Saturday, 9 September 2017


I, of course, took a few dolls with me and one little bear ! He insisted on coming as he needed to visit Glastonbury, an ancient medieval site of mystic and magic.... or so he said!

Luckily I had taken my new girl Saffy, not wanting for to feel abandoned with us going away so soon after her arrival.

So I had someone to keep an eye on him , when I was busy elsewhere.

One day they decided to have a game of chess!

 It looked to be very serious!

Unfortunately Saffy had to stand but then so did Mossy so he could make his moves!

"What's this one again? " Mossy asks
"A Pawn " Saffy replies for the fifth time.
" A  Prawn? Why's it called after a fish ? "
"Pawn not Prawn " says Saffy very calmly for one whose heard that same thing five times already !
Mossy is giggling to himself.

" and this one's a knight? " Mossy asks for the fifth time
" Yes " replies Saffy and before he can say the same thing yet again continues " and no you cannot have all knights, you have to play with them as they are !"
Mossy huffs

" mm oh  hummmm " Mossy dithers
Saffy turns away " Any chance you may make a move soon? only we go home in two days and I'd like to at least have a chance to move another piece by then!"

" Mmm " mutters Mossy " If I move my prawn to there you could get me! "
Still he dithers
Saffy sighs " I hear tell that they are going to Glastonbury tomorrow..... "

Suddenly Mossy's moving his prawn.. I mean pawn all over the board with Saffy watching in amazement and trying to keep up !
Then he says " Sorry I cannot stand about waiting for your next move.. I've plans to make for tomorrow " and he's gone!
"Well really!" says Saffy " what a strange little bear he is! "



  1. Strange little bear indeed. Good thing Saffy has a lot of patience. These photos are just gorgeous - amazing light and shadow! They remind me of a Vermeer painting.

    1. Mossy the Green is quite famous in the Sasha village, he's has a few fans out there which can go to his head!
      I was very lucky with the light coming through the window at the cottage.

  2. Great photography and characters. Thrilled to see Mr Mossy again. Long time no see!
    Noticed that Saffy has changed her footwear.

    1. Thanks Kendal, I knew you'd like seeing Mr Mossy again and just the same as always!
      Yes Saffy had to give the other shoes back to Maude! But she's wearing some new Rosie Bloomfields, so not so hard :)

  3. So nice to see Mr. Mossy and your new girl Saffy. She looks adorable standing there playing chess or trying to play that is. A great post. 😊 xxx

    1. I think Mr Mossy is leading her astray! I think they are now playing draughts as Mossy does not follow the rules.. especially as noone seems to know them ;) xx

  4. Saffy seems a very nice and friendly girl, but I'm not certain if Mossy will ever master the rules of a chess game...

    1. She is and I think Mr Mossy as not interest in learning how to play chess, he just likes to win!! :)