Sunday, 8 January 2017


Well we are already one week in to the new year! So far I have sold a couple of dolls , bought a couple of dolls and damaged Paul's camera!

It's going to be at least a week before we know if that camera can be fixed for less than the price of a new one.... I jest the man said if it was what he thought ( the port having been moved due to it being yanked on when I tripped ) it would be around £60 ! bad enough but not dire! But it won't be sent off to the repairs until Tuesday, so who knows when It will return !

My old point and shoot camera is around... somewhere... problem being that it was kept in one place but then before Christmas that place, a cupboard that housed the family computer was cleared out and the use changed after we decided that the old family computer could be scrapped as I prefer to use Paul's work one. So now I cannot remember where I put that camera for safe keeping!

Now there is two words.. Safe keeping ! I cannot name the number of times I have put things somewhere for safe keeping only to forget exactly where that safe place is! Like no doubt everyone else there are a few places , a certain drawer, cupboard , room , that you will put things and those you can lay your hands on immediately but then there are the safe keeping that you do when tidying/changing the place of quite a few items and your brain goes.. yes that's a good place for that and that and that and too much info.... put.. it in that grey cell at the back and then your brain forgets what grey cell it stored that info!

Of course it might help if I looked for it! but having caught the cold that is doing the rounds in the UK at the moment I don't have a lot of energy. So I may try using my ipad camera, which will be a laugh as I seem to take half a dozen photos at once!

So apart from dolls coming and going and camera's breaking, Paul's been working on the stained glass panels for the front door.

 So discussions on which of the colours to use, how many and where each colour would go. I have been surprised in just how big the glass panel is!
I have to say it is so interesting seeing it all cut , placed and then come together. I fancy having a go at doing some stained glass myself at a later date and since Paul intends to sort his side of the workshop out for the purpose of him making more stain glass, I will hopefully get a chance in the summer.

We have kept the door glass design very geometrical in keeping with the design from the period and as I said to Paul, we can always change it in five years once he's had more practice for a massively complicated design with swirls and rounds etc! just joking !
But we could change it years down the line if we wanted as it is a separate panel that will sit in front of the double glazed unit.

Luckily I had been taking photos of the progress and loading them onto the computer so I had these ready to share. Here you can see the side panel being formed and the true colour of the glass.

well I took a photo or six with the ipad and here is one of the finished side panel, well almost finished it's been left to dry since yesterday and needs to have a final clean and rub down.

The glass is a lot brighter than seen here,( remember the above photo ) needed some sun behind it plus still getting used to send and downsizing photo on the ipad!

On the doll front I bought the most lovely little tea set off Ebay. I was doing my usual browsing when I came across a sweet little set. I purchased it and carried on browsing when I found another slightly bigger set which I thought would suit my larger non Sasha dolls, so I pressed the button on the buy it now and it's been the first one to arrive and I'm so pleased I bought it! I'd begun , as you do, to wonder if it would be too big but when it arrived I was happy to see just how delicate and pretty it is. I truth I probably don't need another doll tea set but then since I love china big and small it's part of that collection, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  ;)

 Another photo via the ipad, at least this time I knew to downsize it first before sending!
I cannot wait to take some photos using this new little tea set! But what with having at present no proper camera and no space as Paul's again taken over kitchen table to do the stain glass main panel.
I'm going to have to go find space elsewhere.

So with that in mind, I'll finish up and wish you all a lovely coming week ahead.



  1. Fab job with the stained glass you are really pleased with it....Not so good news about the camera though (:

    1. The boys done good , so far :) alas no not good camera news :(

  2. That stained glass panel is both must be thrilled with it. And I will keep my *fingers crossed* for you about the camera.
    And well done on the dolly selling and the for dolly buying.....I love that little tea set and can't wait to get an idea of the scale when you use it with the dolls for the first time.

    1. On behalf of my workman ( Paul ) I thank you :) We are very pleased with it and it will be nice once they are both ready to go in and we can see the finished result.
      I had doll sell I'd had on offer for a while and another who sold straight away which is lovely when it happens.
      The tea set is so sweet I cannot wait to use it, so may use the ipad to get some photos.

  3. Wow, what amazing glass work. Paul is so talented. Great little tea set too. Looks really lovely. The photos always look so much better on the blog. Also like your musings! 'smile'! xxx

    1. Thank you Karin , Paul is a jack of all trades but also a master of some of them! :) Thank goodness or it would be down to me or paying someone! We are a great team , I have most of the idea's and he makes them work :)
      I love to muse and amuse :)) xx

  4. Dee that glass panel is lovely, Paul is doing a beautiful job on it and I'm sure you're doing an equally good job of supervising him ;)
    The tea set is also very nice. My mum has a tiny little teaset rather like this one although it has little shamrocks all over it....the name of the maker escapes me now but it's a well known one. I'm hopeless at these things!
    well I hope you find your camera, I can completely relate to the 'safe place', honestly, I have so many of them but they are never the ones where what I'm actually looking for is stored!!!!

    1. Thank you Sharon,he is doing a grand job and I am barely needing to stick my oar in at all! Just the usual checking... ;)
      The tea set is sweet and I am so glad I bought it, this one is an English maker called Chelson China.
      Yes I hope so too, problem is I've not tried looking yet! lol Probably with those other things in that safe place !

  5. Great stained glass design. Will the main panel replicate this side on a larger scale or be slightly different?

    Luckily £60 doesn't sound too bad for the camera repair.

    Dear little teaset. I still have my childhood OOAK doll's set (for six) although two of the pieces have unfortunately got broken over the years... so probably only for four now.

    Perhaps our wording for in 'safe places' should read in 'un-findable places' especially when the item/s is/are needed to be found for immediate usage?'

    1. Thank you Kendal, The large panel is similar to the side panel, you'll see it soon :)

      Yes if it's only £60 I will feel I got off lightly!

      Maybe you could share a photo of your OOAK dolls tea set, I love china as much as I love dolls! :)

      Yes Safe place does seem to be too safe !

    2. Shall hopefully be including a photo of it when I finally get round to doing my Sasha profile for Theresa!!!
      I'm thinking that its size is more in keeping to use with the Studio Dolls. My mother and father had it especially made for me when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

    3. That will be nice to see then :)

  6. The stained glass panel is amazing! The photo your ipad took of the tea set looks ok to me, but I hope Paul's camera will go back to the singing and dancing soon!
    The tea set is lovely, it would have been too hard for me to resist, too!

    1. Thank you :) The ipad take a little getting used to but the photos not too bad but hard to crop well before sending.
      I knew a doll people would understand about the tea set :)

  7. Beautiful stained glass and tea set!

  8. Very beautiful stained glass and so special that Paul is creating such a vision for your front door. Lovely tea set too! ❤ xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger ;) it is lovely that the window will be Paul's work for us to see everyday :) I do love china in ALL sizes :) xxx