Sunday, 22 October 2017


Well I have to say it was a wonderful day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves , the atmosphere was so warm and friendly with everyone meeting with old friends and finding new ones.
The sales tables did a nice steady trade and the raffle tables, were full with fabulous donations.

Our display theme for this year was a Toy shops doll Christmas window and so I asked those attending to bring along a Sasha /Gregor dressed that they'd have loved to see in a toy shop window when they were young at Christmas and one other non Sasha doll and or a teddy.

And wow did we get some wonderful dolls and teddies to share the day! The above photo is at the start as the 'shop window' begins to fill with dolls, Sasha's were to the left and other dolls to the right with teddies down on the far left.

Chris Meatyards Studio dolls were dressed for some winter fun.

Lisabet and her baby sister were in the antique bed reading It was the night before Christmas.

The other dolls were all listening as well as watching what their mum's and dad's were getting up to!

This young girl could hardly contain her excitement at all the dolls before her!

Elderly teddies watched the goings on too!

I kept returning as more dolls were added as people arrived during the morning.

But the big chair remained empty waiting for a doll to arrive to sit in it!

The beautiful group of Natterer dolls belongs to Jane Mclaskie , I asked her to bring along a group as she has a vast collection of these dolls.

another selection in the non Sasha side. Monty put on his arrival suit to take part and Vita- Margery agreed to wear a Christmas style outfit. A gorgeous Kathe Kruse doll belonging to Diane Dukes.

There were a few very old friends brought by their owners , along side a trio of Gotz belonging to Michelle ,a Sissel Skille Gotz Anna belonging to Anna,  a Stupies  doll belonging to Dawn, a couple of Judith's Wichtel dolls , and a pair of familiar Pongratz dolls , one of whom could be heard muttering about not being allowed to have a sales table and her a famous shopkeeper!

There were a Trio of Zwergnase dolls, the larger Art doll belonging to Kim my friend who kindly donates sandwiches and comes along to help man the kitchen.
Along with on the left Trisha Jackson's girl and on the right mine.

Michelle's American girl doll dressed to help Santa was racing about on a motor scooter!

Some teddies were chatting over tea just like their owners.

Dawn's Guardsman stood along side Doll mum's girls , while Shelly's button nose looked down from beside the Christmas tree.

Finally Steve arrived with his large 30in Jumeau doll who was taking pride of place in the child's wicker chair. So at last the window was complete in the centre.

 a closer view.

Steve brought along his Nini doll Nettie to sit along with my Izzy.

 and also his magnificent 1920's Stieff bear , wonderful.

He sat proudly along side the younger bears.

 some of the wonderful Sasha dolls.

This BJD doll belonging to Alice was making friends with the baby polar bear

Two Xenis dolls.

a sasha

A very rare Heidi Plusczok boy doll  belonging to Laura Horner.


This little darling doll of Catherine French.

Another of Jane's Sylvia Natterer's dolls this one with eyes painted by the artist.

Mony , a Schoenhut doll beside a wonderful Kathe Kruse doll.

This poor BJD doll looks unhappy stuck behind so many other bigger dolls.

and these two Wichtel's look happy to be in the window!

I have to say I was really pleased with how the Toy shop window came together as more and more dolls and teddies were added , I think if we'd invited in a few youngsters  they'd have been fascinated by the choice before them.
I know I was think which one I'd love to take home.......and much to my surprised and delight I got my Christmas toy shop window wish!!!
But more about that in the next post!

Once all monies are in we will have raised £901.29 for The Alzheimers Society which my employers will add another £250 to, so a great day.
Many thanks to my wonderful family and friends for helping me and to all those who have donated money, raffle prizes and those who came along to help make the day special , thank you all.



  1. What a spectacular display! Kudos to all who participated, and for the generous donations raised!

  2. This is an enchanting reminder of just how wonderful shop window displays were every December during my childhood.I especially like your beautiful Lisabet in the gorgeous bed and Steve's Jumeau, as give a period feel to the whole scene.

    It looks as if the day was well attended, despite storm Brian threatening!

  3. What a fantastic assortment of dolls and bears....and as for Steve's Steiff Teddy...WOW! What a superb Bear!! <3 Congratulations to all involved in raising a wonderful amount for charity..Well Done!!

  4. Great theme with the Christmas window,where was your Jerryberry doll hiding? Well done xx

  5. What a fantastic display Christmas toy shop window display!
    It was lovely to see and read (especially for me who has basically only ever owned the Sasha Dolls) this extra information about these different dolls and Bears and who they belong to.
    If I had to chose just one doll from here it would have to be Diane's Lisbeth (with Jane's baby Natterer in second place)....and the one Teddy would have to be Steve's 1920s Steiff bear, love how he has dressed him here. (With Sarah P's late mother's bear in his stripped jumper and cardigan and green neck scarf sitting on the wooden bench in second place.)

    I used to have a Stupsy doll similar to Dawn's at one time and liked how you could pose their internally wired arms and legs... plus also had quite a collection of the 'prettier faced' Cabbage Patch Kids and babies as loved the idea behind them.

    As a young child I was sometimes allowed to play with my late mother's Jumeau doll (she's still somewhere around (although she wasn't quite as large as Steve's.) I was always slightly afraid of her double jointed arms and legs, the 'whimp' that I was then (luckily boarding school toughened me up!) so never really took to her.)

    My congratulations again on yet another excellent CnS event and the money raised for the chosen charity. So sorry that I couldn't make it this year as still unfortunately not well enough... but have thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the resulting photos etc.
    PS. Loved your doll sized brass bed and bedding.

  6. It was a superb display. Sarah P's late mother's bear is the same as the bear I grew up with which was my mother's second bear. He still lives with my sister, though sadly worse for wear as he was damaged by a dog. My mother's first bear was in the display in his grey coat and red hat which she made as a child (preserving his fur beautifully). Alongside my Gotz Sissel Skille doll was my other 'profile' doll - Susie the Petalskin Palitoy I got on my first birthday (wearing the clothes knitted by my nanna who gave me Susie). And our 2 Sasha dolls were wearing their 2017 festival outfits made by Karen Warnecka.

  7. WOW What a beautiful Christmas window display! I love all Jane's Natterers, such gorgeous dolls and the perfect friends for Sashas I think. And Steve's big girl, she's beautiful, I saw her in the flesh when I visited with him and James, a gorgeous doll indeed.
    You certainly had a great collection of dolls there Dee! And what a super idea!