Tuesday, 12 September 2017


From the tropical gardens we went on to the seaside town of Weymouth , it was a nice day and there were plenty of people on the beach most of them I've managed to crop from the photo!.

We visited Barrington Court, we'd been here years ago and it was nice to come back for another visit.

Some magnificent planting in their long borders, looking good even on the cool damp day we visited.

The entrance round the back!
Barrington Court had fallen into disrepair and was basically being used for storage by a local farmer.
It was bought by the National Trust no long after they were first founded, when large historical properties were being destroyed because no one could no longer afford to maintain them plus after the 1st world war so many men had died and those who returned moved to work elsewhere.

Although the trust and bought the property they could not afford to save it !
Colonel Lyle of the Tate and Lyle sugar company , who had been wounded in the first world war, was looking for somewhere to recover and raise his family after the horrors of the war, he agreed to take on a 99 year lease and also pay for the restoration of the building.

rooms like these had been used to store barrels, you can see in the hanging.

I love the colour this rooms been painted and I have always wanted a window seat and here they have three!

Beautiful staircases


The top floor runs from one wing

across the main part of the building

to the other wing, where a hologram of an owl plays because they were living in these halls due to the bad condition of the roof back when Colonel Lyle took up renting the building.

new stair cases had to be made for the wings, I love the detail in this one, that twist and turn in the rails.

Oak ceiling panels.

wonderful locks!

 the internal courtyard

Massive walled kitchen garden

Centre of the kitchen garden

The fruit of the medieval Medlar tree, called by the french.. the dogs..... a... !

Although empty of furniture, which I think is a shame, as it would look great filled with 1920's furniture of the style used by the Lyle family while living here, it is well worth a visit, lots to see and wonderful gardens.



  1. Wonderful! The Jurassic Coast is full of wonderful places to visit. We lived in Weymouth in the old fisherman cottages, not more than 50' from the harbour, for 6 years. We loved it there :)

    1. What a wonderful place to have lived, especially right on the coast! Lucky you :)

  2. A very impressive home and grounds and the history too. I love the architectural details captured in your photos. It is sad that it it is standing empty but at least saved from ruin. A beautiful place to visit. 😊 xxx

    1. It is Ginger, you'd have loved wandering round :) xxx

  3. Another great day out! Loved the Autumnal flower boarders and the long top flour gallery where the ladies took their daily walking exercise on inclement weather days to stop their footwear and dress hems getting dirty and ruined.
    Impressive courtyard flagged pond and I've always wanted a stone walled garden.

    1. That was the life , walking along the long gallery to get your exercise when it was too cold or wet outside.
      Me too so would like a walled garden... keep telling my only unattached girl she needs to find a nice young builder ;)

  4. Another stop off on our way home from Devon at some time - the house was empty when we visited - but there was furniture being sold somewhere on the site I seem to remember?

    1. Could have been the one that once had an antique dealer using the lower rooms? I know there was one that did a few years back.

  5. What a gorgeous home. I love all of the beautifully carved woodwork. The stairs and paneled ceiling are amazing.

    1. It is and I love all that woodwork but I'd not like having to clean it or pay someone else too! :)

  6. What a grand place. It's good it has been saved, though it would certainly look even better furnished. The kitchen garden is just wonderful.

    1. It is and I agree, even if they just furnished a room on each floor it would be nice to see.
      The kitchen garden was enormous ! It would take you a couple of days just to weed it!