Saturday, 13 September 2014


Well it did not take too long to travel from our house to the one we had rented for a week in North Yorkshire.
The house was a beautiful old cottage in a lovely village called Burythorpe.

I'll take you on a mini tour.

The living room with two comfy sofa's and a lovely log burning fire with lots of logs available. We had great weather everyday except for the Saturday morning when it rained but then brightened up in the afternoon.

This room spanned the back of the cottage and was lovely and bright, it was also very interesting to us as we had been considering opening up our back room in a similar way for the last couple of years and it was good to see what could be achieved by doing this.

The view to the other end where the kitchen area where, to the left is a door into the hallway which was lovely and wide. If we decide to take away our wall our kitchen would be round the corner where their hall is and we have two lovely big sets of  french doors so the room would be flooded with light, although Paul also wants to put in a couple of roof lights.

Upstairs were two lovely double bedrooms and a bathroom, this room which we used had a bed that could be divided into two singles, if you had a couple of children with you.

A  pretty blue cupboard and some hangers just seen at the top for storing clothes while here.

Our daughter had the other double bed room .

Her room had an extra little dressing table area.

There was a pretty back garden with a couple of parking spaces at the end and some seating up amongst the flowers.
The table in the foreground was very useful with the chairs tucked under each corner with fold up backs, we spend each evening sitting with a cup of tea enjoying the quiet and talking about where to go next.

Erik and Sansa were pleased to finally be able to stretch their legs and have a look round where they would be staying for the next week.

A certain bear is telling Sir Walter how he accidentally fell into the bag with them and could not get out! So settled down to have a sleep until someone came to save him!!!

Here is a photo of the front of the cottage that first evening.What's that in the window?

Oh It's Erik and Dad messing about watching me take the photo's!.

to be continued.....



  1. The holiday cottage looks absolutely delightful and just ideal for a super stay in Yorkshire.
    Loving the decor and garden.

    Thinking that Erik and Sansa are't going to need their coats if this weather continues.
    Very pleased to see Mr Mossy is there too and will hopefully provide a little 'naughtiness' from time to time to break up this perfect setting and environment!

    1. It was Kendal, the decor was lovely as was the garden.
      They did not need their coats after the first morning and Mr Mossy! was his usual bossy self!
      :) xx

  2. What a very nice cottage Dee! It was nice to see the rooms and the outdoors too. So nice that you had friends that went along too! :) xxx

    1. It was Ginger, I love seeing the decor of places so thought I would share.
      Yes It appeared I had an extra friend along!! :)xxx

  3. That does look like a really nice cottage Dee, a lovely place to stay for a holiday or live, it's not like a holiday let at all, is it? Very pretty indeed.
    Glad to see that despite falling into your bag, a certain Mr Mossy was's certainly a good job it was the holiday luggage that he fell into because he'd have certainly needed a holiday after that little 'fall'!!! ;)
    I look forward to hearing more about your trip in future posts!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It would be a great place to live but you would need more storage!! Well I would! lol
      Amazing how Mr Mossy managed to fall into just the right bag to get a trip away!!
      hugs Dee xxx