Friday, 27 October 2017


Well I said I'd share one of my two doll purchases which were made after the end of the Chat n Snap.
This girl I loved the minute I saw her photo on the FB group when she'd been found and purchased by a friend who is really just a Sasha doll lover.

But this girl had called out to her and although she'd dithered , she finally decided to buy her as a companion for her Sasha Studio doll.

Then she bought another Sasha Studio doll and a Studio baby! So this companion doll was really no longer needed for that role.

But she did love her.

 I'd ask her to bring her along to the Chat n Snap to go into the Christmas Toy shop doll display because I thought her perfect for the role.

When packing up I joking said, that if she'd please wrap her well and make sure there was a lovely red ribbon on the box and to make sure she arrived on the 24th and not the 27th of December or she'd miss Christmas. Her owner said " Well I'm open to offers!"

Well ! Not one to miss the chance I said that I'd love to buy her if she ever wanted to sell , she rightly decided that she'd have a think about it.
I said well if I was lucky enough to get her she'd have her forever home and so that's how we left it!

I was meeting friends from the CnS for dinner later that evening and when I  arrived her owner said . as she knew I loved her as much as she did , she felt comfortable in letting her come to live in the village!

So I was one very happy diner that evening , as the doll came home with me ! So here she is and I think , unless you don't care for these dolls, you'll agree she is well worth adopting.

A sweet Kathe Kruse doll in a gorgeous winter coat and hat. She's not an old doll probably 1990's , I need to check her foot where her year should be printed but she is , to me, a darling doll.

 I have called her Margaret , because she looks like a Margaret or Meg or Peggy , also Diane  her finders Mum's is called Peggy but not from the name Margaret but from a song her dad used to sing to her.

And then Paul said he'd buy her for me as part of my Christmas present! Making her even more special!

So that's now I came to adopt one of the two dolls I'd spoken about at the CnS. I'll tell you the tale of the second one when she's here.



  1. Beautiful little girl, and such a lovely outfit. She will make a wonderful companion to Izzy.

  2. I love her serious little face and the clothing is beautiful.

  3. She has a lovely face with kind eyes...I'd have thought you would have called her Izzy after your canine girl as she is going to be a long time companion to you...
    congratulations on getting her!

  4. She is lovely and was certainly a striking focus of the big display when I first entered the hall when only about half the dolls were in the display at that point - my eyes went straight too her not just because of her red coat but her expression. How lucky to get the chance to buy her at the end of that day.

  5. She was certainly one of the shop display dolls that stood out for ME too (in spite of me being only a Sasha Doll collector!) in her Christmas fur trimmed red coat.
    You're a very lucky woman!

  6. SHe's beautiful Dee, I'm glad you were able to adopt her. I think Margaret is the perfect name for her too....although I'm a little prejudiced as Margaret is my mum's name!!
    I look forward to seeing your second new doll too :)

  7. I can understand you couldn't resist her, she is a beauty. Congratulations!