Thursday, 5 October 2017


So it's already the fifth and time for those wonderful doll shelf photos .

Ursula's girls, Mayla and Tammy are desperate to get outside and skate! Either roller or on ice.. the ice skating will have to wait for later in the year!

While Ursula's boys want to keep wearing T shirts , they don't want jumpers yet!

Karin's girls, Sophie, Darcy and Tessa are making the most of the last of the warm autumn weather.

A closer look at Karin's gorgeous red heads, we love red head here in the village.

Here we have a girl re-rooted by Emma sitting on her natural wood shelf ;)

What's this! That's not a doll! I know but I thought you'd like to see Harry's sweet face until I get round to putting on my doll shelf photos.Totally slipped my mind but I'll add them later this evening.

Elaine's Twins, Poppy and Greg with their sister Fiona

Please send in your doll shelve photos , there's still time to add them along with mine.


  1. I love a red head too - they are gorgeous!
    Harry is a very handsome bear, so maybe we should start sending bear shelf photos, too?

  2. These 5th of the month doll shelf photos seem to be scarily coming around quicker and quicker! Where did this particular year go to? I've always understood that the older you got the more your slowly the time goes the more heavily it hangs...and I'm definitely in THAT age bracket!
    Many thanks to all the above who, unlike me again, found the time to send in their lovely doll (and the Teddy) photos for our entertainment and a very happy birthday to all those who have their special day this Autumnal month.