Saturday, 6 October 2018



Since Harry arrived in the village , he's been out and about across the country giving demonstrations and talks on survival to various scouting groups and leading a few overnight trips for scouts and their leaders, so he's hardly been home apart from to do his washing , check in with Mum and fill up on supplies.
He finally returned to the village  for a well earned rest and to start to get to know his new family.

On his way through the garden, to the house, he encounters Toby.. being well... Toby !

" Hi Harry " calls Toby " I thought you'd been adopted ! Where you been all this time? "

" Oh Hi !" Harry desperately tries to remember which of his new brothers this is " Should you be up there? "

" Yes ! Why shouldn't I be !"
" Only that it can be a little dangerous getting down again "

"Have you had any training..... " Harry continues ".. mmm.. Z.. R.. "
"It's Toby " Toby rolls his eyes,  people don't usually forget him ! " and who needs training to climb up a gargoyles head and sit on a pot? " he asks with disgust

"Plenty of people can climb up things , it's the getting down that can be a problem " replies Harry in a serious voice.

" Not for me " Toby claims jumping down with a wobble onto the gargoyles head ( the gargoyle is not impressed to have a boy jumping on his head !) He leans back against the side of the pot to steady himself
" I can climb just like a monkey or a squirrel, I'm a champion climber " he boasts

  Turning he slides down onto his stomach , getting his hand trapped, but he manages to get it free.

While he searches for a place to put his foot he brags " Watch and learn boy scout! You may need to remember this for next time you climb down " he's barely finished speaking when he straightens up and promptly falls backwards off the gargoyle !

For a moment all is silent , Toby having had the wind knocked out of him and Harry stunned at just how fast he fell.

 Walking up to the now groaning Toby, Harry asks " are you okay? How's the head? "

" My heads fine !" states Toby grumpily " It's my bum that hurts!"

"That's good ! " sighs Harry relieved
" How can that be good? " demands a groaning Toby
" Well head injuries are far more dangerous than a sore ar.. bum "
Toby thinks about it and decides maybe ..only maybe.. Harry's right.

" Oh and thanks for the demo " Harry smiles down " I will most certainly remember it for my training classes on how NOT to get down from a high place !"
Toby groans loudly " Don't you be using me in your classes ! "

" Come on " Harry smiles " Let me help you up and back to the house "

After a lot of puffing and groaning , mainly on Toby's part, he's finally on his feet , if a little shaky , carefully placing one foot in front of the other Toby follows Harry.

"We ...we don't need to tell mum about this we ? " says Toby
" Sorry we most certainly do "
" WHY!"
" Because she needs to check you are all right and we need to make sure you didn't hit your head or damage something that needs to be checked over by a doctor " Harry concludes

Gingerly walking just behind Harry , Toby starts feeling very sorry for himself... Mum is going to kill him.. she only told him yesterday that he'd go straight to bed if he got into trouble again...... although he didn't actually get into trouble .. he decides brightening up... he just fell down a tiny little bit.. which cannot be seen as causing trouble... he'd start whistling if his backside didn't hurt quite so much....



  1. Toby is a lovable boy, but he definitely needs some guidance. It's a wonder Mrs Mum doesn't lose her mind with him! I think Harry will be a good influence.

    1. Mrs Mum often loses her mind because of Toby. I think Harry will have his work cut out keeping Toby out of trouble!

  2. Oh dear Toby - but maybe a day indoors 'til you recover is needed

    1. He spent the day laying across the sofa watching DVD's, alas they were Jumanji and Jurassic park.......

  3. Boys will be boys! Great story Dee, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

    1. They certainly will and Toby more than most! Glad you enjoyed it :) x

  4. Dear Toby, is your pride hurt the most? More than the bum? They say pride comes before the fall so maybe your Mom will take note and consider your humbling heart and sore bum as the best lesson learned. Harry is a good brother and what a handsome scout boy. 😊 xxx

    1. Alas Ginger his pride and backside are soon forgotten and he'll be off up to who knows what yet again!
      Harry is a very presentable boy scout :) xx

  5. So pleased to see that dear Toby lives to see another day and tell another story!

    1. Yes Kendal, thankfully on his backside was injured and not doubt he'll have forgotten just why it hurt by tomorrow... save us!

  6. Poor Toby, I remember being in predicaments like his when I was a child....yes I was a tom boy and always getting into some sort of trouble!
    It's nice to see Harry back at the Village though, he's looking well and not in the least bit jaded from all his travels ;)