Friday, 27 October 2017


I was so good even I don't believe it!
It does help that I'm having to keep an eye on things and meet people and tell them where things are etc!
But I did see a few things I would have loved to have purchased but since I was supposed to be being good and reducing the amount of dolls clothes etc I own, I resisted !

Well apart from these three items..

Two dresses by my sister Michelle, one because it's got Paddington bear in the print, that's the blue one and the other because it's a Christmas dress that I loved the colour and fabric of !

And I , after looking at it a few times and it still waiting for me , I finally caved in and bought  this....

yes a Triang dolls highchair ! from the fifties. Do I need a dolls highchair? No  Do I have doll to go in it? No...but what can I say , it's a colour I love .. blue made by a company I love.. Triang and it was a nice price and I didn't have to pay any postage so a nice result!

and that was it! I resisted Dolly Doodles and Marilyn's wonderful Smocked dresses, Noreen's gorgeous shoes, Jane's cashmere knits, and Linda Simpson's woolen wonders and all those other little bits and bobs on the other tables.

However I did land up with two dolls! Both from chatting to the owners about how much I loved their dolls and should they ever decided to part with them , that I was first in the queue !

I will share one , who is here now, with you tomorrow but the other will have to wait until she arrives! Neither are Sasha's but both are dolls I collect.

We still have no proper internet, i'm using Paul's phone connection, so will still be a little sparse on the photos.



  1. I'd say you showed amazing restraint considering all of the temptation. It's great when you can avoid shipping on furniture, as it can really add up. Looking forward to seeing these new village residents.

  2. Definitely plenty of chatting and welcoming and directing and display set up and considerable shopping restraint! Lovely purchases. I hope you get your internet back soon.

  3. Such RESTRAINT! I can hardly believe what I am reading here!

  4. You were so 'good' and I hadn't realised that those dresses were made by your sister. I love the fabrics she chose.
    I wish we were all at the CnS this Saturday too! I love dolly meets.

    Congratulations on getting your new dolls (lucky you) and good luck in getting that internet back and running well now.
    I would hate it without my internet!

  5. Dee! What happened to you? You were so restrained! Lovely bits though. I love the paddington dress and I'd have killed for one of those high chairs when I was small - well, maybe not killed, but given my ig brother'sshins a little kick, perhaps. So now a new toddler or baby doll is needed....a Schoey toddler like my 17" Max, perhaps?

  6. Dee are you sure you were well on the day!!! You were very good to keep to just these three things.....well, plus the two dolls which probably made up for it!!