me to look and admire him!)

  4. Well Kendal what was I to do stuck in doors due to the grey skys cold nasty wind and then the rain!
    Storm is beginning to be a bit like Mosyy always turning up in places! :)
    And I cannot believe that it will soon be the longest day and we have yet to have a week of sunny weather!!

    I must say I did write the five verses to five in the bed just after I finished writing this but mine was a very bad rhyme here's the first verse...
    there were five in the bed and the little one said
    " if you dont give me back my bear, i'm tempted to pull out your hair!" and I'm afraid it gets worse.. :) maybe that Lucas is hiding in the bed!!
    And what a surprise that Mossy managed to be the last bear standing!!!!