Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Where did that month go! I know I say this very  time but May seems to have gone even quicker than the others!
We are now nearly half way through the year ! But at least this month should see us with some warm weather and dry days.

 Up first are Ursula's doll shelves.

Her dolls have changed into their summer wear ready for this glorious month of sunshine!


The boys at Ursula's have joined some of the other house dolls.

Looking cool in their shorts


Ursula's new boy is quite shy and is standing over with the Kathe Kruse girls.

Karin's girls , Jane , Georgina and Anne are ready to spend the summer sailing, singing along to Rod Stewart.... we are sailing , we are sailing, stormy waters across the ....

Love this red haired gotz girl of Karin's.

Viv's girls are cuddling their new teddies.

Alice and Arthur have found love late in life and are setting up home in Wales with Jenni.

Enjoying some late sunshine.

From Ellen Church a lovely shelf of Blues.

These girls are off to the store to make a few purchases.

A girl and her duck

These beauties  are chatting and hanging out, I wonder what the two in the beret's are saying?

Here we have most of Julie's Raggedy Ann collection

and Emma W's girls enjoying a lazy afternoon.

Ginger's dolls sitting waiting .

Many thanks to everyone for sending in their photo's , there is still time to add more, we love too see lots of whats out there.

Happy birthday to anyone whose birthday falls this month, may it be happy and joyous and involve a doll or two.



  1. Oh wow! What fabulous dolly shelves. I so enjoyed looking at them. I have lots of new ideas about display now.
    Thank you everyone

  2. What a superb selection of doll shelves this month! Definitely a 'Royal Variety Show.'
    (Not sure if I can add to them although I do have an idea of what I'd like to do if time allows...but we'll just have to wait and see.)
    Particularly like Karin's Nautical photos of her gorgeous Gotz girls on that beautifully polished wooden chest/side board. Very smart yacht too.
    Viv's girl's new teddies look so sweet, soft and cuddly.
    Really like Ellen's girl's white wig in the photo of 'a girl and her duck.' (Now thinking that I too might already have one of these in my wig box so will go and check later.) Adore that duck!
    What a fun collection of Raggetty-Ann dolls Julie has amassed... (although don't think that I remember these dolls being around in my early childhood.)
    Ursula's dolls now all sensibly and prettily dressed for Summer put my Brood to shame as many of mine are still in their Winter wear!
    Am very envious of just how Jenni's Arthur and Alice still look so much in love after all their years of being together.
    Emma's girls look very 'cool' and relaxed and enjoying their lazy afternoon hanging/chilling out in one of their bedrooms.
    Our thanks to all those taking part above.
    Finally 'My Brood and I' would like to wish all those June birthday girls (which include my daughter!) a very happy day celebrating.
    PS. What! No Sasha Village shelves included today!!!

  3. All the shelf photos are wonderful! I especially love Alice and Arthur!! Thanks to all who sent them in! Happy birthday to all June-born boys and girls! Thanks Dee! :) xxx

  4. Another month and a great bunch of dolly shelf photos! I must send you some Dee (haven't we heard that comment somewhere before!!!!!) but I really haven't got a shelf here, the dolls are all lounging precariously on the spare bed, only to fall over sideways like dominoes every time I move someone!!!
    Oh well!
    Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate this month.....including ME!!!!!!!
    Big hugs xxx