Friday, 1 September 2017


I'll not say it although we are all thinking it! So It's the 5th and time to share those wonderful doll photos. Although we say shelf, we know they can be anywhere as in the case of our first photo.

Jenni's girl Missy ! Mum decides to checkout if her new school uniform fits and before she knows it Missy is off down the garden towards the gate on her way to school! two weeks early!
Great action photo this ..

Meanwhile Lucy another of her dolls is out and about enjoying the garden

What's that she's found? is it a secret letter..... whats going on over there at Jenni's....

Karin's girl Sophie is standing in front of a painting by Karin's son pretending she's at the beach .

Mary and Ruth, two of Ginger's girls say hello .

This little Hitty girl of Jenni's is in the conservatory enjoying the sun.

Libby is on the garden doll shelf wearing a sweet smocked dress by Wendy. she really needs a
clip to keep her hair from her eyes!

Evelyn and Ivy take afternoon tea and gossip about the goings on in the village!

Belle looking pretty in pink but I think Blue suits her better.

And Saffron again just because she's gorgeous

Many thanks to those who sent the photos in early, I will add any others received later.

Have a fabulous September .



  1. All great photos! It looks like Evelyn and Ivy are having a lovely time.

  2. Trying to keep away from social media but just had a little failing here.
    Great photos of lovely please pretend that I wasn't here.

  3. Already! I'm not sure I'll have time to tidy my main doll shelf by the deadline (too many other things happening and blog posts still to write) so it is good to enjoy seeing what others have shared so far.

  4. Lovely shelf photos! Thanks Dee! 😊 xxx

  5. Great photos again! I'm so sorry I missed this month,but I'll try harder in October.